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Old Testament Hebrew

Entry for Strong's #982 - בָּטַח

Word Origin:
a primitive root
Parts of Speech:
Word Definition  [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) to trust

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to trust, trust in

1a2) to have confidence, be confident

1a3) to be bold

1a4) to be secure

1b) (Hiphil)

1b1) to cause to trust, make secure

2) (TWOT) to feel safe, be careless

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3982 ‑ πείθω (pi'‑tho);   3982 ‑ πείθω (pi'‑tho);   803 ‑ ἀσφάλεια (as‑fal'‑i‑ah);   1679 ‑ ἐλπίζω (el‑pid'‑zo);   2293 ‑ θαρσέω (thar‑seh'‑o);   3982 ‑ πείθω (pi'‑tho);   1680 ‑ ἐλπίς (el‑pece');  
Frequency / Word  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (120)NAS (120)HCS (120)
2 Kings8
1 Chronicles1
2 Chronicles1
2 Kings8
1 Chronicles1
2 Chronicles1
2 Kings9
1 Chronicles1
2 Chronicles1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2013) hub (בתההה BThHh) AC: Cling CO: ? AB: Security: A holding onto something or someone by clinging or confiding.

V) hub (בתההה BThHh) - Cling: KJV (120): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) trust, confidence, secure - Strongs: H982 (בָּטַח)

Nm) hub (בתההה BThHh) - Security: A state or place of safety. KJV (42): safely, safety, careless, safe, secure, assurance - Strongs: H983 (בֶּטַח)

df1) ehfub (בתהוההה BThWHhH) - Secure: A state or place of safety. KJV (1): secure - Strongs: H987 (בַּטֻּחָה)

ef1) ehuib (ביתהההה BYThHhH) - Trust: A clinging onto someone or something for support or security. KJV (1): confidence - Strongs: H985 (בִּטְחָה)

hm) hubm (מבתההה MBThHh) - Confidence: Clinging onto someone or something else for support or safety. KJV (15): confidence, trust, sure, hope - Strongs: H4009 (מִבְטָח)

ejm) nfhuib (ביתהההונ BYThHhWN) - Hope: A trust in a future outcome. KJV (3): confidence, hope - Strongs: H986 (בִּטָּחוֹן)

nbm) hiuba (אבתהיהה ABThYHh) - Melon: A fruit that clings to the vine. KJV (1): melon - Strongs: H20 (אֲבַטִּיחַ)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
[ I. בָּטַח verb trust (compare Arabic to throw one down upon his face Thes, lie extended on the ground, 'se reposer sur quelqu' un' Fl MV) —

Qal Perfect בָּטַח Psalm 28:7 35t.; Imperfect יִבְּטַח Job 40:23 27t.; Imperative בְּטַח Psalm 37:3 8t.; Infinitive abs בָּטוֺחַ Isaiah 59:4, construct בְּטֹחַ Psalm 118:8 2t.; Participle בֹּטֵחַ Psalm 21:8 35t.; passive בָּטוּחַ Psalm 112:7; Isaiah 26:3.

I. trust.

1 absolute Isaiah 12:2.

2 with cognate accusative מה הבטחון הזה אשׁר בטחת what is this trust that thou dost trust ? 2 Kings 18:19 = Isaiah 36:4.

3 with בְּ trust in

a. God 2 Kings 18:5; 2 Kings 19:10; 1 Chronicles 5:20; Psalm 9:11; Psalm 21:8; Psalm 22:5; Psalm 22:6; Psalm 25:2; Psalm 26:1; Psalm 28:7; Psalm 32:10; Psalm 37:3; Psalm 40:4; Psalm 55:24; Psalm 56:5; Psalm 56:12; Psalm 62:9; Psalm 84:13; Psalm 91:2; Psalm 112:7; Psalm 115:9; Psalm 115:10; Psalm 115:11; Psalm 125:1; Psalm 143:8; Proverbs 16:20; Proverbs 29:25; Isaiah 26:3,4; Isaiah 37:10; Jeremiah 17:7; Jeremiah 39:18; Zephaniah 3:2.

b. persons Judges 9:26; Psalm 41:10; Psalm 118:8; Psalm 118:9; Psalm 146:3; Proverbs 31:11; Jeremiah 17:5; Jeremiah 46:25; Micah 7:5.

