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Wednesday, March 11

New York's English Deputies approved a new legal code, which guaranteed all Protestants the right to practice their religious observances unhindered. (There were currently a host of Protestant groups thriving within this now-English colony, acquired only seven months earlier from the Dutch.)
English revivalist George Whitefield wrote in his journal: 'Suffering times are a Christian's best improving times; for they break the will, wean us from the creature, prove the heart.'
Mendelssohn revives Bach's St. Matthew Passion at the Singakademie in Berlin. A thousand people have to be turned away from the performance for lack of room.
Birth of H. Frances Davidson, pioneer missionary. In 1892 she became the first woman from the Brethren in Christ Church to earn an M.A. degree, and in 1897 became one of her denomination's first missionaries to travel to the African continent.
Gerard Manley Hopkins preaches his "dominical" - a practice sermon.
Samuel Zwemer preaches his first sermon - to a congregation of African-Americans in a small New Brunswick, New Jersey, church. He will go on to become a notable missionary to the Arab world.
Death in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, of hymnwriter Mary Ann Thomson. Her best-known hymn was “O Zion Haste, Thy Mission High Fulfilling.”
Leonid Zwicki is installed as bishop of the newly-created Belarusian Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs requires 75,000 mosques to preach a sermon this day advising Muslims that Christian missionaries present a danger to national unity and integrity.
A suicide bomber in a car attacks St. Finbar's Catholic Church in Jos, Nigeria, leaving ten people dead.

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