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DO, or auxiliary pret. Did pp. Done, pronounced dun. This verb, when transitive, is formed in the indicative, present tense, thus, I do, thou doest, he does or doth when auxiliary, the second person is, thou dost. G.

1. To perform to execute to carry into effect to exert labor or power for brining any thing to the state desired, or to completion or to bring any thing to pass. We say, this man does his work well he does more in one day than some men will do in two days.

In six days thou shalt do all thy work. Exodus 20 .

I will teach you what ye shall do. Exodus 4 .

I the Lord do all these things. Isaiah 45 .

2. To practice to perform as, to do good or evil.
3. To perform for the benefit or injury of another with for or to for, when the thing is beneficial to, in either case.

Till I know what God will do for me. 1 Samuel 22 .

Do to him neither good nor evil. But to is more generally omitted. Do him neither good nor harm.

4. To execute to discharge to convey as, do a message to the king.
5. To perform to practice to observe.

We lie and do not the truth. 1 John 1 .

6. To exert.

Do thy diligence to come shortly to me. 2 Timothy 4 .

7. To transact as, to do business with another.
8. To finish to execute or transact and bring to a conclusion. The sense of completion is often implied in this verb as, we will do the business and adjourn we did the business and dined.
9. To perform in an exigency to have recourse to, as a consequential or last effort to take a step or measure as, in this crisis, we knew not what to do.

What will ye do in the day of visitation. Isaiah 10 .

10. To make or cause.

Nothing but death can do me to respire.

11. To put.

Who should do the duke to death?

12. To answer the purpose.

Ill make the songs of Durfy do.

To have to do, to have concern with.

What have I to do with you? 2 Samuel 16 .

What have I to do any more with idols? Hosea 14 .

To do with, to dispose of to make use of to employ. Commerce is dull we know not what to do with our ships. Idle men know not what to do with their time or with themselves. Also, to gain to effect by influence.

A jest with a sad brow will do with a fellow who never had the ache in his shoulders.

I can do nothing with this obstinate fellow.

Also, to have concern with to have business to deal. See No. 12.

To do away, to remove to destroy as, to do away imperfections to do away prejudices.


1. To act or behave, in any manner, well or : to conduct ones self.

They fear not the Lord, neither do they after the law and commandment. 2 Kings 17 .

2. To fare to be in a state with regard to sickness or health.

How dost thou?

We asked him how he did. How do you do, or how do you?

3. To succeed to accomplish a purpose. We shall do without him. Will this plan do? Also, to fit to be adapted to answer the design with for as, this piece of timber will do for the corner post this tenon will do for the mortise the road is repaired and will do for the present.

To have to do with, to have concern or business with to deal with. Have little to do with jealous men. Also, to have carnal commerce with.

Do is used for a verb to save the repetition of it. I shall probably come, but if I do not, you must not wait that is, if I do not come, if I come not.

Do is also used in the imperative, to express an urgent request or command as, do come help me, do make haste, do. In this case, do is uttered with emphasis.

As an auxiliary, do is used in asking questions. Do you intend to go? Does he wish me to come?

Do is also used to express emphasis. She is coquetish, but still I do love her.

Do is sometimes a mere expletive.

This just reproach their virtue does excite.

Expletives their feeble aid do join.

The latter use of do is nearly obsolete.

Do is sometimes used by way of opposition as, I did love him, but he has lost my affections.

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