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#315 - ἀναγκάζω

from (G318)
Parts of Speech
  1. to necessitate, compel, drive to, constrain
    1. by force, threats, etc.
    2. by permission, entreaties, etc.
    3. by other means
Strong #: 7860 ‑ שָׁטַר (sho‑tare');  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


fut. -άσω E. Andr. 337, Th. 5.35 (later 2 pl. -ᾶτε Arch.Pap. 6.286): pf. ἠνάγκακα Pl. Hipparch. 232b: plpf. -ειν D. 33.28: (ἀνάγκη):

1. force, compel, mostly c. acc. pers. et inf., ἀ. τινὰ κτείνειν, πόλισμα, συνθήκας ποιεῖσθαι, etc., Hdt. 1.11, 98, 6.42; δρᾶν, λέγειν, etc., S. El. 256, OC 979, etc.: so in Pass., ἠναγκάζοντο ἀμύνεσθαι Hdt. 5.101: without inf., κἄμ' ἀναγκάζεις τάδε (sc. δρᾶν) S. Ph. 1368, cf. OT 280; ἀναγκάζεσθαί τι to be forced [to do] a thing, Pl. Phdr. 242a, 254b, cf. X. Mem. 4.5.4; ἀ. τινὰ ἐς τὸ πολεμεῖν Th. 1.23; ἐς τὸ ἔργον Id. 2.75.

2. c. acc. pers. only, constrain a person, τὸ συνδρῶν σ' ἀναγκάσει χρέος E. Andr. 337; esp. by argument, opp. ῥητορικῶς ἐλέγχειν, Pl. Grg. 472b; δεινοῖς ἠναγκάσθην I was constrained, tortured, S. El. 221, cf. X. Hier. 9.2; ἠναγκασμένος, ἀναγκασθείς under compulsion, Th. 6.22, 8.99; ὑπὸ δεσμῶν ἀναγκασθείς And. 1.2; φανεροὶ ἦσαν ἀναγκασθησόμενοι D. 18.19.

3. c. acc. rei only, carry through by force, πόλις ἀναγκάζει τάδε E. IT 595, cf. X. Mem. 4.5.5, Arist. Rh. 1392a27; ἠναγκασμένα λάχανα forced vegetables, Philostr. VA 1.21.

4. c. acc. rei et inf., contend that a thing is necessarily so and so, μὴ ἀνάγκαζε ὃ μὴ καλόν ἐστιν αἰσχρὸν εἶναι Pl. Smp. 202b, cf. Cra. 432c, Tht. 196b: foll. by Conj., οἱ λόγοι ἀναγκάσειαν ἂν ὅτι ἀθάνατον ψυχή R. 611b.

5. abs., apply compulsion, Arist. Pol. 1304b9 (ἀναγκάζω is a gloss in Pl. Tht. 153c.).

6. in surgery, use force to reduce dislocations, etc., Hp. Art. 3, 5, al.


(<ἀνάγκη ),

[in LXX: Proverbs 6:7 (H7860), 1 Esdras 3:24, 1 Maccabees 2:25, al.;]

to necessitate, compel by force or persuasion, constrain: c. acc, 2 Corinthians 12:11; id. c. inf., Matthew 14:22, Mark 6:45, Luke 14:23, Acts 26:11 (on the impf. here, v. Field, Notes, 141; M, Pr., 128 f., 247), Galatians 2:14; Galatians 6:12; pass., C. inf., Acts 28:19, Galatians 2:3 (for exx., v. MM, VGT, s.v.).†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

P Oxy IV. 717.14 (late i/B.C.) ἠν ]άγκασμαι βοᾶν αὐτῶι. A somewhat weakened sense is seen in P Fay 110.4 (A.D. 94) εὖ ποιήσεις. . ἀναγκάσας ἐκχωσθῆναι τὸ ἐν αὐτῶι κόπριον, ";please have the manure there banked up"; (Edd.) : cf. the use in Luke 14:23, where ἀνάγκασον describes the ";constraint"; of hospitality which will not be denied. Other occurrences are BGU IV. 1042.5, 6 (iii/A.D.) [ν ]έτ ̣υ ̣χ [ε τ ]ῷ δικαιοδότῃ καὶ ἀ [ν ] [γκ ]αζέ με προσκαρτερεῖν τῷ βήμ [ατ ]ι αὐτοῦ : so we venture to restore the text, in accordance with the meaning clearly needed—the augment will be a blunder like that which secured permanent footing in διηκόνουν, etc. A similar aor. is apparently intended in P Amh II. 133.12 (early ii/A.D.) καὶ μετὰ πολλῶν κόπων ἀνηκάσαμεν (l. ἀνηγκ -) αὐτῶν (for αὐτούς) ἀντασχέσθαι κτλ. ";and with great difficulty I made them set to work"; (Edd.). The contracted future occurs in an edict of Germanicus on a Berlin papyrus (Archiv vi. p. 286) ἐάμ μοι μὴ πεισθῆτε, ἀναγκᾶτέ με κτλ. BGU IV. 1141.7 (end of i/B.C.) ἀναγκάζομαι μηκέτι σοὶ μηδὲν γ ̣ρ ̣α ̣ψ ̣α ̣ι ̣, [ἵνα ] νοήσῃς. P Lond 951 verso .3 (late iii/A.D.) (= III. p. 213) ἤκουσ ̣[α ] ο ̣̓́[τ ]ι θηλάζειν ̣ αὐτὴν ἀναγκάζεις. The verb is MGr.


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List of Word Forms
αναγκαζεις αναγκάζεις ἀναγκάζεις αναγκάζοντα αναγκαζουσιν αναγκάζουσιν ἀναγκάζουσιν αναγκασον ανάγκασον ἀνάγκασον ηναγκαζον ηνάγκαζον ἠνάγκαζον ηναγκασατε ἠναγκάσατε ηνάγκασε ηναγκασεν ηνάγκασεν ἠνάγκασεν ηναγκασθη ηναγκάσθη ἠναγκάσθη ηναγκασθην ηναγκάσθην ἠναγκάσθην anankason anánkason anankazeis anankázeis anankazousin anankázousin enankasate enankásate ēnankasate ēnankásate enankasen enánkasen ēnankasen ēnánkasen enankasthe enankásthe ēnankasthē ēnankásthē enankasthen enankásthen ēnankasthēn ēnankásthēn enankazon enánkazon ēnankazon ēnánkazon
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