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Wednesday, June 11

Death of Rimbert, archbishop of Bremen-Hamburg. He had helped evangelize Scandinavia and probably authored the life of his mentor Ansgar.
Dante, who will one day write the Divine Comedy, fights on the side of the Guelphs in the Battle of Campaldino. The Guelphs are victorious and control Florence.
Death of Roger Bacon, a Franciscan monk and one of the most original thinkers of the Middle Ages. He had predicted aircraft, submarines, suspension bridges, engines, and more.
Repose (Death) of Venerable Barnabas the abbot of Vetluga, who, after serving as an Orthodox priest, became a hermit along the River Vetluga at Red Hill, living on wild growth and acorns. He is supposed to have predicted that many people would one day live in this uninhabited region. Following his death, a monastery grew up there, followed by an influx of farmers.
English founder of Methodism John Wesley stated in his journal: 'I look upon all the world as my parish.'
Richard Allen (1760-1831), first African- American bishop in the U.S., was ordained a deacon of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia.
Birth of David C. Cook, pioneer developer of Sunday School curriculum. In 1875, Cook founded the David C. Cook Publishing Co., headquartered today in Elgin, Illinois.
Death in London of Rev. Baden Powell, a clergyman-mathematician who developed an argument based on uniformitarian presuppositions to prove that belief in miracles is atheistic! He had also supported Darwinian evolution. His son, Robert Baden-Powell, will later found the Boy Scouts.
Brazil's first Pentecostal Church was established by missionaries Daniel Berg and Adolf Gunnar Vingren. The new congregation was registered as an 'Assembly of God' church.
Death of missionary Frank Laubach in Benton, Pa. He had taught reading through phonetics.

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