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Old & New Testament Greek

Entry for Strong's #1760 - ἐνθυμέομαι

Word Origin:
from a compound of (1722) and (2372)
Parts of Speech:
Word Definition  [ Thayer's | Strong's ]
Thayer's Definition
  1. to bring to mind, revolve in mind, ponder
  2. to think, to deliberate
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1819 ‑ דָּמָה (daw‑maw');   2161 ‑ זָמַם (zaw‑mam');   2530 ‑ חָמַד (khaw‑mad');   2763 ‑ חָרַם (khaw‑ram');   2836 ‑ חָשַׁק (khaw‑shak');   5162 ‑ נָחַם (naw‑kham');   6680 ‑ צָוָה (tsaw‑vaw');   7760 ‑ שִׂים (soom, seem);  
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


I fut. -ήσομαι Lys. 12.45, later -ηθήσομαι Philostr. VS 2.26.3, Epict. Ench. 21, etc.: aor. ἐνεθυμήθην Ar. Ra. 40, Th. 2.62, Lys. 31.27, etc.: pf. ἐντεθύμημαι Th. 1.120: plpf. ἐνετεθύμητο Lys. 12.70:

1. lay to heart, ponder, ἤτοι κρίνομέν γε ἢ ἐνθυμούμεθα ὀρθῶς τὰ πράγματα Th. 2.40; ἄξιον ἐνθυμηθῆναι Antipho 6.20; πρὸς ἐμαυτόν And. 1.50; ἐ. καὶ λογίζεσθαι freq. joined in D., as 1.21,al. c. gen., ἐνθυμεῖσθαί τινος think much or deeply of, τοῦ θανόντος Semon. 2; τούτων οὐδὲν ἐ. Hermipp. 41; τῶν λεγομένων Antipho 5.6; ὧν ἐνθυμηθέντες Th. 1.42, cf. Pl. Mx. 249c, X. Mem. 1.1.17; τῶν προγόνων ἐ. ὅτι.. Lys. 16.20; also περί τινος Pl. R. 595a. folld. by a relat., ἐ. ὅτι.. notice or consider that.., Ar. Nu. 820, Th. 5.111, etc.; ὡς.. how.., Ar. Ra. 40, X. Mem. 4.3.3, etc.; εἰ.. Isoc. 15.60; μὴ.. Pl. Euthd. 279c, Hp.Ma. 300d. c. part., οὐκ ἐντεθύμηται ἐπαιρόμενος is not conscious that he is becoming excited, Th. 1.120, cf. 6.78, X. HG 4.4.19.

2. take to heart, be concerned or angry at, τι A. Eu. 222; ξυμφοράν Th. 7.18, cf. 5.32 (v. ἐνθυμίζομαι) ; εἰ μηδεὶς ὑμῶν μήτ' ἐνθυμεῖται μήτ' ὀργίζεται D. 4.43: abs., to be concerned, Hp. Aër. 22; = ἐνθύμιον ποιεῖσθαι, D.C. 57.4.

3. form a plan, κράτιστος ἐνθυμηθῆναι Th. 8.68, cf. 2.60; take care, see to it, ἐ. ἵνα μηθεὶς ἀδικῇ PSI 4.436.9 (iii B. C.).

4. infer, conclude, τί οὖν ἐκ τούτων.. ἐνθυμεῖσθαι δεῖ; D. 21.54.

II Act., ἐνθυμέω Epich. 99.4, Aen.Tact. 37.6 (s. v.l.); ἐνθυμέομαι, in pass. sense, to be in a person's thoughts, to be desired, κρατεῖν τῶν ἐνθυμουμένων App. BC 5.133: pf. (cf. 1.3), ταυτὶ μὲν ἡμῖν ἐντεθύμηται καλῶς Ar. Ec. 262; εὖ ἐντεθυμημένον Pl. Cra. 404a (nisi leg. φιλοσόφου.. καὶ εὖ ἐντεθυμημένου).

Thayer's Expanded Definition
 διενθυμέομαι, διενθυμοῦμαι; to weigh in the mind, consider: περί τίνος, Acts 10:19, for Rec. ἐνθυμέομαι. (Besides, only in ecclesiastical writings.)

ἐνθυμέομαι, ἐνθυμοῦμαι; a deponent passive; 1aorist participle ἐνθυμηθείς; from Aeschylus down, with the object now in the genitive now in the accusative; cf. Matthiae, § 349, ii., p. 823; Kühner, § 417 Anm. 9, ii., p. 310; ( Jelf, § 485); Krüger, § 47,11, 1,2; (from ἐν and θυμός); to bring to mind, revolve in mind, ponder: τί, Matthew 1:20; Matthew 9:4; to think, to deliberate: περί τίνος, about anything, Acts 10:19 Rec. (So also Wisdom of Solomon 6:16; Plato, rep. 10, p. 595a.; Isocrates, epistle 9, p. 614, § 9 Bekker) (Compare: διενθυμέομαι.)

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διενθυμουμενου διενθυμουμένου ενεθυμήθη ενθυμεισθε ενθυμείσθε ἐνθυμεῖσθε ενθυμηθέντες ενθυμηθεντος ενθυμηθέντος ἐνθυμηθέντος ενθυμηθής ενθύμημα ενθυμήμασι ενθυμήμασί ενθυμήμασιν ενθυμήματα ενθυμήματά ενθυμημάτων ενθυμουμένου dienthumoumenou dienthymoumenou dienthymouménou enthumeisthe enthumethentos enthumēthentos enthymeisthe enthymeîsthe enthymethentos enthymethéntos enthymēthentos enthymēthéntos
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