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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4641 KJV: hardness of heart    NAS: hardness of heart    HCS: hardness of heart, hearts
sklērokardía sklay-rok-ar-dee'-ah
4642 KJV: fierce 1 -, hard    NAS: harsh things, strong, difficult, hard    HCS: fierce, a difficult, harsh, It is hard, hard
sklērós sklay-ros'
4643 KJV: hardness    NAS: stubbornness    HCS: hardness
sklērótēs sklay-rot'-ace
4644 KJV: stiffnecked    NAS: stiff-necked    HCS: You stiff-necked
sklērotráchēlos sklay-rot-rakh'-ah-los
4645 KJV: harden    NAS: harden, hardens, hardened, becoming hardened    HCS: He hardens, is hardened, harden, became hardened
sklērýnō sklay-roo'-no
4646 KJV: froward, crooked, untoward    NAS: perverse, unreasonable, crooked    HCS: a crooked, cruel, corrupt, crooked
skoliós skol-ee-os'
4647 KJV: thorn    NAS: thorn    HCS: a thorn
skólops skol'-ops
4648 KJV: consider, mark, look at, look on, take heed    NAS: observe, watch, looking, keep your eye on, look    HCS: Take care, should look out, observe, focus, to watch out, watching out
skopéō skop-eh'-o
4649 KJV: mark    NAS: goal    HCS: my goal
skopós skop-os'
4650 KJV: disperse abroad, scatter abroad, scatter    NAS: scattered, scatters    HCS: He scattered, of you will be scattered, scatters
skorpízō skor-pid'-zo
4651 KJV: scorpion    NAS: scorpion, scorpions    HCS: caused by a scorpion, a scorpion, scorpions, that scorpions
skorpíos skor-pee'-os
4652 KJV: full of darkness, dark    NAS: full of darkness, dark    HCS: full of darkness, of it in darkness
skoteinós skot-i-nos'
4653 KJV: dark, darkness    NAS: dark, darkness    HCS: Darkness, dark, darkness
skotía skot-ee'-ah
4654 KJV: darken    NAS: darkened    HCS: be darkened, were darkened, will be darkened
skotízō skot-id'-zo
4655 KJV: darkness    NAS: darkness    HCS: in darkness, the darkness, the dark, of darkness, darkness
skótos skot'-os
4656 KJV: full of darkness    NAS: darkened    HCS: darkened, were darkened, plunged into darkness
skotóō skot-o'-o
4657 KJV: dung    NAS: rubbish    HCS: them filth
skýbalon skoo'-bal-on
4658 KJV: Scythian    NAS: Scythian    HCS: Scythian
Skýthēs skoo'-thace
4659 KJV: sad, of a sad countenance    NAS: gloomy face, looking sad    HCS: sad-faced, walking and looked discouraged
skythrōpós skoo-thro-pos'
4660 KJV: trouble, trouble (one's) self    NAS: trouble, distressed    HCS: trouble, bother, t bother, weary
skýllō skool'-lo
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