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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2487 KJV: step    NAS: steps    HCS: steps, footsteps
íchnos ikh'-nos
2488 KJV: Joatham    NAS: Jotham    HCS: Jotham
Iōátham ee-o-ath'-am
2489 KJV: Joanna    NAS: Joanna    HCS: Joanna
Iōánna ee-o-an'-nah
2490 KJV: Joanna    HCS: son of Joanan
Iōannâs ee-o-an-nas'
2491 KJV: John (the chief priest), John (Mark), John (the apostle), John (the Baptist)    NAS: John, John's    HCS: orders and had John, that John, to John, JOHN, say John, Where did John's, son of John, John's, When John, After John's, of John, than John, he locked John, John, with John's, than John's, do John's
Iōánnēs ee-o-an'-nace
2492 KJV: Job    NAS: Obed    HCS: of Job's
Iṓb ee-obe'
2493 KJV: Joel    NAS: Joel    HCS: Joel
Iōḗl ee-o-ale'
2494 KJV: Jonan    NAS: Jonam    HCS: son of Jonam
Iōnán ee-o-nan'
2495 KJV: Jonas (the prophet), Jona (father of Peter)    NAS: Jonah    HCS: Jonah's, Jonah, of Jonah, than Jonah
Iōnâs ee-o-nas'
2496 KJV: Joram    NAS: Joram    HCS: Joram
Iōrám ee-o-ram'
2497 KJV: Jorim    NAS: Jorim    HCS: son of Jorim
Iōreím ee-o-rime'
2498 KJV: Josaphat    NAS: Jehoshaphat    HCS: Jehoshaphat
Iōsaphát ee-o-saf-at'
2499 KJV: Jose (son of Eliezer)    HCS: son of Joshua
Iōsḗ ee-o-say'
2500 KJV: Joses (brother of James), Joses (Barnabas), Joses (Brother of Jesus)    NAS: Joses    HCS: of Joses, Joses, mother of Joses
Iōsēs ee-o-sace'
2501 KJV: Joseph (son of Judas), Joseph (son of Mattathias), Joseph (son of Jacob), Joseph of Arimathaea, Joseph son of Jonan, Joseph (husband of Mary), Joseph of Barsabas    NAS: Joseph's, Joseph    HCS: When Joseph, of Joseph, to Joseph, Joseph, son of Josech, Joseph's, son of Joseph
Iōsḗph ee-o-safe'
2502 KJV: Josias    NAS: Josiah    HCS: Josiah
Iōsías ee-o-see'-as
2503 KJV: jot    NAS: letter    HCS: smallest letter
iōta ee-o'-tah
3363 KJV: that ... no, lest, albeit not, that not, that nothing + (5100), so that not
hína mḗ hin'-ah may
5601 KJV: Obed    HCS: Obed, son of Obed
Ōbḗd o-bade'
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