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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

21 KJV: rejoice, with exceeding joy, greatly rejoice, be exceeding glad, be glad    NAS: rejoice, glad, greatly rejoice, exulted, rejoiced, exultation, rejoiced greatly    HCS: You rejoice, rejoice, to enjoy, was overjoyed, rejoiced, has rejoiced, with great joy
agalliáō ag-al-lee-ah'-o
22 KJV: unmarried    NAS: unmarried    HCS: unmarried
ágamos ag'-am-os
23 KJV: with indignation, have indignation, be much displeased, be sore displeased    NAS: indignantly, indignant, feel indignant    HCS: they were indignant, expressing indignation, they became indignant, indignant, He was indignant, to be indignant
aganaktéō ag-an-ak-teh'-o
24 KJV: indignation    NAS: indignation    HCS: what indignation
aganáktēsis ag-an-ak'-tay-sis
25 KJV: beloved, love    NAS: felt a love for, beloved, love, loved, loves    HCS: We should love, will be loved, You loved, are to love, he loves, because he loved, you loved, You love, is: Love, You have loved, is to love, have loved, one who loves, let us love, they loved, He loved, love, who have loved, Love, will love, Having loved, Beloved, who has loved, *, who loves, am I to be loved, He loves, beloved, we love, do you love, loves, who loved, you love, has loved, I have loved, she loved, who love, I love, you would love, to love, loved
agapáō ag-ap-ah'-o
26 KJV: feast of charity, dear, charity, charitably + (2596), love    NAS: beloved, love's, love, love feasts    HCS: with love, at how great a love, the love, love, love feasts, Love, and love, your love, put on love, is love, loves, of love
agápē ag-ah'-pay
27 KJV: dear, beloved, well beloved, dearly beloved    NAS: beloved, very dear    HCS: dear friends, a beloved, they are loved, dearly loved, dear friends, our dearly loved, Friends, Dear friend, as a dearly loved, dear, beloved, dear friend, my dearly loved, Dear friends, you are dearly loved, loved
agapētós ag-ap-ay-tos'
28 KJV: Agar    NAS: Hagar    HCS: Hagar
Ágar ag'-ar
29 KJV: compel to go    NAS: forces, pressed into service    HCS: to go, They forced, forced
angareúō ang-ar-yew'-o
30 KJV: vessel    NAS: flasks    HCS: flasks, containers
angeîon ang-eye'-on
31 KJV: message    NAS: message    HCS: message
angelía ang-el-ee'-ah
32 KJV: angel, messenger    NAS: angel, angel's, messenger, angelic, messengers, angels    HCS: an angel, that an angel, messengers, Angels, have welcomed angels, however, angels, of the angels, angel, with angels, a messenger, messenger, the angels, angelic, angels, the angel, by angels, of angels, an angel, An angel, to angels, angel's, of an angel
ángelos ang'-el-os
33 KJV: go to    NAS: come    HCS: Come
áge ag'-eh
34 KJV: herd    NAS: herd    HCS: herd
agélē ag-el'-ay
35 KJV: without descent    NAS: without genealogy
agenealógētos ag-en-eh-al-og'-ay-tos
36 KJV: base things    NAS: base things    HCS: what is insignificant
agenḗs ag-en-ace'
37 KJV: be holy, hallow, sanctify    NAS: sanctifies, hallowed, sanctify, sanctified, keep himself holy    HCS: we have been sanctified, that sanctifies, He might sanctify, to those who are sanctified, One who sanctifies, it is sanctified, sanctify, be honored as holy, set apart, that sanctified, who are sanctified, sanctified, is set apart for God, holy, being made holy, you were sanctified, honor, Sanctify, he was sanctified
hagiázō hag-ee-ad'-zo
38 KJV: holiness, sanctification    NAS: sanctity, sanctifying work, sanctification    HCS: sanctification, holiness
hagiasmós hag-ee-as-mos'
39 KJV: holiness, holy place, sanctuary, holiest of all    HCS: the most holy place, most holy place, the holy place, *, sanctuary, a sanctuary
hágion hag'-ee-on
40 KJV: holy, Holy One, misc, saints    NAS: Holy, holy, holy one, saints, most holy, saint, saints', holy ones, Holy of Holies, holy place, sanctuary    HCS: The Holy, the holy, as saints, a holy, is holy, saint, you saints, of the saints, from the Holy, of the Holy, with the Holy, offered up are holy, *, by the Holy, most holy, of gifts from the Holy, will be dedicated, holy, Holy, saints, the One who is holy, ones, holy, set apart for God, a Holy, with a holy, the Holy, for saints, the saints
hágios hag'-ee-os
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