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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2215 KJV: tares    NAS: tares    HCS: where did the weeds, weeds
zizánion dziz-an'-ee-on
2216 KJV: Zorobabel    NAS: Zerubbabel    HCS: son of Zerubbabel, Zerubbabel
Zorobábel dzor-ob-ab'-el
2217 KJV: blackness, mist, darkness    NAS: black, gloom, darkness    HCS: to darkness, gloom, blackness, of darkness, darkness
zóphos dzof'-os
2218 KJV: yoke, pair of balances    NAS: yoke, pair of scales    HCS: yoke, a yoke, a set of scales, to a yoke, the yoke
zygós dzoo-gos'
2219 KJV: leaven    NAS: leaven    HCS: the yeast, yeast
zýmē dzoo'-may
2220 KJV: leaven    NAS: leavens, leavened    HCS: it spread through, leavens, permeates
zymóō dzoo-mo'-o
2221 KJV: take captive, catch    NAS: held captive, catching    HCS: catching, having been captured
zōgréō dzogue-reh'-o
2222 KJV: lifetime, life    NAS: living, alive, life    HCS: life-giving, in life, the book of life, has brought life, Life, the living, is life, of life, of living, life
zōḗ dzo-ay'
2223 KJV: girdle, purse    NAS: sash, sashes, belts, money belts, belt    HCS: money-belts, sash, belts, sashes, belt
zṓnē dzo'-nay
2224 KJV: gird    NAS: gird    HCS: will tie, Get dressed, belt
zṓnnymi dzone'-noo-mi
2225 KJV: live, preserve    NAS: survive, preserve, gives life    HCS: his life will preserve, survive, who gives life
zōogonéō dzo-og-on-eh'-o
2226 KJV: beast    NAS: creature, animals, living creature, living creatures    HCS: living creature, living creatures, animals
zōon dzo'-on
2227 KJV: make alive, give life, quicken    NAS: life-giving, impart life, come to life,, made alive, gives life, give life    HCS: come to life, produces life, One who gives life, to give life, to life, who gives life, made alive, gives them life, will be made alive, gives life, became a life-giving
zōopoiéō dzo-op-oy-eh'-o
4518 KJV: sabachthani    NAS: sabachthani    HCS: aacute;ni
sabachtháni sab-akh-than-ee'
4570 KJV: quench, go out    NAS: going, extinguish, quench, put, quenched    HCS: stifle, put out, to extinguish, are going out, quenched
sbénnymi sben'-noo-mee
4667 KJV: Smyrna    NAS: Smyrna    HCS: Smyrna
Smýrna smoor'-nah
4801 KJV: join together    NAS: joined together    HCS: has joined together
syzeúgnymi sood-zyoog'-noo-mee
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