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To Touch, Handle

The words ἅπτομαι, θιγγάνω, and ψηλαφάω are all translated 'touch' in the A.V.; the two latter are also rendered 'handle.'

ἅπτομαι (from ἅπτω, 'to connect') signifies 'to touch freely, handle.' This was the touch the Lord gave to the leper, but was not defiled, Luke 5:13; and this was the grasp of faith of the woman who touched the border of His garment, and was healed, Luke 8:44-47; and this was the touch that the Lord bade Mary to refrain from after His resurrection. John 20:17 .

θιγγάνω is 'to touch lightly.' The sprinkling of the blood prevented the destroying angel from in any way touching the Israelites. Hebrews 11:28 . ἅπτομαιand θιγγάνωoccur in Colossians 2:21 , but the meanings are transposed in the A.V. The philosophers say "Handle not, taste not, touch not." θιγγάνωoccurs elsewhere only in Hebrews 12:20 .

ψηλαφάω (from ψάλλω, 'to touch,' and ἀφάω, 'to feel') is 'to feel after with the fingers handle.' It is used of what is palpable. It occurs only in Luke 24:39; Acts 17:27; Hebrews 12:18; 1 John 1:1 .

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