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Wednesday, October 27

Constantine has a Christian vision and will be victorius over Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge outside Rome the next day.
Honorius I begins his reign as pope. His belief in Monothelitism (that Christ had only one will, not two), later condemned as heresy by the Roman Catholic Church, will figure in arguments over papal infallibility.
Servetus is condemned by Geneva's magistrates to burn alive for rejecting the Trinity. Calvin, who had vowed to execute him if he ever fell into his power, attempts to have the method of execution changed to beheading.
Christians in Japan face a deadline to hand over all mission material to authorities.
Boston authorities hang two Quakers, Marmaduke Stephenson and William Robinson, for their faith. The day will later be observed as International Religious Freedom Day.
Francis Asbury lands in Philadelphia and will soon lead American Methodists to become the largest denomination in the United States.
The first Lithuanian Church in America is organized in Plymouth, Pennsylvania, with Rev. Alexander Burba as its first pastor.
Farewell service is held for Dr. "Harry" Ironside who has resigned as pastor of Moody Memorial church. He will continue to serve as a world evangelist.
North Vietnamese soldiers enter the Laotian town of Kengkok, taking prisoners, including missionaries Evelyn Anderson, Beatrice Kosin, Lloyd Oppel, and Samuel Mattix.
Death of Louise Rathke, at Valparaiso, Indiana. She had been the first trained deaconess of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, to serve in India.

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