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Old & New Testament Greek

Entry for Strong's #3659 - ὄμμα

Word Origin:
from (3700)
Parts of Speech:
Noun Neuter
Word Definition  [ Thayer's | Strong's ]
Thayer's Definition
  1. an eye
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 5869 ‑ עַיִן (ah'‑yin);  
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


Aeol. ὄππα Sapph. 2.11: τό: —


1. eye, poet. word, rare in Prose (Th. 2.11, Pl. Ti. 45c, al., X. Cyr. 8.7.26, Mem. 1.4.6, al., Thphr. Sens. 50, al., Polystr. Herc. 346p.81V., BGU 713.9 (i A.D.), IG 42(1).121.121 (Epid.)): Hom. and Hes. only use pl., κατὰ χθονὸς ὄμματα πήξας Il. 3.217; ὕπνον ἐπ' ὄμμασι χεῦε Od. 5.492, etc.: sg. in Pi. N. 10.63 and Trag. (v. infr.): Phrases: ὀρθοῖς ὄμμασιν ὁρᾶν τινα look straight at, S. OT 1385; ἀναβλέψαι ὀρθ. ὄμμ. X. HG 7.1.30; ἐξ ὀμμάτων ὀρθῶν S. OT 528; also οὐκ οἶδ' ὄμμασιν ποίοις βλέπων πατέρα ποτ' ἂν προσεῖδον how I could have looked him in the face, ib. 1371, cf. Aeschin. 3.121; ὁρᾶν τινα ἐν ὄμμασι S. Tr. 241; ποῖον ὄ. πατρὶ δηλώσω; Id. Aj. 462; τέοισί με χρὴ ὄμμασι.. φαίνεσθαι; Hdt. 1.37; λαμπρὸς ὄμματι radiant in look or expression, S. OT 81; ἄλλοσ' ὄ. θἀτέρᾳ δὲ νοῦν ἔχειν Id. Tr. 272; προσέσχον ὄ. turned their eyes on him, E. HF 931; ἐς σὸν ἐλθεῖν ὄ. come within sight of thee, Id. Heracl. 887; κατ' ὄμματα before one's eyes, S. Ant. 760; κατ' ὄμμα ἐλθεῖν face to face, E. Andr. 1064; κατ' ὄμμα στῆναι in full sight, openly, ib. 1117; opp. νύκτωρ, Id. Ba. 469; κρατιστεύων κατ' ὄμμα in eye-sight, of the Sun, S. Tr. 102 (lyr.) (but λαμπρὰ καὶ κατ' ὄμμα καὶ φύσιν is dub. in 379); πρευμενοῦς ἀπ' ὄμματος ἰδέσθαι look kindly on, A. Supp. 210; πεύθομαι δ' ἀπ' ὀμμάτων νόστον Id. Ag. 988 (lyr.); ὡς ἀπ' ὀμμάτων to judge by the eye, S. OC 15, cf. E. Med. 216; ἐν ὄμμασι before one's eyes, A. Pers. 604; ἐν τοῖς ὄ. Th. 2.11; ἐπ' ὀμμάτων E. Supp. 1153 (lyr.); so παρ' ὄμμα, εἰ δ' ἦν παρ' ὄμμα θάνατος ib. 484; ἐξ ὀμμάτων out of sight, Id. IA 743; ἄπειμ' ἐξ ὀ. Phryn.Trag. 21; πρὸ ὀμμάτων τίθεσθαι, ποιεῖν, Arist. Po. 1455a23, Rh. 1386a34; πρὸ ὀ. θέσις Polystr.l.c.

2. metaph., τὸ τῆς ψυχῆς ὄ. Pl. R. 533d, Iamb. Protr. 21. κδ'. II the eye of heaven, i.e. the sun, ὄ. αἰθέρος Ar. Nu. 285, cf. E. IT 194 (anap.); but ὄ. νυκτός is a periphrasis for night (v. infr. v), ἕως.. νυκτὸς ὄμμ' ἀφείλετο (sc. τὴν μάχην) A. Pers. 428; ὅταν δὲ νυκτὸς ὄ. λυγαίας μόλῃ the dark night, E. IT 110; νυκτὸς ὄ. τῆς μελαμπέπλου Alex. 89; cf. ὀφθαλμός 111, βλέφαρον 11.


1. generally, light: hence, metaph., that which brings light, ὄμμα ξείνοισι a light to strangers, Pi. P. 5.56; ὄ. δόμων νομίζω δεσπότου παρουσίαν A. Pers. 169; ἄελπτον ὄμμ' ἐμοὶ φήμης ἀνασχὸν τῆσδε S. Tr. 203.

2. metaph., anything dear or precious, as the apple of an eye, ὄ. γὰρ πάσης χθονὸς.. ἐξίκοιτ' ἄν A. Eu. 1025. face or human form, ὦ δυσθέατον ὄ. S. Aj. 1004; ἐμπαίει τί μοι ψυχῇ ξύνηθες ὄ. Id. El. 903; τὸ ἐρωτικὸν ὄ. Pl. Phdr. 253e: as periphr. of the person, ὄ. πελείας, = πελεία, S. Aj. 140 (anap.); ὄ. νύμφας, = νύμφα, Id. Tr. 527 (lyr.); ξύναιμον ὄ., = ξυναίμων, Id. Aj. 977; ὦ ταυρόμορφον ὄ. Κηφισοῦ, = ὦ ταυρόμορφε Κηφισέ, E. Ion 1261; v. supr. 11 and cf. ὄνομα IV. ὄ. τυκτόν eye-hole in a helmet, Nonn. D. 22.62.

Thayer's Expanded Definition
 ὄμμα, ὀμματος, τό (from ό᾿πτομαι (see ὁράω), part ᾦμμαι), from Homer down, an eye: plural, Matthew 20:34 L T Tr WH; Mark 8:23. (The Sept. for עַיִן, Proverbs 6:4; Proverbs 7:2; Proverbs 10:26.)

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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All rights rserved. Used by permission.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

This word, which is not found in class. Greek, but is common in the LXX and NT, occurs in a farce of date rather earlier than the Roman period, P Oxy III. 413.184 f. οὐαί σοι, ταλαίπωρε, ἄκληρε, ̣[λγ ]εινέ, ἀναφρόδιτε · οὐαί σοι · οὐαί μοι, ";Woe to thee wretched, hapless, miserable, loveless one! Woe to you, woe to me!"; (Edd.). Cf. also Epict. iii. 19. 1, 22. 32 οὐαί μοι.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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όμμα όμμασι όμμασιν ομματα όμματα ὄμματα ομματων ομμάτων ὀμμάτων ommata ómmata ommaton ommatōn ommáton ommátōn
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