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Devotional for 30th of Tishrei, 5778

To: All those in Rome ...who have been called (Romans 1:7)

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The Greek word klaytos (called) is best translated "invited." As we examine the word klaytos, it becomes apparent that it is a call to an elegant banquet, a solemn and special event.

Rabbi Sha'ul (Saul; i.e., Paul) was telling the Messianic believers in Rome that they should treat one another respectfully, understanding that each of them was equally invited to the banquet of Yeshua. It's quite a feeling to see someone's gold embossed invitation. We treat them with more respect. We honor them more. We have more concern for their feelings. Is this not the way in which we should treat one another? The angel said to Yochanan, "Write: 'How blessed are those who have been invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb!'"(Revelation 19:9)

What a glorious invitation we, and all believers, have been given. We have been called to attend a first-class affair!

...remember that my fellow believer has also received an invitation to the banquet of Messiah.


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