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#456 - ἀνοικοδομέω

from (G303) and (G3618)
Parts of Speech
  1. to build again
Strong #: 1129 ‑ בָּנָה (baw‑naw');  1443 ‑ גָּדַר (gaw‑dar');  
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1. build up, τὰ χείλεα τοῦ ποταμοῦ.. ἀνοικοδόμηδε πλίνθοισι Hdt. 1.186.

2. wall up, λαύρας καιναῖς πλίνθοισιν ἀ. Ar. Pax 100; θύραν Lycurg. 128; πύλας dub.l. in D.S. 11.21 (in this sense ἀποικ- is a freq. v.l.).

II build again, rebuild, πόλιν καὶ τείχη Th. 1.89, cf. Jusj. ap. Lycurg. 81, X. HG 4.4.19, etc.; ἀ. χώραν occupy again with buildings, D.S. 15.66: Pass., metaph., to be exalted, LXX Ma 3.15.

ἀν -οικο -δομέω , - ,

[in LXX for H1129, H1443;]

to build. again, rebuild (MM, VGT, s.v.): Acts 15:16.†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

In P Lond 887.2 (iii/B.C.) (= III. p. 1) a complaint is lodged against a neighbour who has ";built"; (ἀνοικοδόμηκεν) a staircase in a mutual courtyard, and thereby caused some injury to the petitioner : cf. P Magd 2.2 (iii/B.C.) ἀνοικοδομήσαντος ἐν τῶι αὑτοῦ τόπωι ἱερόν κτλ., and P Oxy IV. 707.27 (c. A.D. 136) ἀνοικοδομῆσαι τρόχον ἐκ καινῆς ἐξ ὀ [πτῆς ] πλίνθου ἐπὶ μέτροις ὡρτσμένοις, ";should build on a fixed scale a new wheel of baked brick"; (Edd.). In P Petr II. 12 (l).15 (B.C. 241) καὶ ἀνοικοδομῆσαι βελτίους τῶν προϋπαρχόντων βωμῶν the meaning is ";rebuild"; : cf. Syll 220.12 (iii/B.C.) καὶ τῶν τειχῶν τῶν ἐν τῆι νήσωι πεπτωκότων συνεπεμελήθη ὅπως ἀνοικοδομηθεῖ, and Chrest. I. 96viii. 4 (A.D. 215) οἰκοδόμ (οις) γ ̄ κατασπῶσι καὶ ἀνοικοδομ (οῦσι), ib. II. 68.11 (A.D. 14) οὓς καὶ ἀνοικοδόμησα ἐπὶ τῶι [ἀρχ ]α [ ]ωι θεμελίωι. Omission of augment is frequent in these οἰ -words. For a Christian use of . see the interesting epitaph of the fourth-century bishop of Laodiceia, M. Julius Eugenius, who describes himself as during his episcopate πᾶσαν τὴν ἐκλησίαν ἀνοικοδο [μ ]ήσας ἀπὸ θεμελίων (W. M. Calder in Exp VII. vi. p. 387).


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ανοικοδομείν ανοικοδομείσθαι ανοικοδομείτε ανοικοδομηθή ανοικοδομηθήσεται ανοικοδομήσεις ανοικοδομησω ανοικοδομήσω ἀνοικοδομήσω ανοικοδομήσωμεν ανοικοδομούνται ανωκοδόμησαν ανωκοδόμησε ανωκοδόμησεν anoikodomeso anoikodomēsō anoikodomḗso anoikodomḗsō
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