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Old Testament Hebrew

Entry for Strong's #6258 - עַתָּה

Word Origin:
from (06256)
Parts of Speech:
Word Definition  [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) now

1a) now

1b) in phrases

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 737 ‑ ἄρτι (ar'‑tee);  
Frequency / Word  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (9)NAS (431)HCS (376)
2 Chronicles2
1 Samuel44
2 Samuel28
1 Kings22
2 Kings22
1 Chronicles13
2 Chronicles29
1 Samuel37
2 Samuel25
1 Kings19
2 Kings18
1 Chronicles12
2 Chronicles28
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1367) to (אהת AhT) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Time: A period of time as a moment or season.

A) to (אהת AhT) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Time

Nf ) to (אהת AhT) - Time: KJV (296): time, season, when, always - Strongs: H6256 (עֵת)

fm) ito (אהתי AhTY) - Ready: KJV (1): fit - Strongs: H6261 (עִתִּי)

H) eto (אהתה AhTH) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Now: The present time.

Nm) eto (אהתה AhTH) - Now: KJV (9): now, whereas, henceforth, straightway - Strongs: H6258 (עַתָּה)

sm) nito (אהתינ AhTYN) - Now: [Aramaic only] [df: Nyda]KJV (57): then, now, time - Strongs: H116 (אֱדַיִן)

J) tfo (אהות AhWT) AC: Speak CO: ? AB: ?: [Unknown connection to root;]

V) tfo (אהות AhWT) - Speak: KJV (1): (vf: Paal) speak - Strongs: H5790 (עוּת)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
[ עַתָּ֫ה435 (also Ezekiel 23:43; Psalm 74:6 עת Kt, Qr עַתָּה), עָ֑֫תָּה Genesis 32:5 +,

adverb of time, now (properly accusative of [`int],עֵת (Kö ii. 260), at the time, in particular of the present time, i.e. now; compare German zur Zeit, Arabic at the time, i.e. now); — now:

1. a. Genesis 12:19 ועתה הנה אשׁתך and now, behold thy wife, Genesis 22:12 כי עתח ידעתי now, I know (so Exodus 18:11; Judges 17:13; 1 Kings 17:24 [עַתָּה זֶה], Psalm 20:7), Genesis 26:22,29; Genesis 27:36; Genesis 31:13,28, etc., Exodus 5:5 הך רבים עתה עם הארץ; whether in opposed to past time, as Genesis 32:11; Joshua 14:11 כְּכֹחִיאָז וּכְכֹחִי עָ֑תָּה, Judges 11:8; 1 Kings 12:4; Isaiah 1:21 ועתה מרצחים, Isaiah 16:14; Hosea 2:9 כִּי טוֺב לִי אָז מַעָ֑תָּה, Hosea 13:2, Job 30:1 +, or to future, as Numbers 24:17 אֶרְאֶנּוּ ולא עתה, Judges 8:6 חֲכַףעַתָּהכְּֿיָדֶ֑ךָ ׳זֶבַח וצ, 1 Samuel 2:16 כִּי עַתָּה תִּתֵּן; = after all Numbers 22:38; Judges 8:2; = now at last 2 Samuel 24:16; 1 Kings 19:4; 2 Kings 19:25; Hosea 7:2; Jeremiah 4:12; and in the phrase מעתהועד עולם Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 59:21; Micah 4:7 (see below), Psalm 113:2; Psalm 115:18; Psalm 121:8; Psalm 125:2; Psalm 131:3.

b. of the imminent or impending future: Genesis 19:9 עַתָּה נָרַע לְךָ מַהֶם. Genesis 29:32 כי עתה יאהבני אישׁי, Genesis 29:34; Exodus 6:1 עתה תראה, Numbers 11:23; Numbers 22:4; 2 Samuel 20:6; Isaiah 33:10 ( Psalm 12:6), Isaiah 43:19; Isaiah 49:19; Amos 6:7 לכןעתה יִגְלוּ, Isaiah 49:19; Micah 7:4,10; Daniel 10:20; and especially ἀσυνδέτως in Hosea , introducing a punishment, Hosea 4:16 ׳וגו׳עתה יִרְעֵם י Hosea 5:7; Hosea 8:8,13 ( Jeremiah 14:10), Jeremiah 10:2.

