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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

41 KJV: holiness    NAS: holiness    HCS: holiness
hagiótēs hag-ee-ot'-ace
42 KJV: holiness    NAS: holiness    HCS: holiness, of holiness, our sanctification
hagiōsýnē hag-ee-o-soo'-nay
43 KJV: arm    NAS: arms    HCS: arms
ankálē ang-kal'-ay
44 KJV: hook    NAS: hook    HCS: in a fishhook
ánkistron ang'-kis-tron
45 KJV: anchor    NAS: anchor, anchors    HCS: an anchor, anchors
ánkyra ang'-koo-rah
46 KJV: new    NAS: unshrunk    HCS: unshrunk, of unshrunk
ágnaphos ag'-naf-os
47 KJV: purity    NAS: purity    HCS: propriety, purity
hagneía hag-ni'-ah
48 KJV: purify, purify (one's) self    NAS: purified, purify, purifying, purifies    HCS: having purified, purifies, men, purify, purify, ritually purified
hagnízō hag-nid'-zo
49 KJV: purification    NAS: purification    HCS: purification
hagnismós hag-nis-mos'
50 KJV: know not, unknown, understand not, ignorantly, be ignorant, ignorant    NAS: ignorance, know, recognize, understand, ignorantly, unknown, recognized, recognizing, uninformed, knowing, ignorant, unaware, have no knowledge    HCS: out of ignorance, since they did not recognize, who are ignorant, to be unaware, to be uninformed, t understand, not recognizing, ignorant, are you unaware, did not understand, ignores, *, in ignorance, he will be ignored, they disregarded, unknown, they did not understand
agnoéō ag-no-eh'-o
51 KJV: error    NAS: ignorance, sins    HCS: committed in ignorance
agnóēma ag-no'-ay-mah
52 KJV: ignorance    NAS: ignorance    HCS: of ignorance, ignorance
ágnoia ag'-noy-ah
53 KJV: pure, chaste, clear    NAS: free from sin, innocent, pure, chaste    HCS: a pure, pure, is pure
hagnós hag-nos'
54 KJV: pureness    NAS: purity    HCS: pure, purity
hagnótēs hag-not'-ace
55 KJV: sincerely    NAS: pure motives    HCS: sincerely
hagnōs hag-noce'
56 KJV: ignorance, not the knowledge    NAS: ignorance, no knowledge    HCS: ignorant, ignorance
agnōsía ag-no-see'-ah
57 KJV: unknown    NAS: unknown    HCS: TO AN UNKNOWN
ágnōstos ag'-noce-tos
58 KJV: market, marketplace, street    NAS: market place, market places    HCS: marketplaces, marketplace, the marketplace
agorá ag-or-ah'
59 KJV: redeem, buy    NAS: spend, buy, bought, buys, buying, purchased, make the purchase    HCS: buy, bought, buys, buying, who had been redeemed, were redeemed, will we buy, to buy, You were bought, Buy, who bought, and buy, After he bought, and bought, I have bought, you were bought, You redeemed, who buy
agorázō ag-or-ad'-zo
60 KJV: law, baser sort    NAS: market place, courts    HCS: the courts, marketplace
agoraîos ag-or-ah'-yos
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