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The Boundless Show with Lisa Anderson


Popping the Question (Part 1): Episode 663

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Lisa Anderson

Men tell how they proposed to their girlfriends, plus myths about singleness, and is it time to stop texting a male friend?

Featured musical artist: Abandon

Roundtable: Engagement Stories (The Guys’ Side)

With the holidays fast approaching, many young men are engagement-ring shopping in anticipation of popping the question to their girlfriends. The process can be nerve-wracking, but also a lot of fun. In part one of this conversation (part two with the ladies next week!), men share their proposal stories including the dos and don’ts, the plans and the surprises, and helpful ideas for making an engagement day meaningful. 

Culture: Sam Allberry on Singleness Myths

People say and assume a lot of weird things about singleness — and single adults. Pastor and author Sam Allberry has heard most of them. In this interview he addresses seven of the sneakiest, lamest and most damaging myths the world and even the church perpetuate about being single, and offers practical ways to respond to them. He also shares helpful encouragement for those of us wanting to reject the myths and thrive as Christian singles.   

Inbox: Daily Texts, but Nothing Serious? 

She’s been texting a guy daily for a year, but claims she doesn’t want anything serious because he doesn’t seem serious about his faith. Is it possible to stay in contact and remain friends? How should she move forward? Lisa Anderson weighs in.


Serve With Your Strengths: Episode 662 - Thursday, October 8, 2020

Helping others by doing what you’re good at, plus practical safety tips for a dangerous world, and feeling awkwardly judged at church.

Featured musical artist: Aaron Strumpel

Roundtable: Love the Way You Serve

You are good at something — probably several things. Even if you feel like nobody notices your efforts, especially when you’re helping others, God does. But how do you use what you’ve been given? Is your talent for a purpose greater than yourself? Our guests talk about how they’ve learned to serve others with their God-given abilities and passions, and remind us that in God’s hands, no talent is ever wasted. 

Guests: Dan Robbins, Diane Ingolia, Rod Govea

Culture: A Cop’s Best Tips for Staying Safe

Are you prepared for when something unexpected threatens your safety? Police officer Chris Ausec says most people are unaware of or overconfident about the potential dangers they may face. From public places to your home to navigating things like Craigslist and other online traps, he’ll give practical ideas for protecting yourself when danger comes knocking.

Inbox: Feeling Judged at Church

She and her roommate are best friends and attend church together. But as they awkwardly hang around the welcome counter in the narthex, it feels like people are judging them or making assumptions about them. Is it all in her head? What should she do? Lisa Anderson offers some helpful advice.

Best Quarantine Reads: Episode 661 - Thursday, October 1, 2020

Books to try in an era of social distancing, plus cohabitation and the single Christian, and is it OK to call out your Mom?

Featured musical artist: Covenant Worship

Roundtable: Quarantine Book Favorites

COVID-19 lockdowns have allowed (or forced, depending how you look at it) more time at home. What better opportunity to catch up on your reading list? With all the noise going on in the world, reading can be the perfect escape. It can also be informative, challenging and so much more. Our guests talk about their favorite books they’ve read over the past few months, and discuss some of their most influential authors. 

Guests: Glenn Stanton, Sara Bess Kemeny, Jeff Johnston

Culture: Are Christian Singles Living Together?

Many young couples, even Christians, are living together before tying the knot. What’s the real motivation for this, and what’s the outcome? Does it prepare you for marriage or derail you? Dr. David Gudgel counsels many engaged couples and addresses cohabitation through a biblical and practical lens. He gives us some good things to think about in this interview.

Featured Book: "Before You Live Together: Will Living Together Bring You Closer or Drive You Apart?"

Inbox: Should I Confront Mom?

She’s 26 and is living in her parents’ home. Her mom shows visible disrespect to her dad, but when our listener brought it up with Mom in the past, it didn’t go over well. Is it time for another confrontation? Counselor Elaine Humphries weighs in.

Here’s Something Encouraging: Episode 660 - Thursday, September 24, 2020

Giving effective encouragement, plus managing your mental health in the election season, and dating when a successful business is in play. 

Featured resource: Lighthouse Network  

Featured musical artist: David Baloche

Roundtable: Be Encouraged!

