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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4621 KJV: wheat, corn    NAS: grain, wheat    HCS: grain, wheat, of wheat
sîtos see'-tos
4622 KJV: Sion    NAS: Zion    HCS: Zion
Siṓn see-own'
4623 KJV: hold (one's) peace, peace, dumb    NAS: kept silent, quiet, hush, become silent, silent    HCS: kept silent, Be still, be silent, they were to keep silent, keep quiet, were silent, they were silent, silent
siōpáō see-o-pah'-o
4624 KJV: offend, make to offend    NAS: stumble, offended, makes...stumble, took offense, stumble, led into sin, causes, take, falls away, fall away, stumbling, offend, stumble, take offense, cause    HCS: offended, stumble, took offense, causes the downfall, is made to stumble, to fall, will run away, *, to sin, offend, ones to stumble, downfall, they were offended, will take offense, runs away, he stumbles, of you will run away, run away
skandalízō skan-dal-id'-zo
4625 KJV: offence, occasion of stumbling, stumbling block, thing that offends, occasion to fall    NAS: stumbling block, offense, cause for stumbling, stumbling blocks, hindrances    HCS: Offenses, cause for stumbling, causes sin, an offense, to trip over, a pitfall, offense, offenses, obstacles, pitfall, a stumbling block
skándalon skan'-dal-on
4626 KJV: dig    NAS: dug, dig    HCS: I dig, dug, to dig
skáptō skap'-to
4627 KJV: boat    NAS: boat    HCS: skiff
skáphē skaf'-ay
4628 KJV: leg    NAS: legs    HCS: legs
skélos skel'-os
4629 KJV: raiment    NAS: covering    HCS: clothing
sképasma skep'-as-mah
4630 KJV: Sceva    NAS: Sceva
Skeuâs skyoo-as'
4631 KJV: tackling    NAS: tackle    HCS: gear
skeuḗ skyoo-ay'
4632 KJV: sail, vessel, goods, stuff    NAS: object, vessels, goods, instrument, container, someone, merchandise, sea anchor, jar, vessel, article, property    HCS: object, belongings, bowls, *, A jar, body, objects, jars, with a basket, articles, instrument, goods, nature, piece of pottery, products; objects, possessions, drift-anchor
skeûos skyoo'-os
4633 KJV: tabernacle, habitation    NAS: tabernacle, dwellings, tabernacles, tents    HCS: a tabernacle, tabernacles, tent, room, dwelling, tents, dwellings, tabernacle
skēnḗ skay-nay'
4634 KJV: tabernacles    NAS: feast of Booths    HCS: of Tabernacles
skēnopēgía skay-nop-ayg-ee'-ah
4635 KJV: tentmaker    NAS: tent-makers    HCS: tentmakers
skēnopoiós skay-nop-oy-os'
4636 KJV: tabernacle    NAS: tent    HCS: tent
skēnos skay'-nos
4637 KJV: dwell    NAS: dwell, dwelt, spread His tabernacle    HCS: you who dwell, who dwell, took up residence, He will live, will shelter
skēnóō skay-no'-o
4638 KJV: tabernacle    NAS: dwelling place, dwelling    HCS: tent, bodily tent, a dwelling place
skḗnōma skay'-no-mah
4639 KJV: shadow    NAS: shadow, shade    HCS: only a shadow, *, shade, a shadow, shadow, the shadow
skiá skee'-ah
4640 KJV: leap, leap for joy    NAS: leap, leaped    HCS: leaped, leap for joy
skirtáō skeer-tah'-o
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