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Old Testament Hebrew

Entry for Strong's #5080 - נָדַח

Word Origin:
a primitive root
Parts of Speech:
Word Definition  [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) to impel, thrust, drive away, banish

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to impel

1a2) to thrust away, banish

1b) (Niphal)

1b1) to be impelled

1b2) to be thrust out, be banished

1b2a) banished, outcast (participle)

1b3) to be driven away

1b4) to be thrust away, thrust aside

1c) (Pual) to be thrust into

1c1) thrust (participle)

1d) (Hiphil)

1d1) to thrust, move, impel

1d2) to thrust out, banish

1d3) to thrust away, thrust aside

1e) (Hophal) to be chased, be hunted

1e1) chased, hunted (participle)

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1911 ‑ ἐπιβάλλω (ep‑ee‑bal'‑lo);   1856 ‑ ἐξωθέω (ex‑o‑theh'‑o, ex‑o'‑tho);   635 ‑ ἀποπλανάω (ap‑op‑lan‑ah'‑o);   868 ‑ ἀφίστημι (af‑is'‑tay‑mee);   1287 ‑ διασκορπίζω (dee‑as‑kor‑pid'‑zo);   1544 ‑ ἐκβάλλω (ek‑bal'‑lo);   683 ‑ ἀπωθέω (ap‑o‑theh'‑om‑ahee, ap‑o'‑thom‑ahee);   622 ‑ ἀπόλλυμι (ap‑ol'‑loo‑mee);   1289 ‑ διασπείρω (dee‑as‑pi'‑ro);   5343 ‑ φεύγω (fyoo'‑go);   548 ‑ ἄπειμι (ap'‑i‑mee);   1290 ‑ διασπορά (dee‑as‑por‑ah');   4105 ‑ πλανάω (plan‑ah'‑o);   4687 ‑ σπείρω (spi'‑ro);  
Frequency / Word  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (52)NAS (55)HCS (54)
2 Samuel3
2 Kings1
2 Chronicles2
2 Samuel3
2 Chronicles2
2 Samuel3
2 Kings1
2 Chronicles2
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2381) hdn (נדהה NDHh) AC: Drive CO: ? AB: ?: [from: dn- being tossed to and fro]

V) hdn (נדהה NDHh) - Drive: To drive an axe through wood or to drive someone or something out or away. KJV (52): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Hophal, Pual, Participle) drive, out, away, outcast, cast, banish, bring, astray, chase, compel, down, expel - Strongs: H5080 (נָדַח)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
[ [נָדַח] verb impel, thrust, banish (especially Deuteronomy , Jeremiah and later) (Late Hebrew id., beguile, Hiph, Niph`al; Aramaic נְדַח (rare) = Biblical Hebrew; Ethiopic ; thrust; Arabic is drive a ship to shore); —

Qal Imperfect יִדַּח 2 Samuel 14:14; Infinitive לִנְדֹּחַ Deuteronomy 20:19; — transitive

1 impel (i.e. wield) an axe, followed byעַלֿ Deuteronomy 20:19;

2 thrust away, banish followed byמִןֿ 2 Samuel 14:14.

Niph`al Perfect 3 feminine singular נִדְּחָה Job 6:13, etc.; ( Imperfect יִדַּ֫חוּ Jeremiah 23:12 see דחח); Participle נִדָּח 2 Samuel 14:14; נִדָּחָה Micah 4:6 2t.; נִדַּ֫חַת Ezekiel 34:4,16, etc. On נִדְחֵי Isaiah 11:12; Isaiah 56:8; Psalm 147:2 see Ki Kö i. 317; —

1 be impelled: וְנִדְּחָה יָרוֺ בַּגַּרְוֶן be impelled with the axe Deuteronomy 19:5.

2 be thrust out, banished: of dispersion in exile, followed by שָׁם Jeremiah 40:12; Jeremiah 43:5 ("" שׁוּב); followed by לִפְנֵי Jeremiah 49:5 ("" קִבֵּץ); compare also figurative תֻּשִׁיָּה נִדְּחָה מִמֶּנִּי Job 6:13 is banished from me, i.e. is non-existent; especially Participle banished one(s), outcast(s), as accusative of congnate meaning with verb with נָדַח 2 Samuel 14:14; with קִבֵּץ Micah 4:6; Deuteronomy 30:4; Zephaniah 3:19; Nehemiah 1:9; יִשִׂרָאֵל׳נ, with אָסַף Isaiah 11:12 ("" נְפֻצוֺת יְקַבֵּץ); with קִבֵּץ Isaiah 56:8; with כִּנֵּס Psalm 147:2; with הֵשִׁיב 2 Samuel 14:13; Ezekiel 34:4,16 (both "" אֹבֵד); with בּוֺא Isaiah 27:13 ("" id.); see also Isaiah 16:3,4; Jeremiah 49:36; outcast = neglected one, figurative of Zion Jeremiah 30:17 ("" דֹּרֵשׁ אֵין לָהּ).

3 driven away (from herd, i.e.) straying Deuteronomy 22:1.