What is encouragement? Is it being optimistic? Sharing a compliment? Biblical encouragement is much bigger, and there are great ways to both give and receive encouragement in all areas of life. We need true, soul-sustaining encouragement now more than ever. Our guests tell stories of how effective encouragement has made a big difference in their faith, their attitudes, and even in the small details of their days. 

Culture: Your Mental Health and the 2020 Election

Every day, a new headline threatens to derail us with anxiety, anger or depression. The polls change and our moods follow suit. Uncertainty about what life will look like in November has us on edge. How can we maintain any type of sanity? Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Benzio gives practical ideas for managing your mental health while still staying informed during this crazy election season.  

Inbox: Business, Money and Marriage

He’s the owner of a small but very profitable business. Now he’s ready to date again, but last time his relationship ran into problems because of his career. Can he find a balance between the demands of work and maintaining a healthy relationship? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.

Find Your Bible Study Style: Episode 659 - Thursday, September 17, 2020

Finding quiet time strategies that work for you, plus a Q&A session on how to share your faith, and when your crush is out of reach. 

Featured musical artist: Stu Garrard

Roundtable: Study the Bible in a Way That Works for You

Have you tried being more disciplined to read your Bible and pray, but still struggle to do it every day? You see people who seem so spiritual and into it, and you feel intimidated. In a world that keeps us busy and distracted, how can we effectively and joyfully make time for God? Our guests share their struggles of developing the habit, plus unique methods and personalized tips that ultimately brought success, not shame.

Culture: Evangelism Q&A

Sharing your faith in today’s world is tricky. Every situation and person is different, so how do you winsomely tell others about God? Our summer interns asked Dr. Mike Bechtle the practical questions around witnessing to others — and loving them in the process.  

Inbox: Phantom Crush

She only met him once, and fell hard. She got her hopes up, he went away, and now she heard he’s in a relationship. It’s the crush that never had a chance. Heartbroken, how can she move on? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

Roommate or No Roommate?: Episode 658 - Thursday, September 10, 2020

The pros and cons of having a roommate or living by yourself, plus using your personality to share your faith, and feeling invisible at church.

Featured musical artist: Hollyn

Roundtable: Having Roommates Vs. Living Alone

It’s an important question: Should I find someone to help pay the rent, or embrace having my own space? Anyone who’s had a bad roommate experience will tell you that who you live with can make or break your housing situation. Living alone can be great, but there are huge benefits to doing life with others, too. Our guests tell their stories of having a roommate versus going solo, and how you can determine the living arrangement that’s best for you right now.  

Culture: Evangelism and Your Personality 

As an introvert, Dr. Mike Bechtle felt stuck in how to share his faith. Methods like walking up to complete strangers to introduce the gospel felt awkward and forced. But over time, Mike realized God gave him his unique personality on purpose, and being introverted still affords great opportunities to represent Christ. He learned evangelism is more about getting to know and love people, then having honest conversations. When we know how God wired us, sharing about Jesus comes more naturally. 

Inbox: Feeling Forgotten at Church

She’s been at her church for three years, and has even served on ministry teams. Yet she hasn’t made any close friends and wonders if people there know she exists. Even after a car accident, nobody from the congregation came to visit her. Is it time to find a new church, or should she continue trying to fit in? Lisa Anderson gives ideas for moving forward.

Christians and the 2020 Election (Part 2): Episode 657 - Thursday, September 3, 2020

More on how Christians should approach the 2020 election, plus getting rid of toxic thoughts, and feeling trapped into marrying someone.

Featured musical artist: Je’kob

Roundtable: 2020 Voting Angst (Part 2)

Election Day 2020 is approaching, and many American voters are uneasy, if not downright upset. In the midst of so much unrest and uncertainty, it’s easy for Christians to ask: “How should I vote? Should I even vote at all?” Our guests continue last week’s conversation regarding the tension they feel in anticipation of November, how they’re evaluating the candidates and issues, and how we can keep our eyes on Christ and our sanity intact despite the craziness.

Culture: Mind Control

Author Jennie Allen knows firsthand what it’s like to endure the darkness of toxic thoughts and overwhelming fear. After an incident at a speaking engagement a few years ago, she battled 18 months of intense anxiety. But in walking through that season, she learned that we’re not doomed to be a victim of our own minds. Instead, with God’s help, we can replace toxic thoughts with the truths of God’s Word, and with grace, move into spiritual and emotional wholeness.

