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#233 - ἁλίζω

from (G251)
Parts of Speech
  1. to salt, season with salt, sprinkle with salt
Strong #: 4414 ‑ מָלַח (maw‑lakh');  
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(A), []: aor. ἥλῐσα E. HF 412, Hdt. 1.77, (συν-) X. Cyr. 1.4.14: Pass., aor. ἡλίσθην Emp. 41, Hp. (v. infr.), Hdt. 1.79: Ion. pf. part. ἁλισμένος Hdt. 4.118, 7.172 (but ἡλ- Scriptor Ionicus ap. Stob. 3.28.21): (ἁλής): gather together, assemble, of military forces, Hdt. 1.77, 80,al.; collect, of fragments, ib. 119, etc.; ἁ. εἰς ἕν E. Heracl. 403: Pass., meet together, Hdt. 1.63, 79, 7.172; to be massed into a globe, Emp.l.c.; collect, αἷμα ἁλισθέν Hp. Int. 47, cf. Morb. 1.15; of moisture, etc., Arist. Pr. 869a17, cf. 936b32; of rapid breathing, πνεῦμα ἁλίξεται Hp. Coac. 333. Not in A. or S.; rare in Prose, Act. in Pl. Cra. 409a, App. Fr. 1.4; Pass., X. An. 2.4.3, 6.3.3, Arist. Pr. 936b32: generally, compd. συναλίζω more freq.


(B), [ ], (ἅλς) salt, Pass., to be salted, Arist. HA 570a l, Pr. 927a36, LXX Leviticus 2:13 : Pass., Matthew 5:13, Ph. Bel. 86.29. II supply with salt or salt food, Arist. HA 574a9, al.: Pass., of sheep, ib. 596a24.


(< ἅλς ),

[in LXX for H4414;]

to salt, season with salt: Matthew 5:13, Mark 9:49.†

List of Word Forms
άλιμα αλίμοις αλισγηθή αλισθησεται αλισθήσεται ἁλισθήσεται ηλισάμεθα ηλισγημένη ηλισγημένους ηλισγήσαμεν ηλίσθης alisthesetai alisthēsetai halisthesetai halisthēsetai halisthḗsetai
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