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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1077 KJV: birthday    NAS: birthday    HCS: birthday celebration, birthday
genésia ghen-es'-ee-ah
1078 KJV: generation, natural, nature    NAS: birth, genealogy, natural, life    HCS: birth, historical, of life
génesis ghen'-es-is
1079 KJV: birth    NAS: birth    HCS: birth
genetḗ ghen-et-ay'
1080 KJV: bear, be born, begat, be delivered, misc, bring forth, gender    NAS: bearing children, produce, born, bore, Child, gives birth, bear, became the father of, begotten, Father, father, became...father, gave, conceived    HCS: child born, gave birth to, been born, native, though her sons had not been born, were born, and bears, who has been born, came offspring, creatures of instinct born, father, was born, she had, would be born, will bear, has been born, she has given birth to, *, bore, born, is born, they breed, One to be born, what has been conceived, he was born, he has been born, he fathered, fathered, I fathered, of a person born, one born, be born, Father, who is born
gennáō ghen-nah'-o
1081 KJV: generation, fruit    NAS: brood    HCS: Brood, fruit, harvest
génnēma ghen'-nay-mah
1083 KJV: birth
génnēsis ghen'-nay-sis
1084 KJV: that is born    NAS: born    HCS: those born
gennētós ghen-nay-tos'
1085 KJV: nation, misc., born, stock, offspring, kind, diversity, kindred    NAS: nation, birth, countrymen, descent, descendant, native, kind, race, kinds, family    HCS: the nation, race, offspring, Offspring, people, family, kind, a native, by birth, my own people, different kinds, various kinds
génos ghen'-os
1087 KJV: senate    NAS: Senate    HCS: Senate
gerousía gher-oo-see'-ah
1088 KJV: old    NAS: old    HCS: old
gérōn gher'-own
1089 KJV: eat, taste    NAS: eat, tasting, taste, tasted, eaten    HCS: you have tasted, who tasted, t eat, taste, tasted, when He tasted, to eat, eating, He might taste
geúomai ghyoo'-om-ahee
1090 KJV: dress    NAS: tilled    HCS: it is cultivated
geōrgéō gheh-ore-gheh'-o
1091 KJV: husbandry    NAS: field    HCS: field
geṓrgion gheh-ore'-ghee-on
1092 KJV: husbandman    NAS: farmer, vine-growers, vinedresser    HCS: when the tenant farmers, tenant farmers, vineyard keeper, to tenant farmers, farmers, farmer
geōrgós gheh-ore-gos'
1093 KJV: country, earthly + (1537 + 3588), world, ground, land, earth    NAS: country, soil, earthly, land, ground, earth    HCS: soil, from earth's, shore, earth, on earth, the soil, in earthly, a hole in the ground, the earth, EARTH, countryside, the land, Earth, area, *, by earth, Land, country, of the earth, ground, land, for the land, in the land, do earthly
1094 KJV: old age    NAS: old age    HCS: old age
gēras ghay'-ras
1095 KJV: wax old, be old    NAS: grow old, growing old    HCS: aging, you grow old
gēráskō ghay-ras'-ko
1096 KJV: done, not tr, come, come to pass, God forbid + (3361), arise, have, be preferred, be, misc, become, be done, be fulfilled, be made, be married to    NAS: formed, has, happens, come, put, turned, elapsed, taken, give, existed, joined, join, drawing, been...came, took place, happening, decided, arise, came, happen, accomplished, developing, born, found, followed, been brought, being, becoming, came into being, occur, being carried, during, been done, being made, grown, reached, becomes, spoken, thundered, made, arose, done, being done, would, there arose, arises, fell, turns, came to pass, proving, got, taking place, comes, split, show, comes to pass, proved, behaved, occurred, performed, prove, starting, happened, come into being, finished, been made, takes place, taken place, been, get, take place, dawn, had, appeared, feeling, arrived, breaking, granted, realized, began, coming, become, became, falling, spent, results    HCS: who had been, it has become, one who was, be performed, come, would come, had been performed, there must be, to get, The boy became, had happened, makes, there is, has taken place, struck, were being done, it does, There were, things are accomplished, that was going on, I have become, that had happened, When there was, took place, things that have come, what had happened, After there had been, condition is, used, There was, happen, went on, Become, has been done, that were being performed, who are made, it will be done, they were, When it was, is, being, you may be, are to be, could have become, was created, after it had become, there were, when he was, must become, have been brought, reached, men