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Skip Heitzig

Genesis 20:1-21:8, Part 2
with Skip Heitzig from 'The Connection'

It was a long time between God's promise to Abraham and the fulfillment of the promise—twenty-five years! But God's delay caused Abraham to have to walk by faith.   (click here to read more)

Pastor Rick Warren

Showing Mercy To Your Family- Part 1
with Pastor Rick Warren from 'Daily Hope'

Mercy is undeserved forgiveness and unearned kindness. When somebody forgives you and you don’t deserve it, that’s mercy. And when somebody shows you a kindness that you have not earned, that’s called mercy. Join Pastor Rick for this series as he looks to the Bible to teach how God…   (click here to read more)

Dr. James Dobson

The Effects and Dangers of Technology
with Dr. James Dobson from 'Family Talk'

Technology can be a wonderful enhancement for real relationships, but it can also isolate us from our closest loved ones. On today’s edition of Family Talk, Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Greg Jantz discuss how technology is both a blessing and a curse to the unity of the family and to growing teens.   (click here to read more)

Dennis Rainey

Issues Black Youth Face Today
with Dennis Rainey from 'FamilyLife Today®'

Dr. Harold Davis, president and national director of the TALKS Mentoring program, talks about some of the issues facing our youth today: sexual promiscuity, gender identity issues, same-sex attraction, and peer pressure to name a few. Davis tells listeners what they need to know to understand and reach…   (click here to read more)

Pastor Mike Fabarez

Ask Pastor Mike - Where Was Jesus for Three Days?
with Pastor Mike Fabarez from 'Focal Point'

It was three days from the time Jesus died on the cross to that world-changing moment when he burst out of his tomb. But where was Christ in between these two events? Today on Focal Point, Mike Fabarez answers a question about where Jesus went before His resurrection. Join us for an intriguing edition…   (click here to read more)

Today's Articles  from  StudyLight and LiveAsIf

Called to Act
'The Way' from Kevin Pauley

  He said to another person, “Come, be my disciple.” The man agreed, but he said, “Lord, first let me return home and bury my father.” Jesus replied, “Let those who are spiritually dead care for their own dead. Your duty is to go and preach the coming of the Kingdom of God.”…(continue reading article)

Walk as David Walked (1 Kings 9.4)
'Today's Little Lift' from Jim Bullington

Quoting a biblical proverb: “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold.” (Proverbs 22.1). David had a “good name” but the adjective to describe Solomon’s name was yet to be determined. As today’s focus text (below) indicates, Solomon…(continue reading article)

Bible and Quote Oct 3-7, 2011
'Bible verse and quote' from Jan Couns

    For I hear the slander of many; Fear is on every side; While they take counsel together against me; they devised to take away my life. Ps 31:13    Someone may be more battered than you know, closer to going down or giving up than you could imagine. Ron Hutchcraft But I trust in You, Lord;…(continue reading article)

“Go home… and tell them…”
'Point of Reference' from Fred Price

       Much is made – and rightly so – of Jesus’ repeated expectation of those who profess belief in him to put substance to their profession and follow him; either by literally following him about the countryside (Mk. 1:17) or by following his instructions and obeying his commands.…(continue reading article)

Thoughts on the Holy Spirit
'God's Words For US' from Cecelia Lester

 The Holy Spirit               What do we know about the Holy Spirit of God?             Jesus promised to send a helper to His disciples after He departed this world. “If you love me,…(continue reading article)

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Additional Articles

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Daily Refractions
Daily Wisdom
Proverbs 13:22 - A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, And the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.
Words to Ponder
Watch constantly against those things which are thought to be no temptations. The most poisonous serpents are found where the sweetest flowers grow. Cleopatra was poisoned by an asp that was brought to her in a basket of fair flowers. Sharp-edged tools, long handled, wound at last. - Charles Spurgeon
Daily Dose
Daily Toon
Daily Devotionals  for  April 28

Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest"
What You Will Get

This is the unshakable secret of the Lord to those who trust Him - "I will give thee thy life." What more does a man want than his life? It is the essential thing. "Thy life for a prey" means that wherever you may go, even if it is into hell, you will come out with your life, nothing can harm it. So…… — (click here to read more)

Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"
Morning and Evening for September 4

"I will; be thou clean." - Mark 1:41 Primeval darkness heard the Almighty fiat, "light be," and straightway light was, and the word of the Lord Jesus is equal in majesty to that ancient word of power. Redemption like Creation has its word of might. Jesus speaks and it is done. Leprosy yielded to no human…… — (click here to read more)