c. things Deuteronomy 28:32; Job 39:11; Psalm 27:3; Psalm 44:7; Psalm 52:9; Psalm 62:11; Psalm 115:8; Psalm 135:18; Proverbs 11:28; Proverbs 28:26; Isaiah 30:12; Isaiah 42:17; Isaiah 47:10; Jeremiah 5:17; Jeremiah 7:14; Jeremiah 12:5; Jeremiah 13:25; Jeremiah 48:7; Jeremiah 49:4; Ezekiel 16:15; Hosea 10:13; Amos 6:1.

d. in the name of Gos Psalm Amos 33:21; Isaiah 5:10; mercy of God Psalm 13:6; Psalm 52:10; word of God Psalm 119:42; salvation of God Psalm 78:22.

4 with עַל, trust or rely upon

a. God Psalm 31:15; Psalm 37:5; Proverbs 28:25; Jeremiah 49:11.

b. persons 2 Kings 18:20,21,24 = Isaiah 36:5; Isaiah 36:6; Isaiah 36:9; Jeremiah 9:3.

c. things 2 Kings 18:21 = Isaiah 36:6; 2 Chronicles 32:10; Psalm 49:7; Isaiah 31:1; Isaiah 59:4; Ezekiel 33:13; Habakkuk 2:18.

5 with אֶל trust to

a. God 2 Kings 18:22 (= Isaiah 36:7) Psalm 4:6; Psalm 31:7; Psalm 56:4; Psalm 86:2; Proverbs 3:5.

b. persons Judges 20:36.

c. things Jeremiah 7:4 (= על דבר Jeremiah 7:8).

II. be confident Job 6:20; Job 40:23; Proverbs 14:16; צַדִּיקִים כִּכְפִיריִבְטַח the righteous are bold as a lion Proverbs 28:1; secure Job 11:18; Proverbs 11:15; עַם בֹּטֵחַ a people secure Judges 18:7,10,27; בָּנוֺת בֹּטְחוֺת careless daughters,, ( women) Isaiah 32:9 compare Isaiah 32:10; Isaiah 32:11.

Hiph`il Perfect הִבְטַחְתָּ Jeremiah 28:15; Imperfect יַבְטַח Isaiah 36:15 2t.; Participle מַבְטִיחִי Psalm 22:10; cause to trust, make secure, absolute Psalm 22:10; with עַל Jeremiah 28:15; Jeremiah 29:31; with אֶל 2 Kings 18:30 = Isaiah 36:15.


Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius Definition


(1)  to confide in any one, to set one’s hope and confidence upon any one. (Ch. and Samar. id., but of rare occurrence. Arab. بطح to throw one down on his back, to throw in the face; whence Heb. בָּטַח בְּ perhaps pr. to throw oneself or one’s cares on any one; compare נָּלַל עַל Psalms 22:9). Followed by בְּ Proverbs 11:28; Psalms 28:7 עַל 2 Kings 18:20, 21 2 Kings 18:21, 24 2 Kings 18:24 אֶל Psalms 4:6, 31:7. Sometimes with a dat. pleon. Jeremiah 7:4, אַל־תִּבְטְחוּ לָבֶם אֶל־דִּבְרֵי הַשֶּׁקֶר “set not your hope in lying words.” Jeremiah 7:8; 2 Kings 18:21. It is rarely put absol. Job 6:20. In such cases, it is mostly equivalent to

(2) to be secure, to fear nothing for oneself. Judges 18:7, 10 Judges 18:10, 27 Judges 18:27; Jeremiah 12:5. Job 40:23, יִבְטַח כִּי־יָגִיחַ יַרְדֵּן אֶל־פִּיהוּ “he fears nothing, although Jordan should break forth at his mouth.” Proverbs 11:15, שׂנֵא תֹקְעִים בֹּטֵחַ “he who hates suretiships lives securely,” has no cause of fear. Opp. to רַע יֵרוֹעַ. And so

(a) it is used in a good sense of the security of the righteous, Isaiah 12:2; Proverbs 28:1; Job 11:18.

(b) in a bad sense, of men who set all their hope and confidence in worldly things, and do not fear God and the Divine displeasure. Isaiah 32:9, 10 Isaiah 32:10, 11 Isaiah 32:11; Proverbs 14:16. Comp. שַׁאֲנָן, שָׁלָה, שַׁלְוָה.-Part. בָּטוּחַ trusting, with an active signification, Isaiah 26:3, כִּי בְךָ בָּטוּחַ “because he trusteth in thee;” Psalms 112:7.

