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Strong's #874 - בָּאַר

a primitive root
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Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

  1. (Piel)
    1. to make plain, distinct
    2. to make clear
    3. to declare
    4. letters on a tablet

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
ASV (3)
Deuteronomy 2
Habakkuk 1
BSB (3)
Deuteronomy 2
Habakkuk 1
CSB (3)
Deuteronomy 2
Habakkuk 1
ESV (3)
Deuteronomy 2
Habakkuk 1
KJV (3)
Deuteronomy 2
Habakkuk 1
LEB (3)
Deuteronomy 2
Habakkuk 1
LSB (5)
Deuteronomy 2
Psalms 1
Habakkuk 2
N95 (3)
Deuteronomy 2
Habakkuk 1
NAS (4)
Deuteronomy 2
Habakkuk 1
NLT (0)
The World English Bible
did not use
this Strong's Number
WEB (3)
Deuteronomy 2
Habakkuk 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1250) rk (כר KR) AC: Dig CO: Bowl AB: ?: The pictograph k is a picture of the palm of the hand, the r is a picture of the head of a man. Combined these mean "palm of man". The palm as hollowed out. A digging. (eng: core; bore)

A) rk (כר KR) AC: ? CO: Hollow AB: ?

Nm ) rk (כר KR) - I. Hollow:The hollow hump of a camel or a pasture in a hollow. II. Lamb:One of the pasture. III. Captain:KJV (16): lamb, pasture, ram, furniture, captain - Strongs: H3733 (כַּר)

Nf1) erk (כרה KRH) - I. Pasture:As a hollowed out valley. II. Mole:A digger. [df: hrp] KJV (2): cottage, mole - Strongs: H3740 (כֵּרָה), H6512 (פֵּרוֹת)

fm ) irk (כרי KRY) - Captain: [Unknown connection to root] KJV (3): captain - Strongs: H3746 (כָּרִי)

kf1) erkm (מכרה MKRH) - I. Cave:As a hole in the rock. [df: hrem]II. Weapon:Probably a weapon that is a digging tool or similar implement. KJV (40): cave, den, hole, habitation, army - Strongs: H4380 (מְכֵרָה), H4631 (מְעָרָה)

lf1 ) erkrk (כרכרה KRKRH) - Camel: As with a hollow hump. KJV (1): beast - Strongs: H3753 (כִּרְכָּרָה)

B) rrk (כרר KRR) AC: Dance CO: ? AB: ?: A leaping or dancing around in a circle.

V) rrk (כרר KRR) - Dance: KJV (2): (vf: Pilpel, Participle) dance - Strongs: H3769 (כָּרַר)

C) rka (אכר AKR) AC: Dig CO: Farmer AB: ?

Nm ) rka (אכר AKR) - Farmer: One who digs the ground for growing crops. KJV (7): husbandman, plowman - Strongs: H406 (אִכָּר)

D) rak (כאר KAR) AC: ? CO: Pit AB: ?

V) rak (כאר KAR) - Deep: To make a deep engraving in a tablet or stone. Also to give a deep explanation. [df: rab] KJV (3): (vf: Piel) plain, plainly, declare - Strongs: H874 (בָּאַר)

Nf ) rak (כאר KAR) - Pit: A dug out hole, usually a well or cistern. [df: rab] KJV (37): well, pit, slimepit - Strongs: H875 (בְּאֵר)

gm ) rafk (כואר KWAR) - Pit: A dug out hole. [df: rab] KJV (2): cistern - Strongs: H877 (בּאֹר)

F) rke (הכר HKR) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Wrong: [Unknown connection to root]

V) rke (הכר HKR) - Wrong: KJV (1): (vf: Hiphil) strange - Strongs: H1970 (הָכַר)

Nf1) erke (הכרה HKRH) - Look: KJV (1): shew - Strongs: H1971 (הַכָּרָה)

H) erk (כרה KRH) AC: Dig CO: ? AB: Prepare

V) erk (כרה KRH) - I. Dig:[Hebrew and Aramaic] II. Prepare:To prepare a banquet or feast. [Unknown connection to root] KJV (21): (vf: Paal, Niphal) dig, make, pierce, open, grieve - Strongs: H3735 (כְּרָה), H3738 (כָּרָה), H3739 (כָּרָה)

Nf1) erk (כרה KRH) - Preparation: [Unknown connection to root] KJV (1): provision - Strongs: H3741 (כָּרָה)

J) rfk (כור KWR) AC: Dig CO: Pit AB: ?

