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Wednesday, June 30

The settlers of Salem, Mass. appointed Samuel Skelton as their pastor, by ballot. Their church covenant, afterward composed by Skelton, established Salem as the first non-separating congregational Puritan Church in New England.
Death of Johan Olof Wallin, Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden's best-known hymn writer of that era. Among his hymns are "We Worship You, O God of Might" and "Christians, While on Earth Abiding."
French president Louis Napoleon sends troops to retake Rome from Italian revolutionaries. Pope Pius IX, who had fled Rome in 1848, will return the following year.
Bishop Samuel Wilberforce and biologist Thomas Huxley engage in a famous exchange regarding evolution. Before the debate, Wilberforce was coached by biologist Richard Owen.
Joseph Parker (author of the commentary known as the People's Bible) holds his one thousandth Thursday noon service.
In Rome, the Catholic Pontifical Biblical Commission issued a decree interpreting the first 11 chapters of Genesis as history, not myth.
In Korea, the Far Eastern Broadcasting Co. began transmitting the Gospel from HLAZ, its first radio station in this country. FBEC is active today through radio missions outreach, and focuses its work among the islands of Eastern Asia and the Pacific.
Mrs. Martin Luther King, Sr., and a church deacon were slain by a crazed gunman in Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church, where her son, the assassinated civil rights leader, once preached.
Martyrdom of Father Morks Khaliel Fanous, Christian Priest of Mar Boctor at the town of Mosha, Assiut, Egypt.
Luis Bush, a mission strategist who in 1989 had coined the term "10/40 Window," serves as senior consultant to GCOWE '97 (Global Consultation on World Evangelization) which is held in Pretoria, South Africa. The 10/40 Window refers to the region located between 10 degrees and 40 degrees north of the equator, a general area that has a high level of socioeconomic challenges and little access to the Christian gospel.

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