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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2564 KJV: bid, named + (3686), misc, be so named, call    NAS: calls, invite, calling, named, invited, summoned, invites, name given, call, invited guests, give, so-called, called    HCS: a person is called, situation he was called, when he was called, you have received, invited, place called, you will call, are called, he named, was called, has called, Call, to call, were called, He will be called, who was called, one who had invited, to be called, He was named, we should be called, will be traced, who is called, over, who are invited, they called, called, calls, who had invited, what is called, you are to name, they were going to name, be called, summoned, given, and called, invite, who are called, you will name, I called, who called, is called, I will call, he was called, who were invited, what was called, And do not be called, One who called, they will be called, they started to call, he was called in, to summon, One who calls, has been called, who calls, calling, one who invited, *, named, were invited, you are invited, it is still called, call, you were called, they will name, Were you called, will be called, do you call, these commands will be called, He called
kaléō kal-eh'-o
2565 KJV: good olive tree    NAS: cultivated olive tree    HCS: a cultivated olive tree
kalliélaios kal-le-el'-ah-yos
2566 KJV: very well    HCS: very well
kallíon kal-lee'-on
2567 KJV: teacher of good things    NAS: teaching what is good, teaching what    HCS: They are to teach what is good
kalodidáskalos kal-od-id-as'-kal-os
2568 KJV: Fair Havens    NAS: Fair Havens    HCS: Fair
Kaloì Liménes kal-oy' lee-man'-es
2569 KJV: well doing    NAS: doing good    HCS: in doing good
kalopoiéō kal-op-oy-eh'-o
2570 KJV: good, goodly, meet, better, misc, honest    NAS: fair, commendable manner, beautiful, honest, what is right, treasure, right thing, excellent, high, good, better, fine, honorable, sound    HCS: of good, devote themselves to good, what is good, better, fine, to what is good, A good, a good, good, with beautiful, It is fine, right, It is a noble, It would have been better, is good, to do good, what is right, have made a good, It is good, it is good, *, noble, it would be better, what is honorable, who gave a good, a noble
kalós kal-os'
2571 KJV: vail    NAS: veil    HCS: veil, a veil
kályma kal'-oo-mah
2572 KJV: cover, hide    NAS: veiled, cover, covers, being covered, concealed    HCS: covered, was being swamped, cover, covers, Cover, veiled
kalýptō kal-oop'-to
2573 KJV: well, good, full well, misc.    NAS: correctly, beautifully, commendably, well enough, very well, recover, quite right, honorably, rightly, well, good, right, experts, kind enough    HCS: True enough, what is good, may very well, who are good, was well, You have correctly, good, competently, it splendidly, right, who have served well, correctly, rightly, This is well, You are right, in a good place, ourselves honorably, well, the right
kalōs kal-oce'
2574 KJV: camel    NAS: camel's, camel    HCS: a camel, for a camel, *
kámēlos kam'-ay-los
2575 KJV: furnace    NAS: furnace    HCS: furnace, a furnace
káminos kam'-ee-nos
2576 KJV: close    NAS: closed    HCS: they have shut
kammýō kam-moo'-o
2577 KJV: be wearied, sick, faint    NAS: sick, grow weary    HCS: sick, grow weary
kámnō kam'-no
2578 KJV: bow    NAS: bow, bowed    HCS: I kneel, bowed down, will bow
kámptō kamp'-to
2579 KJV: at the least, and if, yet, if but, also if, and if so much as, though    NAS: even, or even, if, even if, least, if even, just, whether, though    HCS: at least, if, If, even if, at least, I can just, Even if, And if, or even, Perhaps, just
kán kan
2580 KJV: Cana    NAS: Cana    HCS: Cana
Kanâ kan-ah'
2581 KJV: Canaanite    NAS: Zealot    HCS: Zealot
Kananítēs kan-an-ee'-tace
2582 KJV: Candace    NAS: Candace    HCS: of Candace
Kandákē kan-dak'-ay
2583 KJV: rule, line    NAS: sphere, rule    HCS: area, standard
kanṓn kan-ohn'
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