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Historical Writings

Today in Christian History

Saturday, June 11

Death of Rimbert, archbishop of Bremen-Hamburg. He had helped evangelize Scandinavia and probably authored the life of his mentor Ansgar.
Dante, who will one day write the Divine Comedy, fights on the side of the Guelphs in the Battle of Campaldino. The Guelphs are victorious and control Florence.
English founder of Methodism John Wesley stated in his journal: 'I look upon all the world as my parish.'
Richard Allen (1760-1831), first African- American bishop in the U.S., was ordained a deacon of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia.
Birth of David C. Cook, pioneer developer of Sunday School curriculum. In 1875, Cook founded the David C. Cook Publishing Co., headquartered today in Elgin, Illinois.
Death in London of Rev. Baden Powell, a clergyman-mathematician who developed an argument based on uniformitarian presuppositions to prove that belief in miracles is atheistic! He had also supported Darwinian evolution. His son, Robert Baden-Powell, will later found the Boy Scouts.
The Presbyterian Church of North America is founded in Philadelphia, led by J. Gresham Machen and others who believe that the United Presbyterian church has become too liberal. In 1938 the denomination changes its name to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
Ordination of Fulton John Sheen as a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church. Although a masterful theologian and educator, he will gain international recognition as the host of the radio program The Catholic Hour and will present the TV programs Life Is Worth Living and The Fulton Sheen Program.
Evangelist Prem Pradhan is released from prison in Nepal where he had been incarcerated for his witness about Christ. He will become an educator and accept hundreds of orphans whom he, his wife, and assistants will rear in Christian faith.
Death of missionary Frank Laubach in Benton, Pa. He had taught reading through phonetics.

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