4 thrust away, aside from ׳י to idiolatry Deuteronomy 4:19; Deuteronomy 30:17 (followed by וְהִשְׁתַּחֲוָה).

Pu`al Participle אֲקֵלָה מְנֻדָּח Isaiah 8:22 thrust into darkness.

Hiph`il Perfect וְהִדִּיחַ consecutive 2 Samuel 15:14; הִדַּ֫חְתִּי Jeremiah 23:3; Jeremiah 29:14, etc.; Imperfect suffix וַיַּדַּח 2 Chronicles 21:11 + 2 Kings 17:21 Qr; וַיַּדִּ֫יחוּ Deuteronomy 13:14, etc.; Imperative suffix הַדִּיחֵ֫מוֺ Psalm 5:11; Infinitive הַדִּיחַ Psalm 62:5, etc.; —

1 thrust, move, impel, figurative, object רָעָה 2 Samuel 15:14 (followed by עַלֿ.

2 thrust out, banish, especially of exile, subject ׳י, with accusative followed by שָׁ֫מָּה Deuteronomy 30:1; Jeremiah 46:28; Jeremiah 16:15 ("" הֶעֱלָה); followed by שָׁם Jeremiah 8:3; Jeremiah 24:9; Jeremiah 29:18; Daniel 9:7 + Ezekiel 4:13 (omitted by ᵐ5 Co); Jeremiah 23:3 ("" קִבֵּץ), Jeremiah 23:8 ("" הֶעֱלָה, הֵבִיא) Jeremiah 29:14 ("" קִבֵּץ, הֵשֹׁיב), so Jeremiah 32:37; also Jeremiah 27:10 ("" הַרְחִיק), Jeremiah 27:15 ("" אָבַד), compare Jeremiah 23:2 (Judah under figure of flock, subject evil shepherd, "" הֵפִיץ), Jeremiah 50:17 (Israel as sheep, subject enemies as lions); of driving out priests 2 Chronicles 13:9; invader Joel 2:20 (followed by אֶלֿ); wicked Psalm 5:11 ("" הַאֲשִׁימֵם); good man from his eminence Psalm 62:5 (followed by מִן).

3 thrust away, aside, from ׳י to idolatry, with accusative, Deuteronomy 13:14; followed by מִןהַֿדֶּרֶךְ Deuteronomy 13:6; ׳מֵעַל י Deuteronomy 13:11; ׳מֵאַחֲרֵי י 2 Kings 17:21 Qr (Kt see נדא); compare 2 Chronicles 21:11 ("" הִזְנָה).

4 compel, force, subject adulteress (by flattery), followed by accusative Proverbs 7:21 ("" הִטָּה).

Hoph`al Participle מֻדָּח chased, hunted, ׳צְבִי מ Isaiah 13:14, simile of fugitive Babylonians.


Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius Definition

נָדַח fut. יִדַּח prop. to thrust (ftoffen), to impel. (see the cogn. דָּחָה and the observations made there); hence

(1) to thrust forth, to expel, 2 Samuel 14:14 see Hiphil.

(2) to thrust against, (as an axe against a tree), followed by עַלּ Deuteronomy 20:19.

Niphal נִדַּח

(1) pass. of Kal No. 2. to be thrust forth, to be impelled; Deuteronomy 19:5, “if he go with his neighbour into a wood to cut timber וְנִדְּחָה יָדוֹ בַגַּרְזֶן לִכְרֹת הָעֵץ וְנו׳ and his hand is impelled with the axe,” i.e. lifts up the axe to cut down a tree.

(2) pass. of Hiphil No. 2, to be expelled, driven out, Jeremiah 40:12 whence part. נִדָּח one expelled, an outcast, Isaiah 16:3, Isaiah 16:4, 27:13. Collect. Deuteronomy 30:4; Nehemiah 1:9, and fem. נִדָּחָה Micah 4:6; Zephaniah 3:19, outcasts. With suff. נִדְּחוֹ driven away by him, 2 Samuel 14:13.-Figuratively, Job 6:13, תּוּשִׁיָּה נִדְּחָה מִמֶּנִּי “health has fled away from me.” Used of dispersed and wandering cattle, Deuteronomy 22:1; Ezekiel 34:4, 16 Ezekiel 34:16.

(3) pass. of Hiphil No. 3, to be seduced, to suffer oneself to be seduced, Deuteronomy 4:19, 30:17.

Pual, to be driven onward, Isaiah 8:22, אֲפֵלָה מְנֻדָּח “driven to darkness,” compare Jeremiah 23:12.

Hiphil הִדִּיחַ

(1) to thrust down, to cast down, Psalms 5:11, followed by מִן Psalms 62:5.

(2) to thrust out, to expel, to drive away, 2 Chronicles 13:9, e.g. the Israelites into other countries, Deuteronomy 30:1; Jeremiah 8:3, 23:3, Jeremiah 23:8, 29:14, 18 Jeremiah 29:18, 32:37 46:28 to scatter a flock, Jeremiah 23:2, 50:17.

(3) to seduce any One, Deuteronomy 13:14; Proverbs 7:21 followed by מִן to draw away from any thing, Deuteronomy 13:6 מֵעַל יְחוָֹה verse 11 Deuteronomy 13:11.

