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#454 - ἄνοια

from a compound of (G1) (as a negative particle) and (G3563)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
  1. want of understanding, folly
  2. madness expressing itself in rage
Strong #: 200 ‑ אִוֶּלֶת (iv‑veh'‑leth);  
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ἀνοίη Thgn. 453, ἡ: — the character of an ἄνοος, want of understanding, folly, ἀνοίη in folly, Hdt. 6.69; ὑπ' ἀνοίας A. Pr. 1079, Philem. 143; νεότητι καὶ ἀνοία Pl. Lg. 716a; ἄ. λόγου S. Ant. 603; τὴν ἄ. εὖ φέρειν E. Hipp. 398; πολλῆ ἀνοια χρῆσθαι to be a great fool, Antipho 3.3.2; πολλὴ ἄ. [ἐστι] πολεμῆσαι Th. 2.61; ἄνοιαν ὀφλισκάνειν to be thought a fool, D. 1.26; δύο ἀνοίας γένη, τὸ μὲν μανίαν, τὸ δ' ἀμαθίαν Pl. Ti. 86b; but opp. μανία, Id. R. 382c, 382e, etc.: pl., follies, Isoc. 8.7. [In Trag. sts. paroxyt. ἀνοίᾱ (cf. ἀγνοίᾱ), cf. A. Th. 402, S. Fr. 583.5, E. Andr. 519.]

ἀνοια , -ας ,

(< -νοος , without understanding),

[in LXX: Pr 14:8, 2215 (H200), Wisdom of Solomon 15:18, al.;]

folly, foolishness: 2 Timothy 3:9; expressed in violent rage (cf. Plat., Tim., 86B): Luke 6:11.†

List of Word Forms
ανοια άνοια ἄνοια άνοιαν ανοιας ανοίας ἀνοίας ανοίγματι anoia ánoia anoias anoías
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