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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2424 KJV: Jesus (Justus), Jesus, Jesus (Joshua)    NAS: Jesus', Jesus, Joshua    HCS:
Iēsoûs ee-ay-sooce'
2425 KJV: worthy, sufficient, many, misc, long, much    NAS: very bright, number, adequate, worthy, satisfy, large sum, many, aloud, considerable, long, pledge, able, fit, enough, sufficient, sizeable, large, length, good many, long while, some    HCS: a large, Enough of that, worthy, *, a great deal of, made many, many, for a long, for a long time, a large sum of, a considerable, is competent, is sufficient, able, for many, By now much, competent, a considerable time, large, while many, a long, For a long, A large, an intense, there for some, a security bond
hikanós hik-an-os'
2426 KJV: sufficiency    NAS: adequacy    HCS: competence
hikanótēs hik-an-ot'-ace
2427 KJV: make meet, make able    NAS: made...adequate, qualified    HCS: who has enabled, competent
hikanóō hik-an-o'-o
2428 KJV: supplication    NAS: supplications    HCS: appeals
hiketēría hik-et-ay-ree'-ah
2429 KJV: moisture    NAS: moisture    HCS: moisture
hikmás hik-mas'
2430 KJV: Iconium    NAS: Iconium    HCS: Iconium
Ikónion ee-kon'-ee-on
2431 KJV: cheerful    NAS: cheerful    HCS: a cheerful
hilarós hil-ar-os'
2432 KJV: cheerfulness    NAS: cheerfulness    HCS: cheerfulness
hilarótēs hil-ar-ot'-ace
2433 KJV: be merciful, make reconciliation    NAS: merciful, make propitiation    HCS: make propitiation
hiláskomai hil-as'-kom-ahee
2434 KJV: propitiation    NAS: propitiation    HCS: propitiation, the propitiation
hilasmós hil-as-mos'
2435 KJV: propitiation, mercyseat    NAS: mercy seat, propitiation    HCS: mercy seat, as a propitiation
hilastḗrion hil-as-tay'-ree-on
2436 KJV: merciful, be it far    NAS: merciful, god forbid    HCS: merciful
híleōs hil'-eh-oce
2437 KJV: Illyricum    NAS: Illyricum    HCS: Illyricum
Illyrikón il-loo-ree-kon'
2438 KJV: thong, latchet    NAS: thongs, thong    HCS: lash, strap
himás hee-mas'
2439 KJV: clothe    NAS: clothed    HCS: dressed, there, dressed
himatízō him-at-id'-zo
2440 KJV: not tr, robe, apparel, cloke, garment, clothes, raiment, vesture    NAS: robe, clothing, cloak, robes, coat, clothes, cloaks, coats, garments, outer garments, garment, dresses    HCS: fine clothes, cloak, clothing, robe, robes, *, a robe, coat, clothes, garment
himátion him-at'-ee-on
2441 KJV: apparel, array, raiment, vesture    NAS: clothing, clothes, garments, clothed    HCS: clothing, *, clothes, apparel
himatismós him-at-is-mos'
2442 KJV: be affectionately desirous    HCS: We cared so much
himeíromai him-i'-rom-ahee
2443 KJV: not translated, that, to, misc, for to    NAS: otherwise, fear, order, so, why, result    HCS: man to, do this to, for him to, mdash; to, that, if, But this was to, were to, so that, what if He did this to, This came about so that, do it to, I pray that, and so, The purpose was that, and, things so that, So, things to, to, agreeing that, in order that, when, you to, I have written so that, You to, is: to, he came to, for you to, son, to, In order to, was to, in order that, or, I have done this so that, Him, so, so, Pray that, to, so, for, mdash; that, see that, Then, The purpose is that, we did it to, This is so, To, men so that, My purpose is that, and that, So that, in order to, otherwise, :, purpose: to, This was to, so that, this, so, he seeks to, with Him to, reason, to, they went out so that, I want to, this happened so that, did this to
hína hin'-ah
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