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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2444 KJV: wherefore, why    NAS: why    HCS: Why, why
hinatí hin-at-ee'
2445 KJV: Joppa    NAS: Joppa    HCS: of Joppa, Joppa
Ióppē ee-op'-pay
2446 KJV: Jordan    NAS: Jordan    HCS: Jordan
Iordánēs ee-or-dan'-ace
2447 KJV: poison, rust    NAS: poison, rust    HCS: poison, corrosion, venom
iós ee-os'
2448 KJV: Juda    HCS: of Judah
Ioudá ee-oo-dah'
2449 KJV: Judaea, Jewry    HCS: in Judea, Judea, of Judea, of Galilee, Judean
Ioudaía ee-oo-dah'-yah
2450 KJV: to live as do the Jews    NAS: live like Jews    HCS: like Jews
Ioudaḯzō ee-oo-dah-id'-zo
2451 KJV: Jewish    NAS: Jewish    HCS: to Jewish
Ioudaïkós ee-oo-dah-ee-kos'
2452 KJV: as do the Jews    NAS: like the Jews    HCS: like a Jew
Ioudaïkōs ee-oo-dah-ee-koce'
2453 KJV: of Judea, Jewess, Jew    NAS: Jews, Judea, Jewess, Jew, Jewish    HCS: Jews, a Judean, *, for a Jewish, Jewish people, yourself a Jew, to the Jews, who are Jews, Jewish, for Jews, some Jewish, JEWS, of Judah, a Jew, a Jewish, Jew, a person is a Jew, the Jews, for Jewish, to the Jew, of the Jews, some Jews, Judean
Ioudaîos ee-oo-dah'-yos
2454 KJV: Jews' religion    NAS: Judaism    HCS: Judaism
Ioudaïsmós ee-oo-dah-is-mos'
2455 KJV: Juda (Son of Jacob), Jude (Brother of James), Juda (Ancestors of Jesus, Judas (Son of Jacob), Judas (Iscariot), Judah (Son of Jacob) , misc, Judas (Brother of James), Judas Barsabas    NAS: Judah, Jude, Judas    HCS: Judah, man, Judas, it to Judas, of Judah, Judas, Jude, of Judas, son of Joda, son of Judah
Ioúdas ee-oo-das'
2457 KJV: Julius    NAS: Julius    HCS: Julius
Ioúlios ee-oo'-lee-os
2458 KJV: Junia    NAS: Junias    HCS: Junia
Iouniâs ee-oo-nee'-as
2459 KJV: Justus (surnamed Barabbas), Justus (Jesus, a fellow worker of Paul), Justus (of Corinth)    NAS: Justus    HCS: Justus, as Justus
Ioûstos ee-ooce'-tos
2460 KJV: horseman    NAS: horsemen    HCS: cavalry
hippeús hip-yooce'
2461 KJV: horseman    NAS: horsemen    HCS: of mounted
hippikón hip-pee-kon'
2462 KJV: horse    NAS: horses, horses', horse    HCS: horse, horses, of horses
híppos hip'-pos
2463 KJV: rainbow    NAS: rainbow    HCS: with a rainbow, A rainbow
îris ee'-ris
2464 KJV: Isaac    NAS: Isaac    HCS: of Isaac, Isaac, son of Isaac
Isaák ee-sah-ak'
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