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Old Testament Hebrew

Entry for Strong's #1926 - הָדָר

Word Origin:
from (01921)
Parts of Speech:
Noun Masculine
Word Definition  [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) ornament, splendour, honour

1a) ornament

1b) splendour, majesty

1c) honour, glory

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1391 ‑ δόξα (dox'‑ah);   1653 ‑ ἐλεέω (el‑eh‑eh'‑o);   1741 ‑ ἔνδοξος (en'‑dox‑os);   1868 ‑ ἔπαινος (ep'‑ahee‑nos);   2143 ‑ εὐπρέπεια (yoo‑prep'‑i‑ah);   2987 ‑ λαμπρότης (lam‑prot'‑ace);   3735 ‑ ὄρος (or'‑os);   5092 ‑ τιμή (tee‑may');   5611 ‑ ὡραῖος (ho‑rah'‑yos);  
Frequency / Word  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (30)NAS (30)HCS (30)
1 Chronicles1
1 Chronicles1
1 Chronicles1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1089) rd (דר DR) AC: ? CO: Circle AB: ?: The pictograph d is a door representing a moving back and forth. The r is the head of a man. Combined these mean "the back and forth movement of man". A generation is one revolution of the family line. The Hebraic understanding of order is the continual cyclical process of life and death or renewal and destruction. This root can also have the meanings of circling around of something in a wide area or to cover a large area. (eng: adore - as honor)

A) rd (דר DR) AC: ? CO: Circle AB: ?: A circling around as the flight of a bird or a dance.

Nm) rd (דר DR) - I. Generation:As a circle of the family. II. White:From the whiteness of the pearl. KJV (5): white, generation - Strongs: H1858 (דַּר), H1859 (דָּר)

lm) rdrd (דרדר DRDR) - Thistle: Used by the shepherd to build a corral around the flock at night KJV (2): thistle - Strongs: H1863 (דַּרְדַּר)

B) rrd (דרר DRR) AC: ? CO: Circle AB: ?: A circling around as the flight of a bird or a dance.

cf) rfrd (דרור DRWR) - I. Swallow:A bird that flies in a circle. II. Free Flowing:A flowing liquid. KJV (10): pure, swallow - Strongs: H1865 (דְּרוֹר), H1866 (דְּרוֹר)

C) rda (אדר ADR) AC: Wide CO: Robe AB: ?: What covers a large area.

V) rda (אדר ADR) - Wide: KJV (3): (vf: Niphal, Hiphil, Participle) glorious, honourable - Strongs: H142 (אָדַר)

Nm) rda (אדר ADR) - I. Wide: II. Robe:A wide garment. KJV (2): goodly, mantle, threshing floor - Strongs: H145 (אֶדֶר)

Nf2) trda (אדרת ADRT) - I. Robe:A wide garment. II. Noble:Something that is wide in majesty. KJV (12): mantle, garment, glory, goodly, robe - Strongs: H155 (אַדֶּרֶת)

bm) rida (אדיר ADYR) - Noble: Someone or something that is wide in authority or majesty. KJV (27): noble, excellent, mighty, principle, famous, gallant, glorious, goodly, lordly, worthies - Strongs: H117 (אַדִּיר)

em) rdia (אידר AYDR) - Threshing floor: A wide area. [Aramaic only] KJV (1): threshingfloor - Strongs: H147 (אִדַּר)

E) ard (דרא DRA) AC: ? CO: ? AB: ?: [Unknown meaning]

jm) nfard (דראונ DRAWN) - Abhor: KJV (2): abhorring, contempt - Strongs: H1860 (דְּרָאוֹן)

F) rde (הדר HDR) AC: Swell CO: ? AB: Honor: To swell in an outward direction. To make another swell through honor or pride (as in a swelling up of the chest) .

V) rde (הדר HDR) - Swell: Someone or something that is wide in size or majesty. To honor. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (10): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hitpael) honour, countenance, crooked places, glorious, glorified, put forth - Strongs: H1921 (הָדַר), H1922 (הֲדַר)

Nm) rde (הדר HDR) - Honor: Someone or something that is swollen in size, pride or majesty. KJV (34): honour, majesty, glory, beauty, comeliness, excellency, glorious, goodly - Strongs: H1923 (הֲדַר), H1925 (הֶדֶר), H1926 (הָדָר)

Nf1) erde (הדרה HDRH) - Swelling: KJV (5): beauty, honour - Strongs: H1927 (הֲדָרָה)

G) red (דהר DHR) AC: Gallop CO: ? AB: ?: The repetitious rhythmic running of a horse in a circular direction.

V) red (דהר DHR) - Gallop: KJV (1): (vf: Paal) prancing - Strongs: H1725 (דָּהַר)

Nm) red (דהר DHR) - Gallop: [df: Rhhd] KJV (2): prancing - Strongs: H1726 (דַּהֲרָה)

im ) redt (תדהר TDHR) - Tid |kjv: pine, pine tree - Strongs: H8410 (תִּדְהָר)

J) rfd (דור DWR) AC: Dwell CO: Dwelling AB: ?: The nomadic camp was set up in a circle with the tents set up outside of the circle.

