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Historical Writings

Today in Christian History

Saturday, May 27

Theodore of Tarsus arrives in Canterbury to serve as Archbishop. He will visit the whole of England, establishing the Roman date for Easter and settling bishops in all the sees except London.
Robert Guiscard, a Norman adventurer, enters Rome at the request of Pope Gregory VII. He liberates the pope and reduces half the city to ruins. His men will rape even the nuns and sell thousands of Romans into slavery.
Archbishop Ruthard hides 1,300 Jews from anti-Semitic mobs, but the rioters find and massacre all but a handful.
A council of bishops in Constantinople declares heretical the views of Eastern Orthodox theologian Barlaam the Calabrian. Barlaam and his supporters had argued against the hesychast method of prayer and against the theological teaching that the light at the transfiguration and the fire in the burning bush were examples of the uncreated energies of God. After his condemnation, Barlaam will become a Roman Catholic.
Colonial theologian Increase Mather, 24, was installed as minister of Boston's Second (Congregational) Church. He remained there until his death in 1723.
Death at Clermont of Jesuit author Dominique Bouhours, best known for biographies of Loyola and Xavier.
The General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, meeting at Springfield, Maryland, repealed its ban on dancing and theater attendance.
Birth of Ralph Carmichael, a popular sacred composer whose works flourished most during the 1960s-1970s. Among his oftªsung arrangements are "The Savior is Waiting" and "He's Everything to Me."
Death in Atlanta, Georgia, of Luther B. Bridgers, author of the hymn "There's Within My Heart a Melody."
Authorities beat to death Yu Zhongju, a twenty-seven-year-old Christian woman, in China's Hubei Province merely because she happens to be present when they arrest another Christian. Before her death, she is sexually abused, tortured with electricity, and burned with cigarette butts along with other Christian women.

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