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Old Testament Hebrew

Entry for Strong's #5006 - נָאַץ

Word Origin:
a primitive root
Parts of Speech:
Word Definition  [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) to spurn, contemn, despise, abhor

1a) (Qal) to spurn, contemn

1b) (Piel)

1b1) to spurn

1b2) to cause to contemn

1c) (Hiphil) to spurn

1d) (Hithpolel) to be contemned

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1578 ‑ ἐκκλίνω (ek‑klee'‑no);   2206 ‑ ζηλόω (dzay‑lo'‑o);   3456 ‑ μυκτηρίζω (mook'‑tay‑rid'‑zo);   987 ‑ βλασφημέω (blas‑fay‑meh'‑o);   683 ‑ ἀπωθέω (ap‑o‑theh'‑om‑ahee, ap‑o'‑thom‑ahee);   114 ‑ ἀθετέω (ath‑et‑eh'‑o);   3949 ‑ παροργίζω (par‑org‑id'‑zo);   3947 ‑ παροξύνω (par‑ox‑oo'‑no);  
Frequency / Word  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (25)NAS (24)HCS (24)
1 Samuel1
2 Samuel1
1 Samuel1
2 Samuel1
1 Samuel1
2 Samuel2
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1317) yn (נתס NTs) AC: Sparkle CO: Spark AB: Quarrel: The sparkling colors coming off metal when struck. The petals of a flower like sparks off metal.

A) yn (נתס NTs) AC: ? CO: Blossom AB: Quarrel: As a spark.

Nm) yn (נתס NTs) - I. Blossom:From its bright color like a spark. II. Nets:An unknown bird of prey. KJV (4): blossom, hawk - Strongs: H5322 (נֵץ)

af1) eynm (מנתסה MNTsH) - Strife: [df: hum] KJV (3): contention, strife, debate - Strongs: H4683 (מַצָּה)

af3 ) tfynm (מנתסות MNTsWT) - Quarrel: [df: twum] KJV (1): contend - Strongs: H4695 (מַצּוּת)

B) yyn (נתסתס NTsTs) AC: ? CO: Spark AB: ?

V) yyn (נתסתס NTsTs) - Sparkle: To sparkle like a shower of sparks. KJV (1): (vf: Paal) sparkle - Strongs: H5340 (נָצַץ)

ecm) yfyin (ניתסותס NYTsWTs) - Spark: KJV (1): spark - Strongs: H5213 (נִיצוֹץ)

D) yan (נאתס NATs) AC: Despise CO: ? AB: ?: As a spark.

V) yan (נאתס NATs) - Despise: KJV (25): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Piel) despise, provoke, abhor, blaspheme, contemn, flourish - Strongs: H5006 (נָאַץ)

Nf1) eyan (נאתסה NATsH) - Despise: KJV (5): blasphemy, provocation - Strongs: H5007 (נְאָצָה)

E) ayn (נתסא NTsA) AC: Whither CO: ? AB: ?: From the quick withering of the blossoms.

V) ayn (נתסא NTsA) - Whither: KJV (1): (vf: Paal) flee - Strongs: H5323 (נָצָא)

H) eyn (נתסה NTsH) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Quarrel: As a spark.

V) eyn (נתסה NTsH) - I. Quarrel: II. Whither:KJV (11): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Participle) strive, waste - Strongs: H5327 (נָצָה)

J) yfn (נותס NWTs) AC: Bloom CO: Bud AB: ?: The budding of a flower on a plant or feathers on a bird.

V) yfn (נותס NWTs) - Bloom: KJV (3): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) bud, fled - Strongs: H5132 (נוּץ)

Nf1) eyfn (נותסה NWTsH) - Feather: KJV (4): feather, ostrich - Strongs: H5133 (נוֹצָה)

M) yin (ניתס NYTs) AC: ? CO: Blossom AB: ?: The budding of a flower on a plant.

Nf1) eyin (ניתסה NYTsH) - Blossom: KJV (2): flower - Strongs: H5328 (נִצָּה)

mf1) nyin (ניתסנ NYTsN) - Blossom: KJV (1): flower - Strongs: H5339 (נִצָּנִים)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
[ נָאַץ verb contemn, spurn (Late Hebrew id., Pi`el; ᵑ7נִיאוּצָא reviling); —

Qal Perfect ׳נ Proverbs 5:12; 3 plural נָָֽאֲצוּ Proverbs 1:30; נָאָ֑צוּ Psalm 107:11; Imperfect יִנְאַץ Proverbs 15:5; יִנְאָצ֑וּן Jeremiah 33:24, etc.; — contemn, subject wicked and foolish, object תּוֺכַחַת Proverbs 1:30; Proverbs 5:12; object מוּסָד Proverbs 15:5; עֵצָה Psalm 107:11; Jeremiah 33:24 (object ׳עַם י; compare Gie); subject ׳י Deuteronomy 32:19; Jeremiah 14:21; Lamentations 2:6.

