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Devotional for 13th of Cheshvan, 5781

All things come from you, so that we have given you what is already yours (1 Chronicles 29:14).

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One of the first words we learn, especially if we have older siblings, is "mine." And it seems to be one of the first words we are ready to fight for.

We hold on to things and are very reluctant to give them up. Beruryah was the wife of Rabbi Meir, a second century teacher. One Sabbath, both of their sons died while Rabbi Meir was praying and studying at the synagogue. In order not to grieve her husband on the Sabbath, Beruryah waited until after the final havdalah (closing of the Sabbath) prayer to break the news to him. She said to her husband, "Some time ago a certain man came and left something in my trust; now he has called for it. Shall I return it to him or not?"

Rabbi Meir replied that of course it was her obligation to return another's property on demand, and only then did she take him to the bedroom where his sons lay dead. As Rabbi Meir began to weep, she asked, "Didn't you tell me that we must give back what is given in trust? 'The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away'" (Midrash [traditional commentary] on Proverbs 31:1).

...thank the Lord for all that he has given me, and remember that all I have, and all I am, belong to him.


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