V) rfk (כור KWR) - I. Dig:[df: rwq]II. Examine:To look deeply. [df: rwb]KJV (7): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Pilpel) declare, dig, cast out, destroy, break down - Strongs: H952 (בּוּר), H6979 (קוּר)

Nm ) rfk (כור KWR) - I. Pit:A hole, well or cistern that is dug out. [df: rwb rwx rx]II. Furnace:A hollow box formed out of brick or clay for cooking. III. Kor:A standard of measure. KJV (96): pit, cistern, well, dungeon, fountain, measure, cor - Strongs: H953 (בּוֹר), H2352 (חוּר), H2356 (חוֹר), H3564 (כּוּר), H3734 (כֹּר)

am) rfkm (מכור MKWR) - Fountain: A spring that comes out of a hole in the ground. [df: rwqm rqm] KJV (18): fountain, spring, wellspring, issue, well - Strongs: H4726 (מָקֹר)

em ) rfik (כיור KYWR) - I. Pot:As a dug out container. [df: ryk]II. Platform:[Unknown connection to root] KJV (23): laver, scaffold, pan, hearth - Strongs: H3595 (כִּיֹּר)

kf1) erfkm (מכורה MKWRH) - Birth: A coming out of a hole. KJV (3): birth, nativity, habitation - Strongs: H4351 (מְכֹרָה)

M) rik (כיר KYR) AC: ? CO: Furnace AB: ?: A hollowed out object.

Nm) rik (כיר KYR) - Furnace: A hollow box formed out of brick or clay for cooking. KJV (1): range - Strongs: H3600 (כִּיר)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [באר] verb only

Pi`el make distinct, plain (so Late Hebrew, Aramaic; Lag BN 58 proposes for Qal בָּאֵר, בָּאֹר, compare derivatives below; Thes & most compare Arabic dig a pit or well, but this probably denominative see Lag l.c.) —

Pi`el Perfect 3 masculine singular בֵּאֵר Deuteronomy 1:5, Imperative בָּאֵר Habakkuk 2:2; Infinitive absolute בַּאֵר Deuteronomy 27:8 (compare Bö§ 393,4) — make distinct, plain, of letters on tablets Habakkuk 2:2 כְּתֹב חָזוֺן וּבָאֵר עַלֿהַלֻּחוֺת לְמַעַן יָרוּץ קוֺרֵא בוֺ, i.e. so that one may run past and (still) read; or, so that one may read swiftly; on stones Deuteronomy 27:8 וְכָתַבְתָּ עַלֿבַּאֵר הֵיטֵב .... הָאֲבָנִים and thou shalt write upon the [whitewashed] stones all the words of this law, doing it plainly and well; figurative explain, expound Deuteronomy 1:5 הוֺאִיל משֶׁה בֵּאֵר חַתּוֺרָה Moses began (and) expounded the law.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

בָּאַר not used in Kal. Arab. بَأَرَ to dig, specially a well, a pit. Kindred roots are בּוּר, בָּרַרArab. فأر to dig (rather more remote, בָּרָא, בָּרָה), Lat. forare, Germ. bohren [Engl. to bore]. Comp. בְּאֵר, בֹּאר, בּוֹר.


(1) to engrave letters on a stone. Followed by עַל Deuteronomy 27:8: Habakkuk 2:2.

(2) to explain, to declare, pr. to dig out the sense, and to set it forth when dug out, Deuteronomy 1:5. The derivatives follow immediately, except בּוֹר, בֵּרִי, בֵּרוֹתָה or בֵּרוֹתַי.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available BibleSupport.com
List of Word Forms
בֵּאֵ֛ר בַּאֵ֥ר באר וּבָאֵ֖ר ובאר ba’êr ba·’êr baEr bê’êr bê·’êr beEr ū·ḇā·’êr ūḇā’êr uvaEr
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