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#504 - ἄνυδρος

from (G1) (as a negative particle) and (G5204)
Parts of Speech
  1. without water
Strong #: 1097 ‑ בְּלִי (bel‑ee');  3004 ‑ יַבָּשָׁה (yab‑baw‑shaw');  3452 ‑ יְשִׁימוֹן (yesh‑ee‑mone');  4057 ‑ מִדְבָּר (mid‑bawr');  5889 ‑ עָיֵף (aw‑yafe');  6723 ‑ צִיָּה (tsee‑yaw');  8273 ‑ שָׁרָב (shaw‑rawb');  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ἄνυδρ-ος, ον, (ὕδωρ)

I waterless, of arid countries, Hes. Fr. 24, Hdt. 4.185; γῆ Hp. Aër. 1; δάπεδα Trag. ap. Phot.p.151 R.; esp. without spring-water, Hdt. 2.7 codd., cf. 149, 3.5; ἡ ἄνυδρος (sc. γῆ) Id. 3.4 and 9, Arist. Fr. 103, LXX Isaiah 44:3; of seasons, Hp. Aph. 3, 14; θέρος Id. Aër. 10; in E. Tr. 1085 (lyr.), of a corpse, deprived of funeral lustrations; unwatered, σμύρνα Id. Ion 89 (anap.).

II ἄνυδρον, τό, = στρύχνον μανικόν, Dsc. 4.73.

ἄνυδρος , -ον

(< - neg., ὕδωρ ),

[in LXX for H6723, H3452 (γῆ ἄ ), etc.;]

waterless: τόποι , Matthew 12:43, Luke 11:24; πηγαί , 2 Peter 2:17; νεφέλαι , Judges 1:12 (MM, VGT, s.v.).†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

OG1S 199.21 (i/A.D.) οἰκοῦντα ἐντὸς πεδίων μεγάλων ἀνύδρων —the ";waterless"; deserts stretching to the south and west of Abyssinia. P Oxy VI. 918 ii. 10 (a land-survey, ii/A.D.) μεθ᾽ (ἣν) γύη [ς ἄ ]νυδρ (ος). P Lips Inv 348.6 (A.D. 376–8) (= Chrest. II. p. 86) ἀνέδραμον. . . δι᾽ ἀνύδρων ὀρῶν. The subst. is found in the petition of certain quarrymen to be transferred to the alabaster quarries on account of the want of water in the place where they were working—διὰ τὴν ἀνυδρίαν τῶν τόπων [τῶνδ ]ε (P Petr II. 9 (2).6 (iii/B.C.)).


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ανυδροι άνυδροι ἄνυδροι ανύδροις άνυδρον άνυδρος άνυδρός ανύδρω ανυδρων ανύδρων ἀνύδρων ανυπόδετος ανυποδέτους anudroi anudron anudrōn anydroi ánydroi anydron anydrōn anýdron anýdrōn
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