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Wednesday, November 29

Muslims in Spain release Eulogius, a supporter of a number of recent Christian martyrs, but require sureties that he will remain in C
Louis IX of France is crowned at Rheims. Because of the sanctity of his life, he will be declared a saint in 1297, twenty-seven years after his death.
The Massachusetts General Court issued a call for local pastors to learn the dialects of neighboring Indian tribes, as an aid toward converting them to the Christian faith.
The Congregational Church of Connecticut licenses African-American Lemuel Hayes to preach, making him the first African-American minister certified by a predominantly white denomination. He will later become the first African-American minister to pastor a white church in the United States.
Indians massacre missionary-physician Marcus Whitman and twelve others at Walla Walla. Immigrants had brought measles. Resentment against white incursions came to a head: the natives accused Whitman and other missionaries of black magic and killed them.
Death in Rochester, New York, of Augustus H. Strong, known for his work in systematic theology.
Death of Agnes Ozman, the first student who had spoken in tongues at Charles Parham's Kansas school in 1901, sparking the Pentecostal movement.
A convention begins in Cleveland at which The Federal Council of Churches in America merges with seven other Protestant organizations to become the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.
The Vatican announces that Archbishop Aloysius Stepanic, under house arrest in Yugoslavia, will be made a cardinal. This infuriates Tito's communist regime which protests vigorously, having convicted Stepanic of war crimes and collaboration with Nazis. The ceremony making Stepanic a cardinal will nonetheless take place on January 12, 1953.
Jewish settlers hack to death with axes the monk Philoumenos (Sophocles Hasapis), whom the Orthodox Church had appointed as igumen (abbot) of their monastery at Jacob's Well.

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