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Old Testament Hebrew

Entry for Strong's #3836 - לָבֵן

lâbân, lâbên
law-bawn', law-bane'  
Word Origin:
from (03835)
Parts of Speech:
Word Definition  [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) white

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3022 ‑ λευκός (lyoo‑kos');   5515 ‑ χλωρός (khlo‑ros');   2511 ‑ καθαρίζω (kath‑ar‑id'‑zo);  
Frequency / Word  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (29)NAS (25)HCS (28)
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2303) nbl (לבנ LBN) AC: ? CO: White AB: ?: Something that is white. Also bricks made from white materials. [from: nb- a building material]

V) nbl (לבנ LBN) - I. White:To be white. II. Brick:To make bricks. KJV (8): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hitpael) white, brick, whiter - Strongs: H3835 (לָבַן)

Nm) nbl (לבנ LBN) - White: KJV (29): white - Strongs: H3836 (לָבֵן)

Nf1) enbl (לבנה LBNH) - I. Moon:As white. II. Brick:KJV (14): moon, brick, tile - Strongs: H3842 (לְבָנָה), H3843 (לְבֵנָה)

am) nblm (מלבנ MLBN) - Brick-kiln: A furnace for firing bricks. KJV (3): brickkiln - Strongs: H4404 (מַלְבֵּן)

cf1) enfbl (לבונה LBWNH) - Frankincense: As white. KJV (21): frankincense, incense - Strongs: H3828 (לְבוֹנָה)

ef1) enbil (ליבנה LYBNH) - I. Pop KJV (3): poplar, paved - Strongs: H3839 (לִבְנֶה), H3840 (לִבְנָה)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
[ I. לָבָן adjective white; — ׳ל absolute Genesis 30:35 13t.; construct לְבֶןֿ Genesis 49:12 (compare Ges§ 93, 2, R. 1 Kö Lgb ii, 74 Ba Nb 166); feminine לְבָנָה Leviticus 13:4 6t.; plural לְבָנִים Zechariah 1:8 3t.; לְבָנוֺת Genesis 30:37 2t.; — white, of wood under bark Genesis 30:37 (twice in verse) (compare Joel 1:7); of spots on goats Joel 1:35 (all J); of manna Exodus 16:31 (P); garments Ecclesiastes 9:8 (sign of cheerfulness and joy); of teeth וּלְבֶןשִֿׁנַּיִם מֵחָלָב Genesis 49:12 (poem in J; "" חַכְלִילִי עֵינַיִם מִיָּ֑יִן) of Judah (on interpretations see Di and, differently, Marc. Jastr JBL xi. (1892), 128); of horses Zechariah 1:8; Zechariah 6:3,6 (in vision); chfly. of diseased skin or flesh on body (בַּהֶרֶת Leviticus 13:4,19,24,25,26,38) Leviticus 13:4; Leviticus 13:10; Leviticus 13:13; Leviticus 13:16; Leviticus 13:17; Leviticus 13:19; Leviticus 13:24; Leviticus 13:38; and of hair on such spots Leviticus 13:3,4,10,20,21,25,26; + אֲדַמְדֶּ֫מֶת Leviticus 13:19,24,43; compare Leviticus 13:42; + כֵּהָה Leviticus 13:39 (all P).


Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius Definition

לָבֵן i.q. לָבָן No. 1, const, state לְבֶן־ Genesis 49:12.

[“לַבֵּן Psalms 9:1 עַל מוּת לַבֵּן. Here some take לַבֵּן as a pr. name Labben of one of David’s enemies; others regard לּ as servile and בֵּן as the pr.n. of a Levite, as in 1 Chronicles 15:18. Some moderns suppose מוּת לַבֵּן to be the name of a musical instrument. Better to read עַלְמוּת לַבֵּן as in many MSS., with virgins, voice (עַל עֲלָמוֹת Psalms 46:1) for the boys, to be sung by them, בֵּן being taken as a collective.” Ges. add.]

List of Word Forms
הַלָּבָ֔ן הלבן וְהַלְּבָנִ֔ים וּלְבֶן־ וּלְבָנִֽים׃ והלבנים ולבן־ ולבנים׃ לְבָנ֔וֹת לְבָנִ֑ים לְבָנָ֔ה לְבָנָ֣ה לְבָנָ֥ה לְבָנָ֨ה לְבָנָֽה׃ לְבָנָה֙ לְבָנֹ֑ת לְבָנֹֽת׃ לְלָבָ֑ן לָבָ֑ן לָבָ֔ן לָבָ֖ן לָבָ֗ן לָבָ֜ן לָבָ֣ן לָבָן֙ לבן לבנה לבנה׃ לבנות לבנים לבנת לבנת׃ ללבן hal·lā·ḇān hallāḇān hallaVan lā·ḇān lāḇān laVan lə·ḇā·nāh lə·ḇā·nîm lə·ḇā·nō·wṯ lə·ḇā·nōṯ lə·lā·ḇān ləḇānāh ləḇānîm ləḇānōṯ ləḇānōwṯ ləlāḇān lelaVan levaNah levaNim levaNot ū·lə·ḇā·nîm ū·lə·ḇen- ūləḇānîm ūləḇen- ulevaNim uleven vehallevaNim wə·hal·lə·ḇā·nîm wəhalləḇānîm

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