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#959 - Βερνίκη

from a provincial form of (G5342) and (G3529)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
Bernice = "bring victory"
  1. the eldest daughter of Herod Agrippa I. Acts 12:1
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From a provincial form of G5342 and G3529


(elsewhere Βερενίκη ,

Macedonian form of Φερενίκη , cf. Veronica, Victoria), -ης , ή ,

Bernice, Berenice, daughter of Herod Agrippa I: Acts 25:13; Acts 25:23; Acts 26:30

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

This form, for the more usual Βερενίκη , is read by Wilcken (Add. et Corr. p. xi) in P Petr III. 1ii. 7 (B.C. 236) μητρ [ὸς θ ]εῶν Βερνείκης . Mayser Gr. p. 146 compares also Βερνικίω (νι ) in P Tebt I. 120.132 (B.C. 97 or 64). Add P Tebt II. 407.14 (A.D. 199) Βερνίκῃ Διδύμου γυναικί μου χαίρειν , and for the full form Preisigke 307 (Ptolemaic) βασίλισ ]σα Βερενίκη , ib. 438 (do.) Λίβυς Διονυσίου Νειλεὺς καὶ Βερενίκη ἡ γυνή , P Grenf I. 24.3 (B.C. 146–17) Βερενείκης εὐεργετίδ [ος . The shortened form is a good example of a phonetic principle working in Κοινή Greek, discovered by Kretschmer, by which an unaccented vowel tends to fall out after a liquid or nasal if the same vowel occurred in the neighbouring syllable (σκόρδον for σκόροδον , etc.).



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