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#559 - Ἀπελλῆς

of Latin origin
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
Apelles = "called"
  1. a certain Christian
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Ἀπελλῆς , -οῦ , acc -ῆν (MM, s.v.), ,

Apelles: Romans 16:10.†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

Priene 248 (c. B.C. 1) has the acc. Απελλῆν, as in Romans 16:10 : a similar name Ἀπελλᾶς, gen. –, is cited by Hatch in JBL xxvii., part ii., p. 145, from a Carian inscr. concerning a tribunus militum who served under Vespasian against the Jews. The name Ἀπελλῆς is widely spread : on some confusions with Ἀπολλῶς cf. Zahn Intr. i. p. 270, and Blass-Debrunner § 29. 4.


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Απελλην Ἀπελλῆν Apellen Apellên Apellēn Apellē̂n
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