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Wednesday, June 13

Edict of Milan is proclaimed by Licinius when he enters Nicomedia.
Beheading in Toledo of Fandila, a priest of Tabanos, who had reviled Muhammed.
Death in Padua, Italy, of Anthony of Padua, who had been a notable Franciscan preacher and wonder worker.
German reformer, Martin Luther, formerly a monk, marries Katherine von Bora, formerly a nun, who had escaped from her convent in a fish barrel.
English founder of Methodism John Wesley wrote in his journal: 'Oh, let none think his labor is lost because the fruit does not immediately appear.'
Death in Wethersfield, Connecticut, of Elizabeth Scott, a hymnwriter whose most notable hymn was based on Psalm 3:5 and titled “Morning Hymn.”
William Carey and his family sail for India, accompanied by John Thomas. They will do notable mission work there.
David E. Campbell, missionary to India, with his wife and two children are put to death by Nana Sahib, a rebel chief.
The Presbyterian Church in England merged with the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland, in creating a more uniform representation of the Reformed faith in the British Isles.
Birth of Reuben Larson, missionary pioneer who in 1931 (along with Clarence W. Jones) co-founded the World Radio Missionary Fellowship. Since 1969, WRMF has been headquartered in Opa Locka, Florida.

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