V) rfd (דור DWR) - Dwell: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (8): (vf: Paal) dwell - Strongs: H1752 (דּוּר), H1753 (דּוּר)

Nm) rfd (דור DWR) - I. Circle: II. Ball: III. Generation:The circle of life from generation to generation. KJV (170): generation, all, many - Strongs: H1754 (דּוּר), H1755 (דֹּר)

km) rfdm (מדור MDWR) - Dwelling: [Aramaic only] KJV (4): dwelling - Strongs: H4070 (מִדֹר)

kf1) erfdm (מדורה MDWRH) - Pile: A round pile of wood for fires. KJV (2): pile - Strongs: H4071 (מִדֻרָה)

ibf1) eridt (תדירה TDYRH) - Continue: As a swelling. [Aramaic only] KJV (2): continually - Strongs: H8411 (תְּדִיר)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
[ הָדָר noun masculine Psalm 149:9 ornament, splendour, honour (chiefly in poetry) — absolute ׳ה Deuteronomy 33:17 12t.; construct הֲדַר Isaiah 2:10 7t.; suffix הֲדָרִי Micah 2:9 (but compare below) Ezekiel 16:14; הֲדָֽרְךָ Psalm 45:5; Psalm 90:16; הֲדָרֶ֑ךָ Psalm 45:4; הֲדָרֵךְ Ezekiel 27:10; הֲדָרָהּ Isaiah 5:14; Lamentations 1:6; plural construct הַדְרֵי Psalm 110:3 (but read probably הדדי so Symm Jerome editions; O1Hup Gr Bi Che); —

1 ornament Proverbs 20:29 (grey hair, for old men; "" תִּפְאֶרֶת), Ezekiel 16:14 (figurative of ornaments of Jerusalem as bride of ׳י); מְּרִי עֵץ הָדָר Leviticus 23:40 (H) i.e. fruit of goodly (ornamental, beautiful) trees, so AV RV & most, or goodly tree-fruit, ᵐ5 καρπόν ξύλου ὡραῖον, so Di; — here would come also בהדרי קדשׁ Psalm 110:3, reference to sacred, festal garments, according to Thes and others compare RVm; but read probably on the holy mountains, see above

2 splendour, majesty Deuteronomy 33:17 of Ephraim under figure of a noble bull (compare Di); of Jerusalem Isaiah 5:14 compare Lamentations 1:6; of Carmel Isaiah 35:2 ("" כָּבוֺד); of majesty & dignity conferred by ׳י on man Psalm 8:6 ("" כָּבוֺד), on king Psalm 21:6 ("" id., הוֺד), compare Psalm 45:4 ("" הוֺד) & Psalm 45:5 (but text perhaps erroneous Che critical note.); denied of suffering servant of ׳י Isaiah 53:2 ("" תֹּאַר); of dignity of good & capable woman (אֵשֶׁת חַיִל) Proverbs 31:25 ("" עֹז); of splendour due to warlike equipment Ezekiel 27:10; especially of majesty of ׳י 1 Chronicles 16:27 = Psalm 96:6, compare Job 40:10; Psalm 111:3 (all "" הוֺד); also Psalm 104:1 ("" id., under figure of garment); further Psalm 29:4 ("" כֹּחַ), Psalm 90:16 ("" מֹּעַל); in combination הֲדַר כְּבוֺד הוֺדְךָ Psalm 145:5; ׳כְּבוֺד ה Psalm 145:12; הֲדַר גְּאֹנוֺ Isaiah 2:10,19,21.

3 honour, glory Psalm 149:9 for saints of ׳י; compare Micah 2:9 of ׳י's glory as possession of his people, lost by exile & slavery: but perhaps text error; Hoffm ZAW 1882,103 proposes הַדְּרוֺר, from their children ye take freedom (yet מֵעַל then hardly suitable).


Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius Definition

הָדָר m.

(1) [const. הֲדַר, with suff. הֲדָרִי, pl. const. הַדְרֵי], ornament, adorning, decoration, Psalms 45:4, 96:6. Ezekiel 16:14. הַדְרֵי קֹדֶשׁ “holy ornaments,” Psalms 110:3. Proverbs 20:29, הֲדַר זְקֵנִים שֵׂיבָה “the adorning of old men is hoariness.” Levit. 23:40, עֵץ הָדָר “ornamental trees.” Specially used of the majesty of God. Psalms 104:1, הֹוד וְהָדָר לָבַשְׁתָּ “thou art clothed with honour and majesty.” Job 40:10. Psalms 29:4, קֹול יְהֹוָה בֶּהָדָר “the voice of Jehovah is in majesty.”

(2) honour, Psalms 149:9.

List of Word Forms
בְּֽהַדְרֵי־ בֶּהָדָֽר׃ בַּֽהֲדָרִי֙ בהדר׃ בהדרי בהדרי־ הֲ֭דַר הֲדַ֣ר הֲדַ֥ר הֲדָרִ֖י הֲדָרֵֽךְ׃ הֲדָרָ֑הּ הֲדָרָ֧הּ הָדָ֑ר הָדָ֣ר הָדָר֙ הדר הדרה הדרי הדרך׃ וְ֝הָדָר וְהָדָ֣ר וְהָדָ֥ר וְהָדָר֙ וַ֝הֲדָרְךָ֗ וַהֲדַ֖ר וַהֲדָ֬רְךָ֨ ׀ וַהֲדָרֶֽךָ׃ וּמֵהֲדַ֖ר וּמֵהֲדַ֣ר והדר והדרך והדרך׃ ומהדר ba·hă·ḏā·rî bahadaRi bahăḏārî be·hā·ḏār bə·haḏ·rê- behaDar behāḏār bəhaḏrê- behadrei hă·ḏā·rāh hă·ḏā·rêḵ hă·ḏā·rî hă·ḏar hā·ḏār haDar hăḏar hāḏār hadaRah hăḏārāh hadaRech hăḏārêḵ hadaRi hăḏārî ū·mê·hă·ḏar umehaDar ūmêhăḏar vahaDar vahadaRecha vehaDar Vehador wa·hă·ḏā·re·ḵā wa·hă·ḏā·rə·ḵā wa·hă·ḏar wahăḏar wahăḏāreḵā wahăḏārəḵā wə·hā·ḏār wəhāḏār

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