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#899 - βάθος

from the same as (G901)
Parts of Speech
Noun Neuter
  1. depth, height
    1. of "the deep" sea
    2. metaph.
      1. deep, extreme, poverty
      2. of the deep things of God
Strong #: 2436 ‑ חֵק (khake, khake, khoke);  3411 ‑ יְרֵכָה (yer‑ay‑kaw');  4615 ‑ מַעֲמַקִּים (mah‑am‑awk');  4688 ‑ מְצוּלָה ((1,2) mets‑o‑law', (3,4) mets‑oo‑law');  6009 ‑ עָמַק (aw‑mak');  6013 ‑ עָמֹק (aw‑moke');  7172 ‑ קַרְקַע (kar‑kah');  8482 ‑ תַּחְתִּי (takh‑tee');  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

βάθος [ ], εος, τό, (βαθύς)

1. depth or height, acc. as measured up or down, Ταρτάρου βάθη A. Pr. 1029; αἰθέρος βάθος E. Med. 1297, cf. Ar. Av. 1715; βάθους μετέχειν to be a solid, possessing depth as well as length and breadth, Pl. R. 528b; εἴτ' ἐν βάθεσιν εἴτ' ἐν τάχεσιν Id. Plt. 299e; βάθους αὔξη Id. R. 528d; opp. μῆκος, πλάτος, Arist. Ph. 209a5; μεγέθους τὸ ἐπὶ τρία [συνεχὲς] β. Id. Metaph. 1020a12: with Preps., ἐκ βάθεος in depth, Hdt. 1.186; ἐκ βάθους through and through, Plot. 5.8.10; εἰς βάθος Arist. Mete. 386a23, al.; ἐν βάθει Id. Sens. 440a14, etc.; κατὰ βάθους Id. Mete. 339b12; κατὰ βάθος in a descending scale, metaph. of causation, Dam. Pr. 95: freq. in military sense, depth of a line of battle, X. HG 3.4.13, etc.; ἐπὶ βάθος τάσσεσθαι in depth of line, Th. 5.68; ἐς β. ἐκτάξαι Arr. An. 1.2.4; β. τριχῶν, of long thick hair, Hdt. 5.9; ἄτομα πώγωνος βάθη Ephipp. 14.7; interior of a country, Str. 3.3.7, al.; depth, of perspective in a picture, Procop.Gaz. Ecphr. p.157 B.: pl., βάθη depths, Pl. Ti. 44d, etc.; deep water, opp. shallows near shore, LXX Psalms 68:2(69).2, al., Luke 5:4; ἐν τοῖς βάθεσιν Arist. HA 599b9. Astron., = ταπείνωμα, Vett.Val. 241.26.

2. metaph., κακῶν ὁρῶν β. A. Pers. 465; ἢ μακροῦ πλούτου βάθει S. Aj. 130, cf..Romans 11:33; β. ἡγεμονίας Plu. Pomp. 53; depth of mind, β. τι ἔχειν γενναῖον, of Parmenides, Pl. Tht. 184a; ἐν βάθει πόσιος deep in drink, Theoc. 14.29; β. καρδίας ἀνθρώπου LXX Ju. 8.14; τὰ β. τοῦ θεοῦ, τοῦ Σατανᾶ, 1 Corinthians 2:10, Revelation 2:24.

3. of lit. style, bathos, ὕψους ἢ β. Longin. 2.1. (Substituted for βένθος under the influence of βαθύς.)

βάθος , -εος (-ους ), τό ,

[in LXX for H8482, H4688 etc.;]

depth: Matthew 13:5, Mark 4:5, Romans 8:39, Ephesians 3:18; τὸ β ., the deep sea: Luke 5:4; metaph., β . πλούτου . . . Θεοῦ , Romans 11:33; τὰ β . τ . Θεοῦ (the Divine counsels), 1 Corinthians 2:10; ἡ κατὰ βάθους πτωχεία , deep poverty, 2 Corinthians 8:2.†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

The literal meaning is illustrated by P Fay 110.8 (A.D. 94) σκάψον ἐπὶ βάθος , ";dig a deep trench"; : cf. BGU II. 647.13, .25 (A.D. 130) ἐπὶ βάθους , ib. IV. 1122.16 (B.C. 14) . . .] ε ̣̀χο ̣ν ̣ τὸ καθῆκον βάθος , of the setting of plants in trenches in a garden—cf. Mark 4:5. The ordinary use in connexion with πλάτος is seen, e.g., in measurements for excavations in the construction of a canal, P Giss I. 42 (A.D. 117) passim, as .5 βο (ρρᾶ ) ἐχόμ (ενα ) σχοι (νία ) δ ̄ ξύλ (α ) ρ ̣̄κ ̣̄[̄η ̄]̄, πλ (άτος ) γ ̄, βάθ (ος ) ε ̄, ν (αύβια ) ξδ ̄. Herwerden Lex. s.v. cites Papiers du Louvre (ed. Letronne) 64 (ii/B.C.) μή σ᾽ ἐπὶ βάθος (= παντελῶς ?) τοῦτο πεποηκέναι . The astrological use of β . to denote the space below the horizon out of which the stars rise (e.g. Dieterich Mithrasliturgie, p. 8.5, ἐγώ εἰμι σύμπλανος ὑμῖν ἀστὴρ καὶ ἐκ τοῦ βάθους ἀναλάμπων ) may throw some light on Romans 8:39 (see Lietzmann in HZNT ad loc). For the true ";Greek"; character of the Pauline phraseology in Romans 11:33 ὦ βάθος πλούτου κτλ ., see Norden Agnostos Theos, p. 243 f.



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