c. of a time ideally present (= then, from our point of view): Isaiah 29:22 לא עתה יבושׁ יעקב, v b Hosea 10:3; Micah 4:9,10,11; Micah 4:14; Micah 5:3.

d. describing a present state = as things are: 1 Samuel 8:5 thou art old, etc., עתהשִׂימָה לנו מלך, 1 Samuel 9:6; 1 Samuel 13:12; 1 Samuel 14:30; 1 Samuel 25:7b; 1 Samuel 27:1 now I shall be swept away one day, etc., 2 Kings 18:20,25; Job 6:21; Job 14:16; Job 16:7.

e. with an Imperative, as an encouragement, implying that the time has come for the exhortation or advice to be followed, Genesis 31:13 עתה קים צא, Exodus 18:19 עתה שְׁמַע בקולי, Numbers 22:11; Deuteronomy 2:13; 1 Samuel 30:8.

2 Phrases:

a.עַתָּה זֶה (זְה 4 h) 1 Kings 17:24; 2 Kings 5:22.

b.ועתה and, now, or now, therefore (וְ

4), drawing a conclusion, especially (compare

1 e) a practical one, from what has been stated: Genesis 3:22 and now (since man has once been disobedient), lest he put forth his hand, etc., Genesis 20:7; Genesis 20:23 וְעַתָּה הִשָּֽׁבְעָה לִי הֵ֫נָּה, Genesis 27:3,8 ועתה בני שְׁמַעבקולי, Genesis 30:30; Genesis 31:16,44; Genesis 37:20 + often, Isaiah 5:3,5; Psalm 2:10; Genesis 11:6 ׳ועתה לאֹיִֿבָּצֵר מֵהֶם וגו, Genesis 31:30; Genesis 45:8; 2 Samuel 19:11; Psalm 39:8 ועתה מַהקִּֿזִּיתִי אֲדֹנָי, Isaiah 52:5,

c.וְעַתָּה הִנֵּה stating the ground on which some conclusion or action is to be based, Exodus 3:9; Joshua 14:10 (twice in verse); 1 Samuel 12:2; 1 Samuel 24:21; 1 Kings 1:18; Jeremiah 40:4 (with ועתה usually repeated afer the הנה-clause).

d.גם עתה Genesis 44:10; 1 Samuel 12:16; 1 Kings 14:14; Joel 2:12; Job 16:19.

e. מֵעַתָּה from now, henceforth, Jeremiah 3:4; Isaiah 48:6; Daniel 10:17 (according to some, here = from just now), 2 Chronicles 16:9; מעתהועד עוּלּסּ, see above

1 a end.

f. עַדעַֿתָּה until now, Genesis 32:5, ׳וֶאֵחַר עדעֿ, Deuteronomy 12:9 ׳אל הנחלה לא באתם עד ע (opposed to the future), 2 Kings 13:23; especially after clause with מִן, 2 Kings 46:34 ׳מִנְּעוּרֵינוּ וְעַדעֿ ( 2 Samuel 19:8; Ezekiel 4:14), Exodus 9:18; 2 Kings 8:6; Ruth 2:7.

g.כִּי עַתָּה for in this case, in our idiom, for them (עתה pointing to a condition assumed as a possible contingency: compare Dr§ 141,142); (a) Exodus 9:15 כי עתה׳שׁלחתי וגו for then (if the intention expressed in Exodus 9:14 had not existed) I should have put forth my hand, etc., Numbers 22:29 כי עתה הֲרַגְתִּיךְ, 1 Samuel 13:13; Job 3:13; followed by imperfect Job 6:3 for then (if it were weighed, Job 6:2) it would be heavier, etc., Job 13:19 for then would I be silent and die; (b) after a protasis, surely then Genesis 31:42 + (see כִּי

