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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1456 KJV: feast of dedication    NAS: feast of the Dedication    HCS: Festival of Dedication
enkaínia eng-kah'ee-nee-ah
1457 KJV: consecrate, dedicate    NAS: inaugurated    HCS: covenant was inaugurated, He has opened
enkainízō eng-kahee-nid'-zo
1458 KJV: call in question, implead, lay anything to the charge, accuse    NAS: accused, bring charges against, bring a charge, accusing    HCS: that the accusations, of being charged, Let them bring charges, can bring an accusation, I am being accused, I am accused, they were accusing
enkaléō eng-kal-eh'-o
1459 KJV: forsake, leave    NAS: left, forsaken, forsake, abandoned, forsaking, abandon, deserted    HCS: left, has deserted, staying away, have You forsaken, forsake, abandoned, deserted, leave
enkataleípō eng-kat-al-i'-po
1460 KJV: dwell among    NAS: living    HCS: he lived
enkatoikéō eng-kat-oy-keh'-o
1461 KJV: graff into, graff, graff in    NAS: grafted, graft    HCS: were grafted in, might be grafted in, were grafted, will be grafted in, in, be grafted
enkentrízō eng-ken-trid'-zo
1462 KJV: laid to (one's) charge, crime laid against (one)    NAS: accusation, charges    HCS: charges, charge
énklēma eng'-klay-mah
1463 KJV: be clothed with    NAS: clothe    HCS: of you clothe yourselves with
enkombóomai eng-kom-bo'-om-ahee
1464 KJV: hinder    NAS: hindrance
enkopḗ eng-kop-ay'
1465 KJV: hinder, be tedious unto    NAS: weary, prevented, hindered    HCS: be hindered, prevented, burden, hindered, times from
enkóptō eng-kop'-to
1466 KJV: temperance    NAS: self-control    HCS: with self-control, self-control
enkráteia eng-krat'-i-ah
1467 KJV: be temperate, can contain    NAS: have self-control, exercises self-control    HCS: have self-control, exercises self-control
enkrateúomai eng-krat-yoo'-om-ahee
1468 KJV: temperate    NAS: self-controlled    HCS: self-controlled
enkratḗs eng-krat-ace'
1469 KJV: make of the number    NAS: class    HCS: classify
enkrínō eng-kree'-no
1470 KJV: hide in    NAS: hid    HCS: and mixed
enkrýptō eng-kroop'-to
1471 KJV: great with child    NAS: child    HCS: pregnant
énkyos eng'-koo-os
1472 KJV: anoint    NAS: anoint    HCS: to spread
enchríō eng-khree'-o
1473 KJV: not tr, me, I, my    NAS: ourselves, number, ours, part, have, say, myself, mine    HCS:
egṓ eg-o'
1474 KJV: lay even with the ground    NAS: the ground    HCS: to the ground
edaphízō ed-af-id'-zo
1475 KJV: ground    NAS: ground    HCS: ground
édaphos ed'-af-os
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