Daily Light on the Daily Path
Morning / Evening Devotional — April 28

Behold the Lamb of God. It is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins. Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me: in burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is… — (click here to read more)

Charles Spurgeon's "Faith's Checkbook"
It Becomes Mutual

"I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people."   2 Corinthians 6:16 Here is a mutual interest. Each belongs to each. God is the portion of His people, and the chosen people are the portion of their God. The saints find in God their chief possession, and He reckons them to be His peculiar treasure. What a… — (click here to read more)

Voice of the Lord
Devotional for 'Iyyar 02'

Even before Israel crossed the Yarden (Jordan), God declared that he would choose a place somewhere in this Promised Land in which to manifest his Name. That place, Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), was captured and established under King David. Under David's son, Shlomo (Solomon), the Temple was built on that spot. At the dedication of this Temple (1 Kings… — (click here to read more)

Chip Shots from the Ruff of Life

My good friends, I hope that your day is one in which you can relax with the knowledge that God has blessed you immeasurably. Take comfort in the safety of your family, consolation in what health you possess and encouragement in the fact that you are able to care for yourself and those around you. Most of all…… — (click here to read more)

'Every Day Light' with Selwyn Hughes
Some things bitter to digest

Now we pause to ask ourselves how this fifth Beatitude, when practised, engenders within us good mental and spiritual health. Psychologists have shown that those who lack the qualities of mercy and compassion are more likely to develop physical problems. Harsh, judgmental attitudes may bring a sense of satisfaction to the…… — (click here to read more)

"Today's Word" with Skip Moen

Conformed - The word Paul uses for "conformed" is suschematizesthe. A mouthful, for sure. But if we break it down, you will see parts you already know. Sus comes from sum. Of course, it means "with" in the sense of added together. Schematizo is the root verb. We get "schematic" a plan…… — (click here to read more)

Morning and Evening with A.W. Tozer
Morning / Evening Devotional — April 28

For those nations of the earth which have known the story of Jesus, Christmas is undoubtedly the most beautiful time of the year. Though the celebration of the Savior's birth occurs in the dead of winter, when in many parts of the world the streams are frozen and the landscapes cold and cheerless, still there is beauty at the Christmas season--not… … — (click here to read more)

The Believer's Daily Remembrancer
"Though I be nothing." 2 Corinthians 12:11

"Though I be nothing." 2 Corinthians 12:11

THIS was Paul's estimate of himself: less than the least of all saints, and the chief of sinners. The more we know of ourselves and of Jesus, the more shall we be humbled in the dust before God; and the lower we lie before God, the happier and holier we shall be. Man will, MUST be something;…

… — (click here to read more)

Christian Headlines  from  The Christian Post

'Famous in Love' Episode 3 Spoilers: Will Paige Be Forced to Choose Between School and Fame?

Paige (Bella Thorne) feels the time pressure of her dual lives in the next episode of Freeform's new teen drama series "Famous in Love."

Indiana Pacers Rumors: Paul George Reportedly Told Former Teammates He Wants to Play for the Lakers

George has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers for months now, and according to Sporting News' Mitch Lawrence, the All-Star forward has even talked about his desire to join the Lakers with his ex-teammates.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs Latest Rumors: Surface Pro 4 Successor to Have No Dramatic Changes?

An official release date for the upcoming Surface Pro 5 is nowhere in sight, but rumors point to a spring 2017 release. New details have also recently emerged about some of the features that may be appearing on the successor device of Microsoft's well-received Surface Pro 4 2-in-1 tablet.

New Orleans Saints Rumors: Malcolm Butler Trade Unlikely to Happen

According to the Boston Herald's Jeff Howe, Butler and the Saints have already come to an agreement on a deal worth over $50 million, but's Ian Rapoport has reported that a trade appears unlikely. The MMQB's Peter King also said a trade is unlikely because the Saints want to keep their draft picks this year.

Microsoft Surface 4 Release Date, Price, Specs: Next-Gen Affordable Tablet to Be Launched in May?

Microsoft is gearing up for an event to be held in New York City this May. And even though it's been rumored that the upcoming gathering will not be introducing a new Surface device, some are still hoping for an appearance of the less expensive next-generation hybrid tablet, Surface 4.

