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Old & New Testament Greek

Entry for Strong's #3068 - λούω

Word Origin:
a root verb
Parts of Speech:
Word Definition  [ Thayer's | Strong's ]
Thayer's Definition
  1. to bathe, wash
    1. of a dead person
    2. washing to cleanse blood out of wounds
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 7364 ‑ רָחַץ (raw‑khats');   7811 ‑ שָׂחָה (saw‑khaw');  
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


contr. from λοέω, from which come impf. λόεον Od. 4.252: aor. inf. λοέσσαι 19.320; part. λοέσσας Il. 23.282: fut. Med. λοέσσομαι Od. 6.221: 3 sg. aor. λοέσσατο ib. 227; λοεσσάμενος Il. 10.577, Schwyzer 633 (Eresus, ii/i B. C.): also impf. ἐλούεον h.Cer. 289.

I Later forms, λούει Hdt. 6.52; inf. λούειν Hp. Morb. 2.20, Pl. Phd. 115a: fut. λούσω Call. Del. 95; Dor. λουσῶ Theoc. 5.146: aor. ἔλουσα Anacr. 47, S. Ant. 901, Ar. Lys. 19 ( λοῦσα Il. 16.679, etc.):

Med. λούονται Hdt. 4.75; inf. λούεσθαι Il. 6.508, Hp. Epid. 5.70; part. λουόμενοι Hdt. 3.23: fut. λούσομαι Ar. Nu. 837, Pl. Phd. 116a: aor. ἐλουσάμην ibid.; λούσαντο Il. 10.576; Dor. part. λωσάμενος Berl.Sitzb. 1927.157 (Cyrene):

Pass., aor. ἐλούθην Hp. Mul. 1.11, later ἐλούσθην Lyc. 446: pf. λέλουμαι, 3 sg. λέλουται Ar. Pax 868; part. λελουμένος Il. 5.6, later λέλουσμαι LXX Ca. 5.12 (cod. Vat.).

1. Another old form of the pres. was λόω, whence 3 sg. λόει Scol. 25, 2 sg. Med. κατα-λόει Ar. Nu. 838 (prob.): 3 sg. impf. λόε Od. 10.361, 3 pl. λόον h.Ap. 120; 3 sg. subj. Med. λόηται IG 12(5).569.5 (Ceos, iii B.C.); inf. λόεσθαι Hes. Op. 749: to λόω also belong the foll. contr. forms, 3 sg. impf. ἀπ-έλου Ar. V. 118, ἐλοῦμεν Id. Pl. 657; pres. Pass. λοῦται Semon. 7.63, X. Cyr. 1.3.11, A. Fr. 366 (note); λοῦνται, ἐλοῦτο, Hdt. 1.198, 3.125, ἐλούμην Men. 363; 3 pl. ἐλοῦντο X. Cyr. 4.5.4, etc. (Dor. λῶντο, λώοντο, Call. Lav.Pall. 72, 73); inf. λοῦσθαι Od. 6.216, Hdt. 3.124, Ar. Nu. 1044, Pl. Lg. 942b; part. λούμενος Ar. Av. 1623, Pl. 658, X. Mem. 3.13.3: the forms ἐλούομεν, λούομαι, ἐλουόμην, etc., are rejected by Phryn. 165, but are freq. found in codd., Lys. 1.9, etc.: the imper. form λοῦ (glossed by λοῦσαι, Hsch.), if correct, is contr. for λόε: (Cf. Lat. l[acaron]vo [fr. *lovo ]): wash, prop. wash the body (νίζω being used of the hands and feet, πλύνω of clothes), τὸν δ' Ἥβη λοῦσεν Il. 5.905; δμῳαὶ λοῦσαν καὶ χρῖσαν ἐλαίῳ Od. 4.49, cf. 6.210; λοῦσ' ἐν ποταμῷ bathed me, i.e. let me bathe, 7.296; τίς ἄν σφε λούσειεν; A. Th. 739 (lyr.); λούσαντες τὸν νεκρόν Hdt. 2.86, cf. E. Tr. 1152, S. Ant. 901; λ. τινὰ ἀπὸ τῶν πληγῶν Acts 16:33; also λ ἐκ τρίποδος μεγάλοιο washed me [with water] from a great cauldron, Od. 10.361; ὀϊστοὺς λοῦσεν φοινίσσᾳ.. Ἄρης ψακάδι Simon. 106: c. acc. cogn., λουτρὸν λοῦσαί τινα, v. cross λουτρόν 1.2. rarely of things, λ. τὰ δύο μέρη τοῦ βαλανείου PFlor. 384.30 (v A.D.).

2. metaph., purify, τινὰ ἐκ τῶν ἁμαρτιῶν v.l. in Revelation 1:5.


1. Med. and Pass., bathe, λοῦσθαι ποταμοῖο ῥοῇσι Od. 6.216: also c. gen., λελουμένος Ὠκεανοῖο (of a star just risen) fresh from Ocean's bath, Il. 5.6; λούεσθαι ποταμοῖο bathe in the river, 6.508; so ἀπὸ [κρήνης] λουόμενοι Hdt. 3.23: c. acc. cogn., τὸ λουτρὸν ἡ Ῥέα λοῦται Arr. Tact. 33.4: abs., λούσαντο Od. 4.48, cf. Hdt. 5.20, etc.; λελουμένος freshbathed, after bathing, Id. 1.126, Ar. Lys. 1064 (lyr.); ἐν βαλανείῳ λελουμένος Pl. R. 495e; λούεσθαι ἐν πηλῷ Arist. HA 595a31; εἰς λουτρῶνας Ptol.Euerg. 3 J. (dub.): metaph., τόξα.. αἵματι λουσάμενα Simon. 143, cf. Call. Del. 95; λελουμένος τῷ φόνῳ Luc. DMeretr. 13.3.

2. in strict pass. sense, λοῦσθαι ὑπὸ τοῦ Διός, i.e. to be washed by the rain from heaven, Hdt. 3.124, 125.

3. in strict med. sense, c. acc., λοέσσασθαι χρόα wash one's body, Hes. Op. 522, Th. 5; λούονται (v.l. cross λοῦνται) ὕδατι τὸ σῶμα Hdt. 4.75.

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ελούου έλουσά ελούσαντο ελούσατο ελουσεν έλουσεν ἔλουσεν ελούσθης λελουμένοι λελουμενος λελουμένος λελουσμέναι λελουσμενοι λελουσμένοι λουομένην λούσαι λουσαμενη λουσαμένη λουσαντες λούσαντες λούσαντι λούσασθαι λούσασθε λούσεις λούσεται λούση λούσηται λούσομαι λούσονται λούσω λοφίαν λοφίας λοχευομένων λοχεύονται elousen élousen leloumenos lelouménos lelousmenoi lelousménoi lousamene lousamenē lousaméne lousaménē lousantes loúsantes
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