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Old & New Testament Greek

Entry for Strong's #726 - ἁρπάζω

Word Origin:
from a derivative of (138)
Parts of Speech:
Word Definition  [ Thayer's | Strong's ]
Thayer's Definition
  1. to seize, carry off by force
  2. to seize on, claim for one's self eagerly
  3. to snatch out or away
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1497 ‑ גָּזַל (gaw‑zal');   2862 ‑ חָתַף (khaw‑thaf');   2963 ‑ טָרַף (taw‑raf');   3920 ‑ לָכַד (law‑kad');  
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


fut. -άξω Il. 22.310, Babr. 89.2, -άσω X. Eq.Mag. 4.17, (ἀν-) E. Ion 1303; in Att. more commonly ἁρπάσομαι Ar. Pax 1118, Ec. 866, Av. 1460, X. Cyr. 7.2.5, (ἀν-) Hdt. 9.59; contr. ἁρπῶμαι, ἁρπᾷ LXX Leviticus 19:13, al.: aor. ἥρπαξα Il. 3.444, Pi. N. 10.67, IG 4.951.11 (Epid.); Trag. and Att. ἥρπασα E. Or. 1634, Th. 6.101 (also Il. 13.528, 17.62, Hdt. 2.156): pf. ἥρπακα Ar. Pl. 372, Pl. Grg. 481a: Med., aor. ἡρπασάμην Luc. Tim. 22, etc. ὑφ-αρπάσαιο Ar. Ec. 921): Pass., pf. ἥρπασμαι X. An. 1.2.27, E. Ph. 1079 (ἀν-): 3 plpf. ἥρπαστο Id. El. 1041; later ἥρπαγμαι Paus. 3.18.7, inf. -άχθαι Str. 13.1.11: aor. 1 ἡρπάσθην Hdt. 1.1 and 4, etc., -χθην Id. 2.90 (v.l.), 8.115, D.S. 17.74; later, aor. 2 ἡρπάγην [ ] Lyc. 505, etc.: fut. ἁρπᾰγήσομαι 1 Thessalonians 4:17, J.BJ 5.10.3; part. ἁρπάμενος (as if from ἅρπημι) AP 11.59 (Maced.), Nonn. D. 1.340, al., (ὑφ-) AP 9.619 (Agath.):

1. snatch away, carry off, ὅτε σε πρῶτον Λακεδαίμονος ἐξ ἐρατεινῆς ἔπλεον ἁρπάξας Il. 3.444; ὡς δ' ὅτε τίς τε λέων.. ἀγέλης βοῦν ἁρπάσῃ ib. 17.62; τοὺς δ' αἶψ' ἁρπάξασα φέρεν πόντονδε θύελλα Od. 10.48, cf. 5.416; κλέψαι τε χἁρπάσαι βίᾳ S. Ph. 644; ἁ. τοῦ βασιλέος τὴν θυγατέρα Hdt. 1.2; . [χρυσὸν] ὑπὲκ τῶν γρυπῶν Id. 3.116; ἁ. καὶ φέρειν Lys. 20.17: abs., to be a robber, ὁτιὴ π[]ιώρκεις ἡρπακώς Ar. Eq. 428, cf. Pl. 372; ἁρπάζειν βλέπει looks thievish, Men. Epit. 181: Pass. (or Med.), ἐκ χερῶν ἁρπάζομαι have her torn from my arms, E. Andr. 661.

2. seize hastily, snatch up, λᾶαν Il. 12.445; δόρυ A. Th. 624; τὰ ὅπλα X. An. 6.1.8; ἁ. τινὰ μέσον seize him by the waist, Hdt. 9.107; λίθος ἥτις τὸν σίδηρον ἁρπάζει, of the magnet, Hp. Steril. 243: c. gen. of the part seized, ἁ. τινὰ τένοντος ποδός E. Cyc. 400: c. gen. partit., ἁ. τούτων ἐνέτραγον Timocl. 16.7: abs., ἀπογεύονται ἁρπάζοντες greedily, Pl. R. 354b: Med. in Luc. Sacr. 3.

3. seize, overpower, overmaster, γλῶσσαν ἁ. φόβος A. Th. 259; seize, occupy a post, X. An. 4.6.11; ἁρπάσαι πεῖραν seize an opportunity of attacking, S. Aj. 2; ἁ. τὸν καιρόν Plu. Phil. 15; snap up, ὥσπερ εὕρημα Herod. 6.30.

4. seize, adopt a legend, of an author, Hdt. 2.156.

5. grasp with the senses, ὀσμαὶ -όμεναι ταῖς ὀσφρήσεσιν Plu. 2.647e.

6. captivate, ravish, LXX Ju. 16.9, Plu. Ant. 28.

7. draw up by means of a vacuum, Simp. in Ph. 647.28. II plunder, πόλεις, τὰ ἐκ τῶν οἰκιῶν, τὴν Ἑλλάδα, etc., Th. 1.5, X. Cyr. 7.2.5, D. 8.55, etc.

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Verse Results
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2 Corinthians2
1 Thessalonians1
2 Corinthians2
1 Thessalonians1
2 Corinthians2
1 Thessalonians1
List of Word Forms
αρπαγεντα αρπαγέντα ἁρπαγέντα αρπαγησομεθα αρπαγησόμεθα ἁρπαγησόμεθα αρπαζει αρπάζει ἁρπάζει αρπαζειν αρπάζειν ἁρπάζειν αρπαζοντες αρπάζοντες ἁρπάζοντες αρπαζουσιν αρπάζουσιν ἁρπάζουσιν αρπαζών αρπασαι αρπάσαι ἁρπάσαι αρπάσαντες αρπάσατε αρπασει αρπάσει ἁρπάσει αρπάσεις αρπάση αρπάται αρπώμαι ηρπαγη ηρπάγη ἡρπάγη ήρπαζον ήρπακε ήρπασαν ήρπασε ηρπασεν ήρπασεν ἥρπασεν ηρπασθη ἡρπάσθη ηρπασμένος arpagenta arpagesometha arpagēsometha arpasai arpasei arpazei arpazein arpazontes arpazousin erpage ērpagē erpasen ērpasen erpasthe ērpasthē harpagenta harpagénta harpagesometha harpagesómetha harpagēsometha harpagēsómetha harpasai harpásai harpasei harpásei harpazei harpázei harpazein harpázein harpazontes harpázontes harpazousin harpázousin herpage herpáge hērpagē hērpágē herpasen hērpasen hḗrpasen herpasthe herpásthe hērpasthē hērpásthē
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