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#985 - βλαστάνω

from blastos (a sprout)
Parts of Speech
  1. to sprout, bud, put forth new leaves
  2. to produce
Strong #: 1580 ‑ גָּמַל (gaw‑mal');  1876 ‑ דָּשָׁא (daw‑shaw');  6509 ‑ פָּרָה (paw‑raw');  6524 ‑ פָּרַח (paw‑rakh');  6692 ‑ צוּץ (tsoots);  6779 ‑ צָמַח (tsaw‑makh');  
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S. OC 611, etc. (later βλαστέω, Thphr. CP 2.17.4 (interpol. in A. Ch. 589, corrupt in Pass. -ουμένη S. Fr. 255.7)); Ion. impf. βλαστάνεσκε (v.l. βλάστεσκεν) Id. Fr. 546: fut. βλαστήσω Thphr. HP 2.7.2, βλαστήσομαι Alex. Trall. 12: aor. 2 ἔβλαστον S. Fr. 341, etc.: aor. 1 ἐβλάστησα Emp. 21.10, Hp. Nat.Puer. 26, etc. (not in Att.): pf. βεβλάστηκα Id. Oss. 12, Hellanic. 1 (b) J., Plu. 2.684c; ἐβλάστηκα E. IA 594 (lyr.), Eup. 329: plpf. ἐβεβλαστήκει Th. 3.26:


1. bud, sprout, grow, prop. of plants, A. Th. 594, S. OC 697 (lyr.), Th.l.c., Ar. Nu. 1124, etc.; ἦ βλαστὸς οὐκ ἔβλαστεν; S. Fr. 341; εἰς ἴα σου.., καὶ ἐς κρίνα βλαστήσειεν ὀστέα IG 14.607 (Carales).

2. Poets, shoot forth, come to light, βλάστε νᾶσος ἐξ ἁλός, of Rhodes, Pi. O. 7.69; of children, to be born, Id. N. 8.7; ἀνθρώπου φύσιν βλαστών born in man's nature, S. Aj. 761, cf. OT 1376, El. 440; ἄργυρος κακὸν νόμισμ' ἔβλαστε Id. Ant. 296; β. δ' ἀπιστία Id. OC 611; μέγιστ' ἔβλαστε νόμιμα Id. El. 1095 (lyr.); not common in Prose, Th. l.c., Pl. R. 498b, Phdr. 251b, Iamb. Myst. 3.28.

II causal, make to grow, produce, propagate, in pres., Hp. Alim. 54: metaph., β. χάριτες εὔνοιαν Aristeas 230: mostly aor.1 ἐβλάστησα A.R. 1.1131; θεὸς.. ἄμπελον ἐβλάστησεν Nonn. D. 36.356, cf. LXX Genesis 1:11, Numbers 17:8 : Pass., βλαστηθείς Ph. 1.667.

βλαστάνω ,

[in LXX for H6779, etc.;]

1. to sprout: Matthew 13:26, Mark 4:27, Hebrews 9:4.

2. In late Gk., causal, to make to grow, produce: c, acc, James 5:18.†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For the transitive use of β . (as James 5:18) see Aristeas 230, αἳ (sc. χάριτες ) βλαστάνουσιν εὔνοιαν . The subst. βλάστημα (as Sirach 50:12) is found in P Lond 131 recto.195 (A.D. 78–9) (= I. p. 175) τὰ περισσὰ βλαστήματα , and for βλαστολογέω = ";pick off young shoots,"; see ib..507. See also 1GI VII. 496.3 βλαστήματα καλῶν τέκνων .



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βεβλάστηκε βλαστα βλαστᾷ βλαστάνη βλαστήσαι βλαστησασα βλαστήσασα βλαστησάτω βλαστήσατω βλαστήσει βλαστώντα εβλάστησε εβλαστησεν εβλάστησεν ἐβλάστησεν blasta blastā̂i blastesasa blastēsasa blastḗsasa eblastesen eblastēsen eblástesen eblástēsen
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