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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1298 KJV: trouble    NAS: very perplexed    HCS: was deeply troubled
diatarássō dee-at-ar-as'-so
1299 KJV: appoint, set in order, ordain, give order, command    NAS: ordained, direct, arrange, gave orders, orders, ordered, giving instructions, arranged, directed, commanded    HCS: I will give instructions, were ordered, I instructed, directed, were commanded, had ordered, has commanded, giving orders, I command, were his instructions, have been authorized, what was commanded, He ordered, commanded, The law was put into effect, He gave orders
diatássō dee-at-as'-so
1300 KJV: continue    NAS: constantly    HCS: and going
diateléō dee-at-el-eh'-o
1301 KJV: keep    NAS:, treasured    HCS: kept, if you keep
diatēréō dee-at-ay-reh'-o
1302 KJV: wherefore, why
diatí dee-at-ee'
1303 KJV: testator, make, appoint    NAS: made, make, granted, grant    HCS: made, one who made, I will make, bestow, bestowed
diatíthemai dee-at-ith'-em-ahee
1304 KJV: be, tarry, continue, abide    NAS: stayed, staying, spending, spending time, spent    HCS: When he had spent, we spent, He spent, they spent, We stayed, and stayed, remained, they stayed
diatríbō dee-at-ree'-bo
1305 KJV: food    NAS: food    HCS: food
diatrophḗ dee-at-rof-ay'
1306 KJV: dawn    NAS: dawns    HCS: dawns
diaugázō dee-ow-gad'-zo
1307 KJV: transparent    HCS: transparent
diaphanḗs dee-af-an-ace'
1308 KJV: differ from, publish, be of more value, be better, misc, should carry, drive up and down    NAS: carry, worth...more, more valuable, excellent, spread, driven about, essential, differs, differ, valuable, makes...difference    HCS: are worth more, you are worth more, worth, is worth, were drifting, from, carry, difference, things that are superior, spread, differs from
diaphérō dee-af-er'-o
1309 KJV: escape    NAS: escape    HCS: and escape
diapheúgō dee-af-yoo'-go
1310 KJV: be commonly reported, spread abroad (one's) fame, blaze abroad    NAS: widely spread, spread...around, spread the news    HCS: and spread, has been spread, to spread
diaphēmízō dee-af-ay-mid'-zo
1311 KJV: perish, corrupt, destroy    NAS: destroys, decaying, depraved, destroyed, destroy    HCS: who destroy, is being destroyed, the time has come to destroy, are depraved, destroys, were destroyed
diaphtheírō dee-af-thi'-ro
1312 KJV: corruption    NAS: decay    HCS: decay, decayed
diaphthorá dee-af-thor-ah'
1313 KJV: divers, more excellent, differing    NAS: various, more excellent, differ    HCS: a superior, is superior, various, different
diáphoros dee-af'-or-os
1314 KJV: keep    NAS: guard    HCS: to protect
diaphylássō dee-af-oo-las'-so
1315 KJV: slay, kill    NAS: put ... to death, put to death    HCS: had murdered, to kill
diacheirízomai dee-akh-i-rid'-zom-ahee
1316 KJV: depart    NAS: leaving    HCS: departing
diachōrízomai dee-akh-o-rid'-zom-ahee
1317 KJV: apt to teach    NAS: able to teach    HCS: an able teacher, able to teach
didaktikós did-ak-tik-os'
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