Pi`el Perfect נִאֵץ Psalm 10:3; Psalm 10:13; נִאַ֫צְתָּ 2 Samuel 12:14, etc.; Imperfect יְנָאֵץ Psalm 74:10; suffix יְנַאֲצֻנִי Numbers 14:11; Infinitive absolute נִאֵץ (Sta§ 221) 2 Samuel 12:14; Participle suffix מְנָָֽאֲצַי Numbers 14:23; מְנַאֲצַי Jeremiah 23:17; מְנַאֲצָ֑יִךְ Isaiah 60:14; — contemn, spurn, subject men, object ׳י, etc.: Numbers 14:11,23; Numbers 16:30 (all J), Deuteronomy 31:20; Deuteronomy 1:4; Psalm 10:3; Psalm 10:13; Jeremiah 23:17; object ׳שֵׁם י Psalm 74:10; Psalm 74:18; ׳אִמְרַת י Isaiah 5:24; ׳מִנְחַת י 1 Samuel 2:17; once object Jerusalem Isaiah 60:14; cause to contemn (blaspheme AV RV) 2 Samuel 12:14 (twice in verse) (but אֹיְבֵי probably interp.; see Comm).

Hiph`il Imperfect יָנֵ֯אץ see נצץ

Hithpo`el Participle כלהֿיום שְׁמִי מִנֹּאָץ Isaiah 52:5 every day is my name contemned.

[נָצַץ] verb denominative bloom, blossom (Late Hebrew id.; Jewish-Aramaic נְצַץ id.); —

Hiph`il Perfect 3 plural הֵנֵ֫צוּ Song of Solomon 6:11 (no dagh., see Kö i. 381 Ges § 67,8, R. 11) the pomegranates have put forth blossoms, so Song of Solomon 7:13; Imperfect 3 masculine singular יָנֵאץ Ecclesiastes 12:5 the almond-tree wears blossoms.

II. נצץ (√ of following; compare Phoenician proper name, of a location אינֿצם isle (coast) of hawks, Lzb213; Lzb325; Syriac hawk; נַצָאᵑ7 (compare Me Chrest. 241)).


Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius Definition

נָאַץ fut. יִנְאַץ, to deride, to despise, to reject with contempt and derision (apparently kindred to לוּץ), as instruction, admonition; with an acc. Jeremiah 33:24; Proverbs 1:30, 5:12 15:5 the counsel of God, Psalms 107:11. Often used of God as rejecting men, Deuteronomy 32:19; Lamentations 2:6 absol. Jeremiah 14:21, “reject not, for thy name’s sake!” Comp. syn. מָאַס.

Piel נִאֵץ, fut. יְנָאֵץ.

(1) i.q. Kal, to reject, to contemn, Isaiah 60:14 especially God, Psalms 10:3, 13 Psalms 10:13, 74:18 Isaiah 1:4, 5:24 Numbers 14:23, 16:30.

(2) causat. to cause to speak evil, to give occasion for evil speaking, 2 Samuel 12:14.

Hiphil, fut. יָנֵאץ (in the Syriac manner for יַנְאֵץ), intrans. to be despised, to be contemned, Ecclesiastes 12:5.-LXX., Vulg., Syr., shall flourish (as if from נוּץ), but this does not agree with the context.

Hithpoel, part. מִנֹּאַץ for מִתְנֹאַץ Isaiah 52:5, contemned, rejected, prop. exposed to contempt, (der fich verachten laffen muß). Hence

List of Word Forms
וְיָנֵ֤אץ וְנִ֣אֲצ֔וּנִי וַיִּנְאַ֥ץ וַיִּנְאָ֑ץ וינאץ ונאצוני יְנַאֲצֻ֖נִי יְנָ֘אֵ֤ץ יִ֭נְאַץ יִנְאָצ֔וּן ינאץ ינאצון ינאצני לִֽמְנַאֲצַ֔י למנאצי מְנַֽאֲצָ֑יִךְ מְנַאֲצַ֖י מִנֹּאָֽץ׃ מנאץ׃ מנאצי מנאציך נִ֘אֵ֥ץ ׀ נִֽאֲצ֛וּ נִֽאֲצ֥וּ נִֽאֲצוּ֙ נִאֵ֖ץ נִאֵ֤ץ נִאֵֽצוּ׃ נִאַ֙צְתָּ֙ נָ֝אֲצ֗וּ נָאַ֥ץ נָאָֽצוּ׃ נאץ נאצו נאצו׃ נאצת תִּנְאַץ֙ תנאץ lim·na·’ă·ṣay limna’ăṣay limnaaTzai mə·na·’ă·ṣā·yiḵ mə·na·’ă·ṣay məna’ăṣay məna’ăṣāyiḵ menaaTzai menaaTzayich min·nō·’āṣ minnō’āṣ minnoAtz nā’aṣ nā’ăṣū nā’āṣū nā·’ă·ṣū nā·’ā·ṣū nā·’aṣ naAtz naAtzu ni’aṣtā ni’ăṣū ni’êṣ ni’êṣū ni·’ă·ṣū ni·’aṣ·tā ni·’ê·ṣū ni·’êṣ niAtzta niaTzu niEtz niEtzu tin’aṣ tin·’aṣ tinAtz vaiyinAtz veNiaTzuni veyaNetz way·yin·’aṣ way·yin·’āṣ wayyin’aṣ wayyin’āṣ wə·ni·’ă·ṣū·nî wə·yā·nêṣ wəni’ăṣūnî wəyānêṣ yə·na·’ă·ṣu·nî yə·nā·’êṣ yəna’ăṣunî yənā’êṣ yenaaTzuni yeNaEtz yin’aṣ yin’āṣūn yin·’ā·ṣūn yin·’aṣ Yinatz yinaTzun

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