we were, things must be done, were, arose, who became, it happens, We have become, there arose, had become, One has become, You will become, should become, he can become, because He has become, if she gives, got, when he passes, will become, future, will again, cause, comes, action must be done, split, So He became, She has become, came on, has happened, It is done, did You get, broke out, things became, things that happened, to take place, was doing, Once, happened, I became, He was coming, you have become, were done, let it be done, *, I may become, it will be done, blameless, I was, he finds, we came, have come, it happened, he is, has been, what took place, will need to be made, prove to be, she gives, you should be, that had taken place, were being performed, May it be done, Arriving, became, had spoken, They arrived, was made, has been made, things happening, have been finished, things take place, one what had happened, this was, may belong to, has, that started, it becomes, turned, will take place, day, One day, to be, grew, has been created, must be, this occurred, it does happen, might be, will turn, has come, grows, there may be, to come, came, is made, thing was created, Let it be done, will come, must be done, he would be, we can be, it is, you had become, it may go, born, This became, set in, Saul was, point, is, returned, you are, thing happened, what happened, others became, which came, When He reached, He might come, state is, being made, been happening, he becomes, has come, we have been, we may become, You have become, it was, that took place, He could become, turned out to be, what had been done, becomes, what had taken place, things be, are taking place, made, there was, have been, things that had happened, to become, we were, and is, may be, there will be, you have been, that was made, proved to be, Paul got, things happened, went, who was, has become, Be, went up, what is done, we have become, had come, Give, I am, occurred, performed, will happen, we are, He became, by becoming, It turned, be, will be, could come, have become, that were done, are, might become, takes place, things were created, would be, you may become, to be performed, to grant, taken place, It was, been, had been done, He was, was starting, they were, take place, they became, has been, appeared, may become, which has become, he must become, he became, has also become, came to, Being, I was made, was, is over, make it happen, be done, become
gínomai ghin'-om-ahee
1097 KJV: know, understand, misc, perceive    NAS: know, recognize, put, learned, perceiving, take notice, perceived, learn, found, find, recognizing, realize, certainty, sure, aware, understand, knows, known, understood, virgin, knew, know how, comprehend, felt, recognized, ascertaining, knowing, unaware, kept...a virgin, come to know    HCS: learned, to get, We know, be made known, be recognized, we have come to know, I know, perceiving, have known, intimately, do know, and recognize, things, recognize, Know, be aware, you know, you will know, you may know, For we know, since you know, aware, have become known, Aware, they had known, you had known, You will know, she sensed, This way you will know, who have come to know, one should know, will know, to learn, grasp, understand, you should know, When he found out, knows, known, knew, he knew, who knew, may know, is known, Be aware, let you know, your knowing, acknowledged, *, you do know, you understand, has known, recognized, one finds out, we may know, is how you know, you knew, Do you know, realized, He knows, been intimate with, know, recognize, we learn, to know, at the table knew, the way we know, When they found out, I have come to know, have come to know, would know, when I hear, is how we are sure, became aware, people will know, who knows, for certain, is how we have come to know, can I know, found out, they knew, My goal is to know, is how we will know, we know, do you know, they will know, know how, idea, I will know, they may know, he will understand, he could find out, be known, he knows, find out, Do you understand, is how we know, though they knew, they know, to those who understand, to understand, let him know, knowing, will you understand, He was made known, became known, you will recognize, to find out, we have known, you have come to know
ginṓskō ghin-oce'-ko
1098 KJV: new wine    NAS: sweet wine    HCS: of new wine
gleûkos glyoo'-kos
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