(4) to bring, to draw down (evil) on any one, followed by עַל 2 Samuel 15:14, compare Kal No. 2.

Hophal, part. מֻדָּח driven up and down, Isaiah 13:14.

Derivative noun, מַדּוּחִים.

List of Word Forms
אַדִּיחֵ֖ם אַדִּיחֵ֥ם אדיחם הִדִּ֑יחוּ הִדִּיחֲךָ֛ הִדִּיחָ֖ם הִדַּ֥חְתִּי הִדַּ֧חְתִּי הִדַּחְתִּ֖ים הִדַּחְתִּ֣יךָ הִדַּחְתִּ֣ים הִדַּחְתִּ֥ים הִדַּחְתֶּם֙ הִדַּחְתָּ֣ם הַדִּיחִ֤י הַדִּיחֵ֑מוֹ הַנִּדַּ֙חַת֙ הַנִּדַּ֣חַת הדחתי הדחתיך הדחתים הדחתם הדיחו הדיחי הדיחך הדיחם הדיחמו הנדחת וְהִדִּ֤יחַ וְהִדַּחְתִּ֥י וְהִדַּחְתִּיו֮ וְהַנִּדָּחִ֖ים וְהַנִּדָּחָ֖ה וְהַנִּדָּחָה֙ וְנִדְּחָ֨ה וְנִדַּחְתֶּם֙ וְנִדַּחְתָּ֗ וְנִדַּחְתָּ֛ וַיַּדִּ֛יחוּ וַיַּדַּ֖ח וַתַּדִּח֔וּם והדחתי והדחתיו והדיח והנדחה והנדחים וידח וידיחו ונדחה ונדחת ונדחתם ותדחום יִדַּ֥ח ידח לְהַדִּֽיחֲךָ֙ לְהַדִּיחַ֮ לִנְדֹּ֤חַ להדיח להדיחך לנדח מְנֻדָּֽח׃ מֻדָּ֔ח מדח מנדח׃ נִֽדַּחֲךָ֖ נִֽדַּחֲכֶ֜ם נִדְּחֵ֥י נִדְּחָ֥ה נִדְּחֽוֹ׃ נִדְּחוּ־ נִדָּֽח׃ נִדָּחִ֔ים נִדָּחַ֔י נִדָּחָה֙ נדח׃ נדחה נדחו־ נדחו׃ נדחי נדחים נדחך נדחכם תַּדִּיחֶֽנּוּ׃ תדיחנו׃ ’ad·dî·ḥêm ’addîḥêm addiChem had·dî·ḥê·mōw had·dî·ḥî haddiChemov haddiChi haddîḥêmōw haddîḥî han·nid·da·ḥaṯ hannidDachat hanniddaḥaṯ hid·daḥ·tām hid·daḥ·tem hid·daḥ·tî hid·daḥ·tî·ḵā hid·daḥ·tîm hid·dî·ḥă·ḵā hid·dî·ḥām hid·dî·ḥū hiddachTam hiddachTem hidDachti hiddachTicha hiddachTim hiddaḥtām hiddaḥtem hiddaḥtî hiddaḥtîḵā hiddaḥtîm hiddichaCha hiddiCham hidDichu hiddîḥăḵā hiddîḥām hiddîḥū lə·had·dî·aḥ lə·had·dî·ḥă·ḵā lehaddiaCh ləhaddîaḥ lehaddichaCha ləhaddîḥăḵā lin·dō·aḥ linDoach lindōaḥ mə·nud·dāḥ menudDach mənuddāḥ mud·dāḥ mudDach muddāḥ nid·da·ḥă·ḵā nid·da·ḥă·ḵem nid·dā·ḥāh nid·dā·ḥay nid·dā·ḥîm nid·dāḥ nid·də·ḥāh nid·də·ḥê nid·də·ḥōw nid·də·ḥū- nidDach niddachaCha niddachaChem niddaChah niddaChai niddaChim niddāḥ niddāḥāh niddaḥăḵā niddaḥăḵem niddāḥay niddāḥîm niddeChah niddeChei niddeCho niddechu niddəḥāh niddəḥê niddəḥōw niddəḥū- tad·dî·ḥen·nū taddiChennu taddîḥennū vaiyadDach vaiyadDichu vattaddiChum vehanniddaChah vehanniddaChim vehiddachTi vehiddachTiv vehidDiach veniddachTa veniddachTem veniddeChah wat·tad·di·ḥūm wattaddiḥūm way·yad·daḥ way·yad·dî·ḥū wayyaddaḥ wayyaddîḥū wə·han·nid·dā·ḥāh wə·han·nid·dā·ḥîm wə·hid·daḥ·tî wə·hid·daḥ·tîw wə·hid·dî·aḥ wə·nid·daḥ·tā wə·nid·daḥ·tem wə·nid·də·ḥāh wəhanniddāḥāh wəhanniddāḥîm wəhiddaḥtî wəhiddaḥtîw wəhiddîaḥ wəniddaḥtā wəniddaḥtem wəniddəḥāh yid·daḥ yidDach yiddaḥ

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