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Program 3588 Angel Feliciano

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Pacific Garden Mission

3588 Angel Feliciano (Drug Addiction, Drug Dealing, Homelessness) Angel started dealing drugs to pay child support after his divorce. After getting used to money and the lifestyle it afforded, he committed bigger and bigger crimes until he lost everything. At a homeless shelter, he found the one thing he could never lose.


Program 3587 "Rick" - Sunday, October 13, 2019

3587 “Rick” (Depression, Loneliness, Same-Sex Attraction, Familial Rejection) Rick battled a lifetime of isolation, doubt and loneliness, leading to cycles of depression and the thought of ending his life. At the same time, he carried the heavy secret that he experienced same-sex attraction. He feared revealing that secret to anyone and kept it to himself for decades. In turning to the Bible coupled with a constant string of prayers appealing for God to rescue him from the pain he was experiencing, Rick gave his life to Christ and dedicated himself to living for Jesus. Afterwards, he was filled with joy and sought to explain his new-found faith in Jesus to his family but was unsuccessful. Even though there was a backlash of leaving his family’s church and traditions and seeking another fellowship of believers to provide spiritual sustenance and growth, Rick has experienced joy and a deep peace that passed beyond his understanding. As the Psalmist says: “Those who sow in tears, shall reap in joy.”

Program 3586 Barbara Cueto, Part 2 - Sunday, October 6, 2019

3586 Barbara Cueto Part 2 (Addiction, Mafia Divorce) When Barbara ends up married to a Mafia leader, she is wrapped up in a dark world of greed and secrecy and void of true intimacy. The fear this instills in her follows her into her next relationship where she wrestles with whether or not to tell the FBI the truth about her ex-husband’s misdeeds. When Barbara loses her dad after her third failed marriage, she hits a rock bottom of grief despair and addiction. But God sends her a promise of heaven and when she chooses to keep moving forward, she meets the true love of her life, Joe. A well-timed visit to a familiar sacred space leads her to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior and begin a path towards healing and sobriety.

Program 3585 Barbara Cueto, Part 1 - PG - Sunday, September 29, 2019

3585 Barbara Cueto Part 1 - PG (Abuse, Addiction, Alcoholism) Barbara’s childhood was marked by abuse and addiction. When she was as young as 7, she was molested by a neighbor and she fell prey to more abusers as she grew older. Her dad’s alcoholism made her home unsafe and it wasn’t until a few kids invited her to join them at Vacation Bible School that Barbara discovered she was loved by God. In high school, when Barbara’s parents found out she was in a relationship with one of her dad’s friends, she was sent away to live with extended family. She nearly ended her life at 18, but God found her again. She rushed into two quick marriages as a young adult. Little did she know; her second husband was wrapped up in the dark world of the Mafia. Would God be with her through this part of her story too?

Program #3583 Edgardo Adapon Classic - Sunday, September 22, 2019

3584 Edgardo Adapon Classic (Adultery, Gambling) Edgardo felt no shame about cheating on his wife and abandoning his children. He thought that supporting them financially was enough to be a good father. Then, he learned what a father’s love truly means.

Program #3583 John Hauff Classic-PG - Sunday, September 15, 2019

3583 John Hauff Classic - PG (Bank Robber, Capital Punishment, Electric Chair) John Hauff grew up in with an alcoholic father. Troubled, he looked to make his own way from an early age. His way led him to a life of bank robberies. In time, he has a family and tries to go straight, but one last string of “jobs” are designed to set him up financially to where he can leave crime behind. The bank robbery goes awry and 4 people are killed. He gets sentenced to death at the age of 33 but becomes born again in prison. In his final months, he reconciles all his broken relationships, all the while glorifying Jesus, even up until his electrocution in a state of Illinois electric chair. His heart-wrenching story is ultimately victorious.

Program #3582 "Rachel Stein" Part 2-PG - Sunday, September 8, 2019

3582 “Rachel Stein” Part 2 - PG (Jewish, Depression, New Age, Anxiety) Rachel Stein’s story of growing up Jewish with parents who see no need for true faith causes her to seek wrong choices in life. She searches through all the trends of New Age thinking, a relationship with a man who abuses her trust, a lack of parental help and teaching, and anxiety fueled situations until she finally finds what she is missing and discovers that God was pursuing her all along. Her conversion story is meaningful and poignant as a lost lamb of Israel comes HOME.

Program #3581 "Rachel Stein" Part 1 - Sunday, September 1, 2019

3581 “Rachel Stein” Part 1 (Jewish, Anti-Semitism, Depression, Divorce) is a young Jewish girl growing up in the Bible Belt of America. She faces the sting of anti-Semitism at an early age and deals with a family that is dysfunctional. Her mother suffers from severe anorexia and depression. Her father is detached emotionally from family life but insists on keeping a Kosher home. Her parents’ problems lead to divorce which causes more anguish for Rachel who searches through New Age Ideas and into dark places searching for the answers to who she is and who she wants to become. This is part ONE of the Rachel Stein Story, FINDING RACHEL.

Program #3580 "Anmar" Classic - Sunday, August 25, 2019

3580 “Anmar” Classic (Islam, Middle East, Rebellion) Raised in a strict Muslim household, Anmar risked becoming an outcast, and worse, to turn from tradition and follow the faith he believed in his heart.

Program #3579 Ed Jacquin - Sunday, August 18, 2019

3579 Ed Jacquin (Alcoholism, Disability, Suicide, Communism) Ed rebels against his parents, and wrecks a car as a result of alcohol and speeding. After spending thirty days in a coma he begins a year of rehab with the hope that one day he’ll be able to walk again. Learning he’ll be wheelchair dependent for the rest of his life sends him into a deep depression filled with alcohol, drugs and thoughts of suicide. God uses a televangelist to save him and Ed begins serving at a local church. An unexpected ten-day mission trip to Russia leads to ten years of ministry in Russian orphanages where he shares the Gospel with young students, many of whom are disabled like he is.

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the Week of Proper 24 / Ordinary 29
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