Hiphil, fut. apoc. יַבְטַח

(1) to cause to trust, or confide, to persuade to trust, followed by אֶל־ and עַל. Isaiah 36:15; Jeremiah 28:15, 29:31.

(2) absol. to make secure, Psalms 22:10.

Derived nouns, בֶּטַח, בִּטְחָה, בִּטָּחוֹן, בַּטֻּחוֹת, מִבְטָח.

II. בָּטַח transp. i.q. טָבַח, طبخ to cook, to ripen, whence אֲבַטִּיחַ melon, which see.

List of Word Forms
אֶבְטַ֖ח אֶבְטַח־ אֶבְטָ֑ח אֶבְטָֽח׃ אבטח אבטח־ אבטח׃ בְּטַ֣ח בִּטְח֘וּ בִּטְח֣וּ בִּטְח֥וּ בִּטְחֵ֤ךְ בָ֝טְח֗וּ בָ֝טַחְתִּי בָ֥טְחוּ בָ֫טָ֥חְתִּי בָ֭טַחְתִּי בָּ֝טְח֗וּ בָּ֝טַ֗חְתִּי בָּ֣טַח בָּ֭טַחְתִּי בָּט֤וֹחַ בָּטְח֣וּ בָּטַ֣חְתִּי בָּטַ֥חְתִּי בָּטָ֑ח בָּטָ֑חְנוּ בָּטָֽחְתִּי׃ בָּטָֽחְתָּ׃ בָּטֻ֥חַ בָּטֽוּחַ׃ בָֽטְחוּ֙ בָטְח֣וּ בָטַ֔חְתָּ בָטַ֞ח בָטַ֡חְתָּ בָטַ֣חְתִּי בָטַ֣חְתָּ בָטַ֥ח בָטַ֥חְתָּ בָטַחְתִּי֮ בָטָ֑ח בָטָ֔חָה בָטָֽחְנוּ׃ בֹּֽטְח֑וֹת בֹּֽטח֔וֹת בֹּטְחִ֔ים בֹּטְחִ֣ים בֹּטֵ֗חַ בֹּטֵ֣חַ בֹּטֵ֥חַ בּוֹטֵ֣חַ בּוֹטֵ֥חַ בּוֹטֵֽחַ׃ בוֹטֵ֔חַ בוֹטֵֽחַ׃ בוטח בוטח׃ בטוח בטוח׃ בטח בטחה בטחו בטחות בטחים בטחך בטחנו בטחנו׃ בטחת בטחת׃ בטחתי בטחתי׃ הֲֽתִבְטַח־ הִבְטַ֛חְתָּ הַבֹּֽטְחָה֙ הַבֹּטְחִ֖ים הַבֹּטְחִ֥ים הַבּוֹטֵ֥חַ הבוטח הבטחה הבטחים הבטחת התבטח־ וְ֝יִבְטְח֗וּ וְהַבֹּטְחִ֖ים וְהַבּוֹטֵ֥חַ וְיִבְטְח֣וּ וַ֭יִּבְטַח וַֽתִּבְטְחִ֖י וַֽתִּבְטְחוּ֙ וַיִּבְטְח֨וּ וַיִּבְטְחוּ־ וַיַּבְטַ֥ח וַתִּבְטְחִ֣י וַתִּבְטַ֤ח וּ֝בִטְח֗וּ וּֽ֭בָטַחְתָּ וּבְטַ֥ח וּבֹטֵ֔חַ וּבֹטֵ֗חַ וּבוֹטֵ֖חַ וּבוֹטֵֽחַ׃ ובוטח ובוטח׃ ובטח ובטחו ובטחת והבוטח והבטחים ויבטח ויבטחו ויבטחו־ ותבטח ותבטחו ותבטחי יִבְטַ֓ח ׀ יִבְטַ֖ח יִבְטַ֣ח יִבְטַח֙ יִבְטָֽח׃ יַבְטַ֨ח יבטח יבטח׃ מִ֝בְּטֹ֗חַ מַ֝בְטִיחִ֗י מבטח מבטיחי תִּבְטְח֖וּ תִּבְטְח֣וּ תִּבְטְח֥וּ תִּבְטָ֑חוּ תִּבְטָֽחוּ׃ תבטחו תבטחו׃ ’eḇ·ṭaḥ ’eḇ·ṭāḥ ’eḇ·ṭaḥ- ’eḇṭaḥ ’eḇṭāḥ ’eḇṭaḥ- ḇā·ṭā·ḥāh bā·ṭā·ḥə·nū ḇā·ṭā·ḥə·nū bā·ṭā·ḥə·tā bā·ṭā·ḥə·tî ḇā·ṭā·ḥə·tî bā·ṭaḥ bā·ṭāḥ ḇā·ṭaḥ ḇā·ṭāḥ ḇā·ṭaḥ·tā bā·ṭaḥ·tî ḇā·ṭaḥ·tî bā·ṭə·ḥū ḇā·ṭə·ḥū bā·ṭō·w·aḥ bā·ṭu·aḥ bā·ṭū·aḥ baTach baTachenu baTacheta baTacheti baTachti bāṭaḥ bāṭāḥ ḇāṭaḥ ḇāṭāḥ ḇāṭāḥāh bāṭāḥənū ḇāṭāḥənū bāṭāḥətā bāṭāḥətî ḇāṭāḥətî ḇāṭaḥtā bāṭaḥtî ḇāṭaḥtî bateChu bāṭəḥū ḇāṭəḥū baToach bāṭōwaḥ baTuach bāṭuaḥ bāṭūaḥ bə·ṭaḥ beTach bəṭaḥ biṭ·ḥêḵ biṭ·ḥū bitChech bitChu biṭḥêḵ biṭḥū bō·ṭ·ḥō·wṯ bō·ṭê·aḥ bō·ṭə·ḥîm bō·ṭə·ḥō·wṯ bō·w·ṭê·aḥ ḇō·w·ṭê·aḥ botChot boTeach bōṭêaḥ boteChim boteChot bōṭəḥîm bōṭəḥōwṯ bōṭḥōwṯ bōwṭêaḥ ḇōwṭêaḥ evTach hă·ṯiḇ·ṭaḥ- hab·bō·ṭə·ḥāh hab·bō·ṭə·ḥîm hab·bō·w·ṭê·aḥ habboTeach habboteChah habboteChim habbōṭəḥāh habbōṭəḥîm habbōwṭêaḥ hăṯiḇṭaḥ- hativtach hiḇ·ṭaḥ·tā hiḇṭaḥtā hivTachta maḇ·ṭî·ḥî maḇṭîḥî mavtiChi mib·bə·ṭō·aḥ mibbeToach mibbəṭōaḥ tiḇ·ṭā·ḥū tiḇ·ṭə·ḥū tiḇṭāḥū tiḇṭəḥū tivTachu tivteChu ū·ḇā·ṭaḥ·tā ū·ḇə·ṭaḥ ū·ḇiṭ·ḥū ū·ḇō·ṭê·aḥ ū·ḇō·w·ṭê·aḥ ūḇāṭaḥtā ūḇəṭaḥ ūḇiṭḥū ūḇōṭêaḥ ūḇōwṭêaḥ Uvatachta uveTach uvitChu uvoTeach vaiyavTach Vaiyivtach vaiyivtechu vaTach vaTachah vaTachenu vaTacheti vaTachta vatachTi vateChu vattivTach vattivteChi vattivteChu vehabboTeach vehabboteChim veyivteChu voTeach wat·tiḇ·ṭaḥ wat·tiḇ·ṭə·ḥî wat·tiḇ·ṭə·ḥū wattiḇṭaḥ wattiḇṭəḥî wattiḇṭəḥū way·yaḇ·ṭaḥ way·yiḇ·ṭaḥ way·yiḇ·ṭə·ḥū way·yiḇ·ṭə·ḥū- wayyaḇṭaḥ wayyiḇṭaḥ wayyiḇṭəḥū wayyiḇṭəḥū- wə·hab·bō·ṭə·ḥîm wə·hab·bō·w·ṭê·aḥ wə·yiḇ·ṭə·ḥū wəhabbōṭəḥîm wəhabbōwṭêaḥ wəyiḇṭəḥū yaḇ·ṭaḥ yaḇṭaḥ yavTach yiḇ·ṭaḥ yiḇ·ṭāḥ yiḇṭaḥ yiḇṭāḥ yivTach

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