'13 Reasons Why' News: Backlash Continues as Schools Warn Parents on Show's 'Extremely Graphic' Scenes

The hit Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" is facing more backlash from several institutions. Recently, schools reportedly sent letters to parents warning them about the "extremely graphic" scenes in the show.

'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Spoilers: Lucy Hale Hints Details of Finale Season

"Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale spilled the beans on the remaining days of the series. It looks like fans will get to see a different Aria Montgomery in the final days of the show.

'Factorio' Version 0.15.0 Release Date News: New Update Released Ahead of Schedule

Game developer Wube Software surprised fans and gaming enthusiasts when they launched version 0.15.0 of the real-time strategy game "Factorio" ahead of its scheduled release date. The latest version of the video game was made available on Monday, April 24, one day earlier than its promised launch.

'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers, Plot News: Danger Looms Ahead for Nicole Once Again

Fans had a danger-infused episode in Thursday's plot of NBC's daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives."

'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite' Update: Capcom Reveals New Characters; Launch in September

Capcom has just revealed the September release date and additional playable characters for the upcoming fighting game "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite."

'Dark Souls 3' DLC Update: 'The Fire Fades Edition' Available, Bundles All DLCs

Bandai Namco reaches out to gamers who still have not played "Dark Souls III," as the company releases a complete DLC edition for the award-winning game. "Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition" is now for sale and includes all expansion content.

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Claims Title of Most Powerful Production Vehicle

There was a lot of commotion over the launch of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon at the New York Auto Show earlier this month -- and rightfully so -- as it has been touted as the most powerful muscle car ever created. Now that the dust has settled a bit, it's time to see if the performance halo car can live up to that title.

'Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3' Gameplay: Devs Explain Why Game Takes Five Minutes to Load on PS4

Developers of "Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3" provided an explanation on why the game takes about five minutes to load.

'NCIS' Season 14 Finale: Season Ender Will Have Action, Cliffhanger

"NCIS" season 14 is set to draw to a close next month and executive producers of the most watched drama on television promise fans it will be an explosive finale.

April the Giraffe Permanent Camera; Baby Calf To Be Named Next Month

The Animal Adventure Park has announced they are putting up a permanent camera for April the Giraffe while her latest calf will be named early next month.

Tesla Model 3 Release Date, Specs Rumors: Blue Prototype Spotted, Features New Charge Port Door

Since the launch of the testing program last month, it is unclear how many Tesla Model 3 release candidates have been spotted. So far, the two sure ones are the blue and black prototypes. This week, another blue release candidate was spotted, although it is not yet certain whether it is a new prototype or just an updated version of the previous blue release candidate.

'Avengers: Infinity War' Spoilers: Marvel Executive Confirms 'Avengers 4' Title Will Spoil Upcoming Film

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has recently confirmed that the title for "Avengers 4" actually spoils what happens in the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War."

2018 Genesis G80 Available This Summer for $42,725

The Genesis G80 has been updated with an additional powertrain option, updated design elements and more convenience features. The new luxury midsize sports sedan will be available this summer with a starting price of $41,750.

Verizon Offers $80 Unlimited Data Plan to Prepaid Customers

Verizon has a new offer for its prepaid customers. Now, wireless customers of the American telecommunications company who pre-pay for their monthly service may opt for an unlimited data plan.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Rumors: Patent Application Describes Technology to Support Wireless Charging on Apple Devices

Apple's future products are rumored to be able to charge through conventional Wi-Fi routers or other Apple products. According to reports, this new technology will not only allow various devices to be used as wireless chargers but will also fix one of the most annoying things about wireless charging today, wherein the user still needs to place the device near a charging mat.

Lectionary Calendar
Friday, April 28th, 2017
the Second Week after Easter
Today in Christian History
The 100th General Assembly of the Southern Presbyterian Church (PCUS) passed a resolution declaring that sexual relations within marriage -- without the intention of procreation -- were not sinful.
Daily Reading Plan
Bible-in-a-Year — NIV
Joshua 15-17; Job 28; Acts 12:
The allotment for the tribe of Judah, according to its clans, extended down to the territory of Edom, to the Desert of Zin in the extreme south.Their southern boundary started from the bay at the southern end of the Dead Sea,crossed south of Scorpion Pass, continued on to Zin and went over to the south of Kadesh Barnea. Then it ran past Hezron up to Addar and curved around to Karka.It then passed along to Azmon and joined the Wadi…
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