1 d b, p. 472). — Note. Read כְּמוֺ עַתָּ) (ᵐ5ᵑ9) as now, for כְּמוֺ עֵת Ezekiel 16:57, עַתָּ נִשְׁבַּרְתְּ (ᵐ5ᵑ6 ᵑ9) now art thou broken ! for עֵת נִשְׁבֶּרֶת Ezekiel 27:34, and probably עַתָּ בָּא (Hi We Kö Now, compare ᵐ5ᵑ6) for עֶתבּֿאֹ Haggai 1:2; also עַתָּה for אַתָּה 1 Kings 1:20, and אַתָּה for עַתָּה 1 Kings 1:18b 2 Samuel 18:3.


Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius Definition

עַתָּה . adv. (from עֵת time, with He Paragog.), in pause עָתָּה (Milel) Genesis 32:5 (like אַתָּה, אָֽתָּה); prop. in a time (zur Zeit); hence

(1) at this time, now, already; opp. both to previous and future time, Joshua 14:11; Hosea 2:10; Isaiah 48:7. מֵעַתָּה וְעַד עוֹלָם from this time and until eternity, Isaiah 9:6. עַד־עַתָּה until now, until this day, Genesis 32:5, 46:34. עַתָּה זֶה now at this very time (see זֶה No. 3 ). Sometimes the idea of time is lost, and (like the Gr. νῦν, νύν)

(a) it is used as a word of incitement, age, come on; especially when followed by an imperative, Genesis 31:13; Isaiah 30:8 Mic. 4:14 (עַתָּה הִנֵּה 1 Kings 1:18; 2 Kings 18:21); and so with an interrogative sentence, Isaiah 36:5, “In whom now wilt thou confide?” verse 10 Isaiah 36:10“but have I now (וְעַתָּה) come up without Jehovah?”

(b) it describes a present state, thus, things being so, Genesis 26:29; 1 Samuel 27:1 whence וְעַתָּה and so, Genesis 11:6, 20:7 27:8 45:8 Psalms 2:10 in an adversative sense, but now, Nehemiah 5:5.

(2) in a short time, presently, Job 6:3, 7:21 8:6 Isaiah 43:19; Micah 6:10; 1 Kings 12:26.

List of Word Forms
וְ֝עַתָּ֗ה וְ֠עַתָּה וְ֭עַתָּה וְעַתָּ֕ה וְעַתָּ֖ה וְעַתָּ֗ה וְעַתָּ֛ה וְעַתָּ֞ה וְעַתָּ֡ה וְעַתָּ֣ה וְעַתָּ֣ה ׀ וְעַתָּ֤ה וְעַתָּ֤ה ׀ וְעַתָּ֥ה וְעַתָּ֨ה וְעַתָּה֙ וְעַתָּה֩ ועתה מֵ֝עַתָּ֗ה מֵֽ֝עַתָּ֗ה מֵֽעַתָּ֥ה מֵעַ֔תָּה מֵעַ֙תָּה֙ מֵעַתָּ֖ה מֵעַתָּה֙ מֵעָֽתָּה׃ מעתה מעתה׃ עַ֔תָּה עַ֠תָּה עַ֭תָּה עַתָּ֔ה עַתָּ֕ה עַתָּ֖ה עַתָּ֗ה עַתָּ֛ה עַתָּ֜ה עַתָּ֞ה עַתָּ֡ה עַתָּ֣ה עַתָּ֤ה עַתָּ֥ה עַתָּ֨ה עַתָּ֨ה ׀ עַתָּה֙ עַתָּה֩ עַתָּה֮ עָ֑תָּה עָֽתָּה׃ עתה עתה׃ ‘at·tāh ‘āt·tāh ‘attāh ‘āttāh atTah mê‘attāh mê‘āttāh mê·‘at·tāh mê·‘āt·tāh meAttah veatTah wə‘attāh wə·‘at·tāh

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