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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2895 KJV: ...well, goodly, do, good, cheer, better, please, comely, pleased + (05869)    NAS: fair, go well, high, pleasing, good, pleased, merry, did well, pleases, done well, any, well, well-off, please    HCS: were drunk, make you better off, better, It was good, prosper, any better, pleases, it good, you have done well, was feeling good, in favor, he is in a good, a good, *, good, was agreed, beautiful, it pleased, is well off
ṭôb tobe
2968 KJV: long    NAS: longed    HCS: I long
yâ'ab yaw-ab'
2969 KJV: appertain    NAS: due    HCS: deserve
yâ'âh yaw-aw'
2970 KJV: Jaazaniah    NAS: Jaazaniah    HCS: with Jaazaniah, Jaazaniah
ya'ăzanyâh, ya'ăzanyâhû yah-az-an-yaw', yah-az-an-yaw'-hoo
2971 KJV: Jair    NAS: Jair    HCS: Jair, of Jair, Jair's, of Jair's
yâ'ı̂yr yaw-ere'
2972 KJV: Jairite    NAS: Jairite    HCS: Jairite
yâ'irı̂y yaw-ee-ree'
2973 KJV: foolishly, dote, foolish, fool    NAS: become fools, acted foolishly, foolish    HCS: we have so foolishly, they will act foolishly, have been fools, they have played the fool
yâ'al yaw-al'
2974 KJV: willingly, taken upon me, would, content, began, assayed, please    NAS: tried, pleased, agreed, persisted, ventured, determined, willing, please, undertook    HCS: would, tried, I have ventured, has determined, Please, agree, agreed, he is determined, refused to leave, You have been pleased, we had been content, began, were determined, please
yâ'al yaw-al'
2975 KJV: brooks, flood, river, streams    NAS: Nile canals, river, streams, rivers, channels, Nile, canals    HCS: river, streams, Nile, canals, the streams, of the river, *, The Nile, rivers, channels, it, the Nile, of the Nile
ye'ôr yeh-ore'
2976 KJV: no hope, despair, desperate    NAS: despair, hopeless, despaired    HCS: despair, that a despairing, s hopeless, I give up, will stop
yâ'ash yaw-ash'
2977 KJV: Josiah    NAS: Josiah's, Josiah    HCS: Josiah, Josiah's, of Josiah, of Josiah's
yô'shı̂yâh, yô'shı̂yâhû yo-she-yaw', yo-she-yaw'-hoo
2979 KJV: Jeaterai    NAS: Jeatherai    HCS: Jeatherai
ye'âtheray yeh-aw-ther-ah'ee
2980 KJV: cried    NAS: lamented    HCS: crying out
yâbab yaw-bab
2981 KJV: fruit, increase    NAS: produce, crops, yield, fruit, increase    HCS: produce, The possessions, crops, the produce, fruit, harvest
yebûl yeb-ool'
2982 KJV: Jebus    NAS: Jebus    HCS: of Jebus, Jebus
yebûs yeb-oos'
2983 KJV: Jebusite    NAS: Jebusites, Jebusite    HCS: the Jebusites, Haeleph, Jebus, Jebusites, a Jebusite, Jebusite
yebûsı̂y yeb-oo-see'
2984 KJV: Ibhar    NAS: Ibhar    HCS: s other sons: Ibhar, Ibhar
yibchar yib-khar'
2985 KJV: Jabin    NAS: Jabin's, Jabin    HCS: and Jabin, of Jabin's, him, Jabin, of Jabin
yâbı̂yn yaw-bene'
2986 KJV: lead, carry, lead forth, bring, bring forth    NAS: lead, led, carried, bring, carry, brought, led forth    HCS: led, will bring, but had been carried, rescued, will be taken, They are led in, guided, she is led, is carried, bring, have taken, will be brought, back
yâbal yaw-bal'
2987 KJV: carry, brought    NAS: bring, brought    HCS: carried, bring
yebal yeb-al'

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