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#519 - ἀπάγχομαι

from (G575) and agcho (to choke akin to the base of (G43))
Parts of Speech
  1. to throttle, strangle, in order to put out of the way or kill
  2. to hang one's self, to end one's life by hanging
Strong #: 2614 ‑ חָנַק (khaw‑nak');  
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From G575 and ἄγχω agchō (to choke; akin to the base of G43);

ἄγχω, fut. ἄγξω Ar. Ec. 638, Luc. DMort. 22.1: aor. 1 inf. ἄγξαι v.l. for ἄξαι LXX 4 Maccabees 9:17, (ἀπ-) Ar. Pax 796: Med. and Pass. (v. infr.) only in pres.: squeeze, esp. the throat, ἄγχε μιν ἱμὰς ὑπὸ δειρήν Il. 3.371; embrace, μὴ θέλουσαν Anacreont. 57.22, cf. Herod. 1.18; hug, in wrestling, Id. 2.12, Luc. Anach. 1, Paus. 8.40.2, Philostr. Im. 1.6 (Pass.); strangle, throttle, τοὺς πατέρας ἦγχον νύκτωρ Ar. V. 1039, cf. Ec. 638, 640; τὸν Κέρβερον ἀπῇζας ἄγχων Id. Ra. 468, cf. Av. 1575; κἂν ταῦρον ἄγχοις Id. Lys. 81, cf. Crates Com. 29, D. 54.20, Theoc. 5.106, APl. 4.90; ἐν χαλινῷ τὰς σιαγόνας ἄ. LXX Psalms 31:9 (32). 9: metaph., of pressing creditors, Ar. Eq. 775, Luc. Symp. 32; ψυχὴ ὑπὸ τοῦ σώματος ἀγχομένη Corp.Herm. 10.24, cf. 7.3; of a guilty conscience, τοῦτο.. ἄγχει, σιωπᾶν ποιεῖ D. 19.208: Med., strangle oneself, Hp. Morb. 2.68: Pass., Pi. N. 1.46, D. 47.59, Theoc. 7.125; to be drowned, Hp. Virg. 1. Not in Trag.

ἀπ -άγχω

(< ἄγχω , to press, strangle),

[in LXX: 2 Samuel 17:23 (H2614), Tobit 3:10*;]

to strangle; mid., to hang oneself (or, to choke; v. M, Pr., 155): Matthew 27:5.†

List of Word Forms
απηγξατο απήγξατο ἀπήγξατο apenxato apēnxato apḗnxato
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