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#721 - ἀρνίον

diminutive from (G704)
Parts of Speech
Noun Neuter
  1. a little lamb, a lamb
Strong #: 1121 ‑ בֵּן (bane);  3532 ‑ כֶּבֶשׂ (keh‑bes');  6810 ‑ צָעוֹר (tsaw‑eer', tsaw‑ore');  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ἀρνίον, τό,

Dim. of ἀρήν,

I a little lamb, Lys. 32.21, Eub. 150.4, PStrassb. 24.7 (ii A.D.).

II sheepskin, fleece, Luc. Salt. 43.

ἀρνίον , -ου , τό

(dimin. of ἀρήν ; ν . MM, s.v.),

[in LXX: Psalms 114:4; Psalms 114:6 (pl., H6629 H1121), Jeremiah 11:19 (H3532), Jeremiah 50:45 (H6810)*;]

a little lamb, a lamb: John 21:15, Revelation 2:7.†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

P Théad 8.14 (A.D. 306) ἀρνία ἐνιαύσια, 19 ἀρνία καὶ ἐρύφια. BGU II. 377.2, .7 (early vii/A.D.), with other animal names, many in the -ιον form—καμήλι (α), ὀρνίθ (ια), perh. χοίρ (ια), etc. P Strass I. 24.7 f. (A.D. 118) ἀρνίων ἐπιγονῆ (ς) . . . ἀριθμῶι ἀρνίω (ν). P Gen I. 68.7 (A.D. 382) ἀρνία ἕνδεκα. Its choice by the author of the Apocalypse as an exclusive term, for very frequent use, is part of a general tendency of the vernacular, in which nouns in -ίον multiplied fast : it is interesting to note that he has followed that tendency much earlier than our papyrus writers did in the case of this word. The complete absence of diminutive force in ἀρνίον as against ἀρήν may be noted. (MGr ἀρνί.)


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