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#247 - ἄλλως

from (G243)
Parts of Speech
  1. otherwise
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Dor. ἀλλῶς, A.D. Adv. 175.13, Adv. of ἄλλος, otherwise, Il. 19.401, etc.: freq. with other Advbs., ἄ. πως


1. in some other way, ἄ. οὐδαμῶς in no other wise, Pl. R. 343b, 526a, etc.; πως ἄ. X. Mem. 2.6.39; ἄ. καὶ ἄ. Hierocl. in CA 23p.468M.

2. καὶ ἄλλως and besides (cf. ἄλλος 11.8), ἀγήνωρ ἐστὶ καὶ ἄλλως Il. 9.699; a woman is described as very tall καὶ ἄ. εὐειδής Hdt. 1.60, etc.; ἀρίστου καὶ ἄ. φρονιμωτάτου Pl. Phd. 118: so ἄ. δέ.. Hdt. 6.105, Ar. Av. 1476; ἄλλως τε S. OT 1114, Hdt. 8.142. at all events, any how, εἴ πέρ γε καὶ ἄ. ἐθέλει.. Hdt. 7.16. γ; ἄλλως alone, εἰ ἄ. βούλοιτο Id. 8.30; ἐπείπερ ἄλλως.. εἰς Ἄργος κίεις A. Ch. 680.

3. freq. in phrase ἄλλως τε καί.. both otherwise and.., i.e. especially, above all, A. Eu. 473, Th. 1.70, etc.; strengthd., ἄ. τε πάντως καί.. A. Pr. 636, Eu. 726; freq. followed by ἤν, εἰ, ἐπειδή, especially if.., Hp. VC 21, Th. 1.81, 2.3; by part., Id. 4.104, 7.80: without καί, ἄ. τε ἐάν X. Mem. 1.2.59; ἄλλως τε ἐπειδή Isoc. 2.51, Pl. Men. 85e, etc.

II otherwise than something implied, differently, τοῦτ' οὐκ ἔστιν ἄ. εἶπαι to deny it, Hdt. 6.124; οὐκ ἄ. λέγω

1. I say no otherwise, i.e. I say so, E. Hec. 302: hence,

2. far otherwise, i.e. better, οὐδέ κεν ἄλλως οὐδὲ θεὸς τεύξειε Od. 8.176, cf. Il. 14.53.

3. more freq., otherwise than should be, at random, without aim or purpose, Od. 14.124, Hdt. 3.16, 4.77, etc.: in uain, Il. 23.144; freq. in Trag. and Com., ἀλλ' ἄ. πονεῖ S. OT 1151, cf. 333, E. Med. 1030, Ar. Eq. 11; with Subst., εἴδωλον ἄ. mere image, S. Ph. 947; ἀριθμὸν ἄ. E. Tr. 476; παρὰ καιρὸν ἄ. Id. IA 800; ἀριθμός, πρόβατ' ἄ. Ar. Nu. 1203; ὄχλος ἄ. καὶ βασκανία D. 19.24, cf. Th. 8.78; τὴν ἄ., sc. ἄγουσαν ὁδόν, in vain, λέγειν D. 3.21; ψηφίζεσθαι 19.181, cf. Philem. 51, etc.; also, in no particular way, i.e. concerning indiffcrent matters, οἱ ἀγῶνες οὐδέποτε τὴν ἄ., ἄλλ' ἀεὶ τὴν περὶ αὑτοῦ Pl. Tht. 172e; τὴν ἄ. θεωρεῖν Pl. Lg. 650a; τήν γε ἄλλως otherwise, i.e. generally, D.C. 38.24, 42.50: for nothing, Hdt. 3.139: otherwise than right, wrongly, D. Ephesians 1:12, etc.

ἄλλως ,


(< ἄλλος ),

otherwise: 1 Timothy 5:25.†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

ἄλλως was common, though it curiously occurs only once in NT. Thus P Tebt II. 4592 (B.C. 5) καὶ μὴ ἄλ [λ ]ως ποήσῃς —a frequent phrase in letters conveying an urgent request. P Flor II. 15110 (A.D. 267) μὴ ἐπ᾽ αὐτοὺς στρατιώτης ἀποσταλῇ καὶ ἄλλως ἐφόδιον βλαβῶσιν , etc.




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