Inbox: Trapped in an Engagement

He’s engaged, but there’s one problem — he’s feeling forced to marry the woman. He admittedly doesn’t find her attractive, but feels pressured by his parents to go through with it since she has many great qualities. Should he back out before it’s too late? One of our counselors will bring some perspective to this sticky situation.

Christians and the 2020 Election (Part 1): Episode 656 - Thursday, August 27, 2020

How Christians should approach the 2020 election, plus rejecting the lies of self-love, and is disagreement on pandemic mandates a relationship dealbreaker?

Featured musical artist: Darlene Zschech

Roundtable: 2020 Voting Angst (Part 1)

Election Day 2020 is approaching, and many American voters are uneasy, if not downright upset. In the midst of so much unrest and uncertainty, it’s easy for Christians to ask: “How should I vote? Should I even vote at all?” Our guests openly discuss the tension they feel in anticipation of November, how they’re evaluating the candidates and issues, and how we can keep our eyes on Christ and our sanity intact despite the craziness.

Culture: OK, So You’re Not OK

Our culture tells us that we are strong enough to solve our own problems. That we’re fine just the way we are. That we’re enough. But this culture of self-love hasn’t delivered on its promises. Author and podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey believed the empowerment lies until she went through a difficult breakup that left her feeling worthless. Through that season and beyond, she learned that only God is big enough to solve our problems, offer fulfillment, and provide true purpose and acceptance.

Inbox: Pandemic Mandates and Dating Friction

Mask or no mask? Churches open or closed? Government protection or overreach? She and her boyfriend disagree on some of the pandemic mandates and how they should be applied and enforced. Could this be a relationship dealbreaker? One of our counselors will bring balance to this tricky topic.

When Life Scares You: Episode 655 - Thursday, August 20, 2020

Facing fear in uncertain times, plus hospitality for average people, and feeling the weight of past failures.

Featured musical artist: Jeremy Rosado

Roundtable: Overcoming Fear in Uncertain Times

Many are afraid these days. With the amount of unrest in our world, it’s easy to let the headlines run your life. How do you find peace? Our guests share their stories of wrestling with fear and how they’ve learned to trust God in seasons of uncertainty. Whether your fears are around world events, job stuff, relationships — even the fear of not knowing what’s next — you’ll be encouraged to put your hope in God’s promises no matter how dark the world gets.

Culture: Practicing Hospitality Wherever You Are

When author Ashley Hales moved to Southern California, she was way outside her comfort zone. Making the move from an urban to suburban setting had her questioning whether she’d ever make true friends and be able to live out the gospel authentically. She quickly discovered the suburbs have their own unique challenges, but there’s a way to break through and show hospitality even in the intensely private environment of a picket-fence, garage-door world. Wherever you live, the joys of practicing hospitality are in studying the people around you, then opening your front door.

Inbox: I Don’t Deserve Marriage

A listener has been a Christian for years, but he’s feeling the gravity of past sin. Because of failures in past relationships, he struggles with shame and is wondering if he’s disqualified from marriage. One of our counselors will provide some hope and encouragement for our listener’s struggle.

What’s My Calling in Life?: Episode 654 - Thursday, August 13, 2020

Finding your “calling,” plus using your life to make a difference and what to do when a roommate won’t move out.

Featured musical artist: Daniel Bashta

Roundtable: What’s My Calling in Life?

Our guests today discuss how to “find your calling,” and what that phrase even means. From a job, to relationships to ministry, they talk about what God has called believers to and how to pursue that.

Culture: Making a Difference in the World

CEO of Convoy of Hope, Hal Donaldson, is here to talk about how childhood tragedy and an encounter with Mother Theresa shaped his life mission. He offers encouragement and urges those facing difficult circumstances to push forward in following God’s call to serve.

Inbox: Kicking Out Your Roommate

A listener is getting married soon and has asked his roommate to move out. But he just won’t go, and his depression is leaving him unmotivated to even search for a new place. Our counselor offers solutions on how to handle this situation.

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